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County Anvil, on the Gold Coast
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Panoramic view of Anvil from the top of the lighthouse

Anvil is a prosperous harbor city on the Gold Coast by the Abecean Sea at the very southwest end of Cyrodiil. It is the seat of County Anvil and it is located at the end of the Gold Road, west of Skingrad and Kvatch.

Anvil consists of five districts: Castle Anvil, Chapelgate, Westgate, Guildgate and Harborside. The Redguards have had a notable influence on local architecture, which is of a similar style to that of nearby Hammerfell. The city's graveyard is located across the street from the Chapel of Dibella. North of the graveyard lies Benirus Manor, one of Anvil's many stately manors. The city also houses chapters of the Fighters Guild and Mages Guild, the latter of which specializes in Restoration.

Anvil People

Abandoned House
A Stranger [b]
Arvena Thelas' House
Arvena Thelas
Castle Anvil
Beatrice Gene
Colin Stedrine
Count Corvus Umbranox [b]
Countess Millona Umbranox
Orrin General Fence
Chapel of Dibella
Dumania Jirich
Selene Duronia Alchemist Restoration Spells
Trevaia Alchemist Restoration Spells
Fighters Guild
Azzan Trainer (Advanced)Blunt (Advanced)
Huurwen Trainer (Basic)Block (Basic)
Llensi Llaram
Rhano Trainer (Advanced)Blade (Advanced)
Rufrius Vinicius Trainer (Basic)Hand to Hand (Basic)
Sten the Ugly
Vigdis Trainer (Basic)Blunt (Basic)
Gogan's House
Hieronymus Lex [a]
Harborside Warehouse
Wilhelm the Worm
Heinrich Oaken-Hull's House
Heinrich Oaken-Hull
Horse Whisperer Stables
Clesa White Horse
Jesan Sextius' House
Gorgo gro-Shura
Jesan Sextius
Lelles' Quality Merchandise
Norbert Lelles General (Lelles' Quality Merchandise)
Mages Guild
Carahil Trainer (Advanced)Illusion (Advanced)
Felen Relas Alchemist Trainer (Basic)Alchemy (Basic)
Marc Gulitte Restoration Spells Recharge Trainer (Advanced)Destruction (Advanced)
Thaurron Restoration Spells
Morvayn's Peacemakers
Enilroth Blacksmith (Morvayn's Peacemakers) Repairs
Varel Morvayn Blacksmith (Morvayn's Peacemakers) Repairs
Newheim the Portly's House
Newheim the Portly
Pinarus Inventius' House
Astia Inventius
Pinarus Inventius Trainer (Advanced)Marksman (Advanced)
Quill-Weave's House
Quill-Weave Trainer (Basic)Acrobatics (Basic)
Silgor Bradus' House
Rusia Bradus Trainer (Master)Athletics (Master)
The Count's Arms
Didier Aumilie
Wilbur Food (The Count's Arms) Innkeeper
Velwyn Benirus Benirus Manor
The Flowing Bowl
Faustina Cartia
Maenlorn General (The Flowing Bowl)
Signy Home-Wrecker
The Fo'c's'le
Hauls-Ropes-Faster Trainer (Advanced)Athletics (Advanced) [c]
Krognak gro-Brok
Mirabelle Monet Trainer (Advanced)Sneak (Advanced)
Timothee LaRouche
The Sea Tub Clarabella
Captain Baszone Patneim
Dahlia Rackham
First Mate Filch
Ulfgar Fog-Eye's House
Ulfgar Fog-Eye
Dranas Lerano
Imus the Dull
The Prophet
Penniless Olvus
Storn the Burly
  Only appears with the Knights of the Nine plug-in.
  Only appears with the Thieves Den plug-in.
^a  Relocates here after the Thieves Guild quest, Taking Care of Lex.
^b  Reappears as Corvus Umbranox after the Thieves Guild quest, The Ultimate Heist.
^c  Defined as an advanced trainer however none of the AI packages allow him to offer services.

Quests Starting Here

View of Anvil from the Main Gate looking south
Dawn in the Harbor of Anvil. The Castle is visible in background


Fighters Guild

Mages Guild


Related Quests



  • A guaranteed magic item, the helmet Fin Gleam, can be found west of Anvil (map).
    • The helmet is located near the small island just west of the city. Go to the far northwest end of the island. Then, facing the west edge of the map, dive into the water and follow the land to the bottom. You should find skeletal remains with the helmet.


  • It's possible to climb over the walls and out the city. See this for details.
  • The chapel, despite being taller than most of the nearby buildings, cannot be seen from outside the city walls.
  • The door to Harborside Warehouse has the wrong owner, which sometimes results in Wilhelm the Worm being killed for trespassing.



  1. Gate to the Gold Coast
  2. Anvil Dock Gate
  3. Anvil Castle Gate
  4. Gogan's House
  5. Quill-Weave's House
  6. The Count's Arms
  7. Arvena Thelas' House
  8. Morvayn's Peacemakers
  9. Jesan Sextius' House
  10. Newheim the Portly's House
  11. Pinarus Inventius' House
  12. Silgor Bradus' House
  13. Abandoned House
  14. Anvil Mages Guild
  15. Anvil Fighters Guild
  16. Heinrich Oaken-Hull's House
  17. Benirus Manor
  18. Chapel of Dibella
  19. The Flowing Bowl
  20. Lelles' Quality Merchandise
  21. Harborside Warehouse
  22. The Fo'c's'le
  23. The Serpent's Wake
  24. The Sea Tub Clarabella
  25. Anvil Lighthouse
  26. Anvil Castle
  27. Smuggler's Cave