Oblivion:Knights of the Thorn Headquarters

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Knights of the Thorn Headquarters
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Console Location Code(s)
CheydinhalKnightsBasement, CheydinhalKnightsoftheThorn
Nibenay Basin
Just west of Cheydinhal
Knights of the Thorn Headquarters

Knights of the Thorn Headquarters is a house west of Cheydinhal.

The Knights of the Thorn are a private order of knights, headed by the son of the Count of Cheydinhal, Farwil Indarys. The lodge serves as a residence, training facility, and leisure area for the remaining members of the order. Access is restricted and entering will be considered trespassing until after you have been made an honorary knight of the order.

The Knights of the Thorn Lodge is divided in to two areas: Knights of the Thorn Headquarters and Knights of the Thorn Basement.

Knights of the Thorn Headquarters

The ground floor
Farwil's room
Beds for fellow knights

The Count doesn't seem to be funding the Order too much, as the ground floor holds only a few clutter containers (all respawning but the three sacks) and some very cheap cutlery and pottery. In fact, the only valuable item here is a repair hammer found lying on the floor between a chest and a crate. Fortunately, the many tapestries with the Order's symbol emblazoned on them bring some beauty to the area.

The first floor serves as the knights' living quarters and is better serviced, with a fireplace brightening up the area. All of the containers contain the usual mix of useless clutter and small chances of gold, lockpicks or food, except for the chest beneath the wooden stairs, which holds some gold and a small (25%) chance of some precious jewelry. None of the containers respawn exception made for the cupboard and all chests but the one with valuables. The second volume of The Argonian Account and a copy of The Book of Daedra are placed on a wooden stool; while a common Guide to Cheydinhal is found atop a desk in the southwestern corner. Unless you are part of the Order, you cannot sleep in any of the beds.

Going up the stairs leads you to Farwil's lodgings, which aren't exactly fit for a count's son, but are still much nicer than the rest of the lodge, with precious carpets and silverware adorning the place. The chest of drawers holds up to six pieces of upper-class clothing, while the chest at the feet of the bed may contain up to three pieces of armor and/or weapons. You cannot sleep in the double bed.

Knights of the Thorn Basement

The basement is quite unremarkable, with a lot containers with the usual mix of clutter, food and gold. On a table is a bit of food, along with a copy of Thief of Virtue, while the various wine racks hold a selection of cheap (36 bottles) and Surilie wine (7 bottles). All of the containers respawn except for the two sacks.

NPCs Living Here

Knights of the Thorn Headquarters
Bremman Senyan
Farwil Indarys
Jhared Strongblade

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