Oblivion:Pell's Gate

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Pell's Gate
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South of the Imperial City
Pell's Gate

Pell's Gate is a small village, including an inn, directly south of the Imperial City (quest-related).

Although the town contains an inn, The Sleeping Mare, a bug prevents the publican from renting a bed to you. Surrounding the inn are the houses of Irroke the Wide and Shafaye, both of which are small single-room establishments.

The village also used to be the home of Umbra, and is your first stop during Clavicus Vile's quest. She was the former apprentice of Irroke the Wide, whom you can speak to for information regarding her whereabouts (the Ayleid ruin Vindasel).

NPCs Living Here

Pell's Gate
Candice Corgine Food (The Sleeping Mare)
Irroke the Wide
Schlera Sestius

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  • Candice Corgine, the publican of the Sleeping Mare, doesn't give you the option of renting a bed for the night. If you really need somewhere to spend the night, you can pick the lock on the bedroom doors upstairs (which, surprisingly, is not considered a crime) and sleep in the unowned bed.
  • The name of Irroke the Wide's House is misspelled as "Irroki the Wide's House".