Oblivion:Cloud Ruler Temple

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Cloud Ruler Temple
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CloudRulerTempleExterior, CloudRulerTempleExterior02, CloudRulerTempleEastWing, CloudRulerTempleGreatHall, CloudRulerTempleWestWing, CloudRulerTempleArmory
Jerall Mountains
North of Bruma
Cloud Ruler Temple

Cloud Ruler Temple is a fortress northwest of Bruma (quest-specific). If you take the road north from the northwestern gate in Bruma you will reach the main gate to the Temple, after you travel up a short winding road.

The Great Hall
The East Wing
The armory in the East Wing
The sleeping quarters in the West Wing
The Grandmaster's room
The Emperor's Chambers

Before bringing Jauffre and Martin to the temple during the main quest, the main gate will be locked and requires a key to enter. Upon joining the Blades, taking items in the temple is not considered stealing. There are also stables, holding a free horse, and a practice area in the courtyard of the temple. Watching the two Blades sparring here, Fortis and Pelagius, results in a free skill boost: 2-point bonuses to your Blade and Block skills.

For more information, see the lore article.

The Great Hall

The ceiling of the Great Hall is decorated with Akaviri Katanas. There are two katanas set apart from the others above the fireplace. One of those belonged to Glenroy, one of the Blades met in the Tutorial who dies just before the Emperor, and the other to Captain Renault, the first Blade to die in the game. If Baurus dies at any point and you talk to Jauffre with Baurus's Akaviri Katana in your hand Jauffre will say something nice about Baurus, then he will take Baurus's katana to a place on the wall above the fire place next to Glenroy's and Captain Renault's. The athletics skill book Beggar can be found on a shelf in this room.

The East Wing

In the East Wing, there is a small library with a number of books, including the sneak skill book Legend of Krately House. There is also a dining room area and a desk with novice alchemy equipment, including a retort, alembic, calcinator, and a mortar and pestle, as well as a few ingredients. An armory with weapons and armor (Blades armor is heavy armor) is located at the bottom of the stairs next to the exit into the courtyard. In this room, there is also a chest, labelled "Armory," which is the only one in this temple that won't respawn and is safe for long-term storage.

The West Wing

The general sleeping quarters is in the downstairs portion of the West Wing, which also features an exit into the courtyard. The upstairs portion includes an extra room with unusable bed and Martin's quarters.

NPCs Living Here

Cloud Ruler Temple
Captain Steffan
Grandmaster Jauffre[a][b]
Martin Septim[a][c]
^a  These people relocate here after the quest Weynon Priory.
^b  These people can die as a part of the Defense of Bruma quest.
^c  These people die as part of the Light the Dragonfires quest.

Quests Starting Here

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  • You can enter the Temple before starting the Main Quest by attacking the patrolling Blade on the battlements with a staff, distance spell or arrows. He and the Blade guarding the Temple's front door will come rushing out to you, leaving the gates wide open. The entrances to the main hall and both wings will still be sealed however. Killing the attacking Blades will provide a full set of Blades armor, but can break the Main Quest.
  • Cloud Ruler Temple also appears in ESO.


Map of Cloud Ruler Temple
  1. Cloud Ruler Temple West Wing
  2. Cloud Ruler Temple Great Hall
  3. Cloud Ruler Temple East Wing