Oblivion:Waterfront District

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Panoramic view of the Imperial City Waterfront District

The Waterfront is a district of the Imperial City that houses the Imperial City's harbor. Ships coming from the Topal Bay sail through Leyawiin up Niben Bay to reach Lake Rumare and the Imperial City's portside facilities. The Waterfront serves as headquarters for the Imperial Trading Company which also maintains a large warehouse on-site. The dock is partially encircled by a large wall. A small bridge connects the waterfront to the lighthouse and City Isle. Most of the residents living on the waterfront are poor and live behind the wall in mediocre shacks. One of the shacks can be purchased from Vinicia Melissaeia. The surrounding residential area is considered the most depressing and dangerous area of the city with the heavy presence of thieves in the area. Members of the Watch will mention the place isn't a nice neighborhood.

Imperial Waterfront District People

Abandoned Shack
Dranas Llethro
Hillod the Outlaw
Armand Christophe's House
Armand Christophe
Imperial Trading Company Office
Damian Magius
Jair's Shack
Isleif the Open Handed
Kvinchal's Shack
Bronsila Kvinchal
Kastav Kvinchal
Vlanarus Kvinchal
Methredhel' House
Myvryna Arano's House
Myvryna Arano [b]
Uzul gro-Grulam
The Marie Elena
First Mate Malvulis
Gaston Tussaud [c]
The Bloated Float Inn
Graman gro-Marad
Lynch [d]
Minx [d]
OrmilFood (The Bloated Float) Innkeeper
Selene [d]
Wrath [d]
Waterfront Lighthouse
Velan Andus
Amusei [a]
Puny Ancus
^a  Will move to Leyawiin after the quest May the Best Thief Win, but will return after the quest Lost Histories.
^b  Will leave the Imperial Waterfront after the quest, The Elven Maiden.
^c  Only appears during the Dark Brotherhood quest, A Watery Grave.
^d  Only appears during the related quest, An Unexpected Voyage.

Quests that Start Here

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Map of the Waterfront District
  1. Tunnel to the Temple District
  2. Waterfront Lighthouse
  3. Imperial Trading Company Office
  4. Imperial Trading Company Warehouse
  5. The Bloated Float Inn
  6. The Marie Elena
  7. Armand Christophe's House
  8. Shack for Sale
  9. Jair's Shack
  10. Myvryna Arano's House
  11. Vlanarus Kvinchal's Shack
  12. Methredhel's House
  13. Abandoned Shack
  14. Dareloth's Basement (only accessible after completing the Thieves Guild questline)