Oblivion:Temple District

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The Temple District is a section of The Imperial City that houses the Temple of the One where new Emperors light the Dragonfires to take the throne.

The Temple District with the Temple of the One at its center

Temple District People

Algot's House
Amantius Allectus' House
Amantius Allectus
Caula Allectus
Gilen Norvalo's House
Gilen Norvalo [a]
Ralsa Norvalo
Graman gro-Marad's House
Graman gro-Marad
Umog gra-Marad
Grey-Throat's House
Grey-Throat [a]
Hagaer's House
Hastrel Ottus' House
Alessia Ottus
Hastrel Ottus
Ida Ottus
J'mhad's House
Luronk gro-Glurzog's House
Luronk gro-Glurzog
Marana Rian's House
Marana Rian Trainer (Master)Sneak (Master)
Pennus Mallius' House
Pennus Mallius
Roland Jenseric's House
Roland Jenseric
Ruslan's House
Salomon Geonette's House
Charlotte (Dog)
Renee Geonette
Salomon Geonette
Seridur's House
Cylben Dolovas
Stantus Varrid's House
Stantus Varrid
Surius Afranius' House
Ancus Afranius
Praxedes Afranius
Surius Afranius
Trenus Duronius' House
Trenus Duronius
The All-Saints Inn
Marguerite Diel [b]
Styrbjorn [b]
Willet Food (The All-Saints Inn)Innkeeper
The Temple of the One
Tandilwe Trainer (Master)Speechcraft (Master)
Ragbag Buntara
^a  These NPCs will be found frequenting in Seridur's House.
^b  These NPCs appear after the completion of the quest, Dagon Shrine.

Quests that Start Here

Quests that Take Place Here


Map of the Temple District


  1. Gate to the Talos Plaza District
  2. Pennus Mallius' House
  3. Gate to the Green Emperor Way
  4. Surius Afranius' House
  5. Marana Rian's House
  6. The All-Saints Inn
  7. Gilen Norvalo's House
  8. Southwest Watch Tower
  9. Algot's House
  10. Hastrel Ottus' House
  11. Graman gro-Marad's House
  12. Trenus Duronius' House
  13. Hagaer's House
  14. Grey-Throat's House
  15. Luronk gro-Glurzog's House
  16. Ruslan's House
  17. Gate to the Arboretum
  18. Temple of the One
  19. Temple of the One
  20. Roland Jenseric's House
  21. J'mhad's House
  22. Stantus Varrid's House
  23. Amantius Allectus' House
  24. Tunnel to the Waterfront District
  25. Salomon Geonette's House
  26. Seridur's House
  27. South Watch Tower

Sewer System:

  1. The Temple Sewers (inaccessible from the district itself)