Oblivion:Elven Gardens District

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Panoramic view of the Imperial City Elven Gardens District

The Elven Gardens District is a residential district to the northwest of the Imperial City.

Elven Gardens District People

Adrian Decanius' House
Adrian Decanius
Cyronin Sintav's House
Carmana Sintav
Cyronin Sintav
Dovyn Aren's House
Dovyn Aren
Dul gro-Shug's House
Dul gro-Shug Trainer (Basic)Light Armor (Basic)
Geem Jasaiin's House
Geem Jasaiin
Herminia Cinna's House
Herminia Cinna
Ida Vlinorman's House
Ida Vlinorman Trainer (Basic)Acrobatics (Basic)
Iniel Sintav's House
Iniel Sintav
Irene Metrick's House
Irene Metrick Trainer (Master)Blunt (Master)
Jastia Sintav's House
Jastia Sintav
Jena Sintav
Kastus Sintav's House
Beran Sintav
Kastus Sintav
Vontan Sintav
Lorkmir's House
Lorkmir [b]
Luther Broad's Boarding House
Astav Wirich [a]
Luther Broad Food (Luther Broad's Boarding House) Innkeeper
Marinus Catiotus' House
Marinus Catiotus
Othrelos' House
Ra'jhan's House
Roderic Pierrane's House
Elisa Pierrane
Roderic Pierrane
Tertius Favonius' House
Romana Faleria
Tertius Favonius
The King and Queen Tavern
Ley Marillin Food (The King and Queen Tavern) Innkeeper
Pista Marillin
Wumeek's House
Fralav the Faker
^a  Only appears during the quest, The Path of Dawn.
^b  This NPC is encountered dead within the home.

Quests that Take Place Here


Map of the Elven Gardens District


  1. North Watch Tower
  2. Tertius Favonius' House
  3. Othrelos' House
  4. Guard House
  5. Marinus Catiotus' House
  6. Cyronin Sintav's House
  7. Ida Vlinorman's House
  8. Dovyn Aren's House
  9. Gate to the Market District
  10. Luther Broad's Boarding House
  11. Irene Metrick's House
  12. The King and Queen Tavern
  13. Ra'jhan's House
  14. Roderic Pierrane's House
  15. Herminia Cinna's House
  16. The Elven Garden Sewers
  17. Iniel Sintav's House
  18. Lorkmir's House
  19. Northwest Watch Tower
  20. Adrian Decanius' House
  21. Dul gro-Shug's House
  22. Fathis Ules' House
  23. Jastia Sintav's House
  24. Kastus Sintav's House
  25. Wumeek's House
  26. Geem Jasaiin's House
  27. Gate to the Green Emperor Way
  28. Gate to the Talos Plaza District