Oblivion:Main Quest

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The order of a couple of quests may be different depending upon whose (Martin's or Jauffre's) quests you are doing first.

Six achievements (360 points) can be unlocked during the quest line.

  1. Tutorial: You must follow the secret escape route to escape the prison. (OB-qico-DeliverTheAmulet.png 50 pts)
  2. Deliver the Amulet: You must deliver the Amulet of Kings to Jauffre in Weynon Priory.
  3. Find the Heir: Head to Kvatch to find the last heir.
  4. Breaking the Siege of Kvatch: You must help defeat the Daedra invaders and end the siege of Kvatch. (OB-qico-OblivionGate.png 50 pts)
  5. Weynon Priory: Return to the Priory with Martin.
  6. The Path of Dawn: You must return to Baurus in the Imperial City to try to track down the stolen Amulet of Kings. (OB-qico-PathOfDawn.png 50 pts)
  7. Dagon Shrine: Find and infiltrate the Mythic Dawn's shrine.
  8. Spies: Track down those that have been spying on Cloud Ruler Temple.
  9. Blood of the Daedra: Locate a Daedric artifact for Martin. (OB-qico-DagonShrine.png 50 pts)
  10. Bruma Gate: Help the Bruma guard close an Oblivion Gate just outside the city.
  11. Blood of the Divines: Recover the blood of a god for Martin.
  12. Miscarcand: Recover a Great Welkynd Stone for Martin.
  13. Defense of Bruma: Let a Great Oblivion Gate open outside of Bruma.
  14. Great Gate: Find the Great Sigil Stone and close the Great Gate before a Daedric siege engine invades Tamriel! (OB-qico-OblivionGate.png 50 pts)
  15. Paradise: Enter Mankar's Paradise, and retrieve the Amulet of Kings.
  16. Light the Dragonfires: Escort Martin to the Temple of the One... but will you be able to crown him Emperor? (OrderOfTheDragon.gif 110 pts)
  17. Imperial Dragon Armor: Receive your reward for saving the world.