Oblivion:Den of Thieves

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OB-qico-FightersGuild.png A gang of Bosmer thieves has been causing some problems around Anvil.
Quest Giver: Azzan at the Anvil Fighters Guild
Location(s): Anvil, Hrota Cave
Prerequisite Quest: Drunk and Disorderly
Next Quest: Amelion's Debt or The Master's Son
Reward: Level-dependent gold, 3 bottles of Newheim's Special Brew (if optional mini-quest Newheim's Flagon is completed), possible promotion to Protector
Fame/Infamy: Fame +1
ID: FGC03Thieves
Maglir at work.

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Receive the quest details from Azzan.
  2. Discuss the contract with Maglir.
  3. Speak with Newheim the Portly to receive additional details and an optional mini-quest.
  4. Kill the thieves in Hrota Cave and (optionally) retrieve Newheim's Heirloom.
  5. Return to Azzan and Newheim for your rewards.

Detailed Walkthrough


You can receive this contract from Azzan in the Anvil Fighters Guild after you've done a few jobs for Modryn Oreyn in Chorrol. He'll ask you to look for a den of thieves that has been responsible for a recent spate of thefts in the area. Since their numbers are unknown, Azzan pairs you up with a new recruit - Maglir, whom you met recently on a guild job.


Maglir should be somewhere in the Anvil guild hall. He suggests you ask around town to see if anyone has any leads on the thieves' location.

Newheim the Portly

Speak to one of the townsfolk or guards about Thieves. If their disposition towards you is 60 or above they will tell you to speak with Newheim the Portly, a recent victim. Newheim can be found at his home or wandering around town and when you find him he'll point you towards Hrota Cave north of town.

Newheim's Flagon

The stolen flagon

Newheim will also mention a family heirloom that was stolen, a flagon, and says he'll reward you if you can return it. This is an entirely separate quest in your journal labeled Newheim's Flagon. You must speak to Newheim selecting the subject Heirloom for the flagon to appear in the cave. If you find his flagon, you can return it to him for a reward of three bottles of Newheim's Special Brew.

Hrota Cave

Head to the cave, and keep in mind you have Maglir trying to follow you. It is impossible to actually lose him, but he could be a long way back. There are eight thieves in the cave - Cingaer, Dennilwen, Githriian, Idrolian, Nedhelfin, Niraegaer, Thiirchel, and Thrangirfin. If you are a stealth-based character, you will want to leave Maglir at the cave entrance. Make your way through the cave with or without Maglir and kill the thieves. Newheim's Heirloom is on a table in the east end of the cave. You'll receive a quest message when all the thieves are dead.


Head back to Azzan once the job is done for a standard level-dependent gold reward and one Fame point. If you have already completed Amelion's Debt, Azzan will also be willing to promote you to the rank of Protector. You will then have to go to Modryn Oreyn in Chorrol for your next quest, The Master's Son. Otherwise, you will need to go to Burz gro-Khash in Cheydinhal to complete Amelion's Debt next.


  • Azzan may fail to give the quest when spoken to. ?

Journal Entries

Den of Thieves (FGC03Thieves)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 Azzan has given me a contract to find the lair of some thieves near Anvil. I am to travel with another fairly new recruit, Maglir. I should go to Anvil first and see what information I can learn about the thieves.
20 People in Anvil have suggested I speak with Newheim the Portly. He apparently had some goods stolen by the thieves.
24 Newheim has told me that the thieves are all Bosmer and may be located in Hrota Cave, north of the city of Anvil. Maglir and I should travel there and take care of them.
30 Maglir and I have succeeded in clearing Hrota Cave of all of the thieves living there. I should return to Azzan for payment of the contract.
100 Finishes quest Azzan was pleased with our efforts, and has paid the contract.
Newheim's Flagon (FGC03Flagon)
22 Newheim has mentioned that he had a family heirloom, a pewter flagon, stolen by the thieves. If I return it to him, he'll reward me.
33 I have found Newheim the Portly's flagon. I should return it to him.
95 Finishes quest I've returned Newheim's Flagon to the Nord, who was pleased to have the heirloom returned. He rewarded me with three bottles of his own special brew.
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