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Fame is a measure of how well known your heroism is amongst the general population of Cyrodiil. It is found in the miscellaneous statistics menu, and is zero when you start the game. You can increase your Fame by helping others or by completing quests in a virtuous manner.

Infamy is the counterpart to Fame, and measures how notorious a character is for their misdeeds. Neither Fame nor Infamy can be gained in the Shivering Isles.

What Fame Affects

  • Fame increases NPCs' disposition: disposition increases 3 points for every 10 points of Fame. This disposition increase is capped at +20 (reached at a Fame of 67). Further increases in Fame will not have any further effects on disposition (even if you have Infamy points). The benefits of increased disposition are detailed in the article on Disposition.
  • Certain quests have a Fame requirement before the quest can be started:
  • Altars of the Nine Divines cannot be activated unless your Infamy is less than your Fame. Wayshrines can be activated if your Fame is less than your Infamy, but each wayshrine can only be activated once per Fame point (unless the Knights of the Nine official plug-in has been installed).
  • Each Heaven Stone will only grant a character its unique Greater Power once the character has reached sufficient renown (requirement is between 10-70).

Fame Points

You can earn 198 points of Fame (103 for completing quests, 31 for Arena matches, and 64 for closing Oblivion gates).

Main Quest

Quest Fame
Deliver the Amulet 1
Breaking the Siege of Kvatch 1
The Battle for Castle Kvatch 1
Weynon Priory 1
The Path of Dawn 1
Dagon Shrine 1
Spies 1
Blood of the Daedra 0 (1 if UOP)
Bruma Gate 1
Allies for Bruma 7 or fewer
The Wayward Knight 2 or fewer
Blood of the Divines 0 (2 if UOP)
Miscarcand 2
Defense of Bruma 1
Great Gate 2
Paradise 0 (2 if UOP)
Light the Dragonfires 3
Total 16 to 25 (+5 if UOP)


  • In some of these quests you have to close Oblivion Gates. This gives you extra Fame points (see below) which are disregarded in this table.
  • In Allies for Bruma, you gain a Fame point for each city that sends aid to Bruma.
  • In The Wayward Knight, you earn 2 points if Farwil Indarys escapes the Plane of Oblivion alive. If he dies, you earn 1 point or, if you killed him, no points.

Total Fame: 25 (including all optional quests and excluding closed Oblivion Gates).

Fighters Guild

Completing each Fighters Guild quest gives you 1 Fame point, except the last three duties from Modryn Oreyn (Information Gathering, Infiltration, The Hist) which give you no Fame.

In some quests you can lose Fame points if your completion was not entirely good (see quest pages for details).

Total Fame: 16

Mages Guild

Completing Mages Guild quests mostly result in gaining 1 Fame for each. There are some exceptions:

Total Fame: 23


You earn 1 Fame point for each match before Champion match, and 10 points when you become Grand Champion.

Total Fame:31

Daedric Quests

Acquiring any Artifact from Daedric Lords (except Namira) gives you 1 Fame point.

Total Fame: 14

Oblivion Gates

Closing each Oblivion gate (random or fixed) gives either 1 or 2 Fame points. Random Oblivion gates (of which there can be up to fifty) will always give 1 Fame when a Sigil Stone is taken. Although some Planes of Oblivion may contain two gates (i.e., Random Oblivion World 5 and Random Oblivion World 6), the player still only receives 1 Fame per Sigil Stone.

The ten fixed Oblivion gates award Fame differently.

  • The Great Gate does not award any Fame.
  • The Kvatch, Fort Sutch, and Bruma gates give 1 Fame each when a gate's Sigil Stone is taken.
  • The Cheydinhal gate gives 1 Fame after the gate is closed (when you appear back in Tamriel).
  • The Anvil, Bravil, Chorrol, Leyawiin, and Skingrad gates give 2 Fame each (1 for the Sigil Stone, as normal, and 1 after the gate is closed).

Total Fame: 64

Miscellaneous Quests

In most of these quests, you will receive Fame no matter how you complete the quest. However, in some cases it is possible to receive Fame or Infamy depending on your choices during the quest (typically Infamy is caused by quest NPCs dying unnecessarily or prematurely). The notes indicate those quests where receiving Fame is not guaranteed. Full details are available on the individual quest pages.

Location Quest Fame Notes
Aleswell Zero Visibility 1
Anvil Where Spirits Have Lease 1
Anvil The Siren's Deception 1 +1 Infamy instead of +1 Fame if one of the Sirens is killed prematurely.
Bravil The Forlorn Watchman 1
Bravil Caught in the Hunt 1 +1 Infamy instead of +1 Fame if Aleron Loche dies prematurely.
Bravil Through A Nightmare, Darkly 1
Bruma Two Sides of the Coin 1 +1 Infamy instead of +1 Fame if Arnora dies before you talk to Jorundr.
Bruma A Brotherhood Betrayed 1 +1 Infamy instead of +1 Fame if a quest NPC dies prematurely or if Raynil Dralas escapes.
Bruma Lifting the Vale 2
Cheydinhal A Brush with Death 1
Cheydinhal Corruption and Conscience 1 +1 Infamy instead of +1 Fame if you kill Ulrich Leland.
Chorrol Separated at Birth 1
Chorrol Sins of the Father 1 +1 Infamy instead of +1 Fame if you give the Honorblade of Chorrol to Fathis Ules.
Chorrol A Shadow Over Hackdirt 1
Chorrol Canvas the Castle 1 0 Fame (but no Infamy either) if you do not turn in the true culprit.
Crestbridge Camp Goblin Trouble 1
Imperial City The Collector 1
Imperial City The Order of the Virtuous Blood 1 +1 Infamy instead of +1 Fame if you kill Roland Jenseric.
Imperial City Imperial Corruption 1
Leyawiin Tears of the Savior 1
Leyawiin Whom Gods Annoy 1
Leyawiin Mazoga the Orc 1
Skingrad Paranoia 1 +1 Fame only if you show Glarthir's note to a town guard and have him executed.
Skingrad Seeking Your Roots 1

Total Fame: 25


  • Wearing the Gray Cowl of Nocturnal gives you an alter-ego, the Gray Fox, and this alter-ego will gain Fame and Infamy independently of the character's identity while wearing it. Make sure you remove the Cowl if you want your character's main identity to receive Fame when completing quests.
  • It is impossible to remove Fame without console codes, so characters attempting to become infamous should avoid the quests listed above. Alternately, do the quests the infamous way.