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This page contains very brief descriptions of every character featured in The Infernal City and Lord of Souls.

Main Characters:

Annaïg Hoïnart

Annaïg Hoïnart is a young Breton girl who accidentally arrives on Umbriel with her friend Mere-Glim, and the two of them are captured.

Prince Attrebus Mede

Attrebus is the son of Emperor Titus Mede and is Cyrodiil's Prince. He and Sul travel to Umbriel to try to rid Cyrodiil of it and to save Annaïg and Mere-Glim.

Colin Vineben

Colin Vineben is an Anvil-born Inspector in the Penitus Oculatus who investigates the disappearance of Attrebus and later Umbriel's appearance in Tamriel.
Colin Vineben is an Anvil-born Inspector in the Penitus Oculatus who investigates the disappearance of Attrebus. Colin is on the case of missing Prince when assailants capture him. He is rescued by Letine Arese who makes a bargain with him in order to unmask the plot of Umbriel's appearance in Tamriel. He was taken off the Attrebus case but was put to work on Umbriel's presence in Tamriel in which he looks over possible culprits including the Thalmor. He along with Arese uncover that Hierem, the minister to the Emperor, is involved with summoning Umbriel and subsequently tries to find hard proof.


Mere-Glim is an Argonian and the best friend of Annaïg Hoïnart. They accidentally arrive on Umbriel and are captured.


Sul is a Dunmer man who travels with Attrebus to Umbriel. He was thrown into Oblivion along with Vuhon when Red Mountain erupted.

Other characters


Aghey is the Head Chef in one of the four lower kitchens of Umbriel.


A Senche Khajiit used as a steed by M'kai.


A flaxen-haired Breton mercenary working with Radhasa to abduct Prince Attrebus. She is killed by Sul when he saves the prince.


Arcus, a tall bald man with angular features (probably an Imperial), is an agent of the Penitus Oculatus. Along with Khasha, he oversees Colin's initiation into the service.


Azura is the Daedric prince of dusk and dawn. She would often meddle with Sul's dreams.


Imperial wizard and Imperial Legion scout. Part of a group sent to learn about Umbriel. Nicknamed Brenn. He and Mazgar escaped Cheydinhal and made it to the Imperial City where they were part of the army refugee group. He perished during the final moments of the conflict causing Mazgar to cry for her fallen comrade.


Attrebus considers having Breslin and Yerva examine Coo, since they would know more about something like that than he would.


Coals was an Imperial Legion scout of unspecified race or gender and Mazgar gra Yagash's squad mate.

Count Caro

Count Caro is mentioned in passing when Intendant Marall tells Colin that if he's ordered to find which of Count Caro's daughters has been poisoning the guests again, he should use his forensic training.


A woman in Attrebus' personal guard with whom he has apparently been intimate.


Chave is an underchef in Toel's kitchen. Slyr suspects that Annaïg has poisoned one of the ingredients that Slyr is supposed to work with, so she tells Chave to do the task instead (and he is fine).


A woman in Attrebus' personal guard with whom he has apparently been intimate.


Dario is a pitcher boy who serves Attrebus and his guard after they spar. Despite his young age, he is killed by Radhasa's group when they kidnap Attrebus.


A cook in Qijne's kitchen, described as "an ogrelike fellow with black and yellow fur".


Dimple is Annaïg's hob in Toel's kitchen.


Draeg is a male Bosmer mercenary working with Radhasa to abduct Prince Attrebus. He disappears and is thought by his former allies to have abandoned them, but in reality he had been killed by Sul.


Known more often as Dulg, he is a frog-like creature that acts as a chamberlain to Toel; first disinfecting Annaïg and Slyr when they arrive and then repeatedly presenting Annaïg with dresses and outfits from Toel.

Eddar Olin

Eddar Olin is a former pretender to the throne of Cyrodiil whom Titus Mede defeated with an army of about 2,000 soldiers.


A member of Attrebus' personal guard.


A member of Attrebus' guard, killed by Radhasa's group - set on fire - when they kidnap Attrebus.


Eryob is the skraws’ overseer, who reprimands Glim with some type of magic that causes him great pain when he is late returning from his assignment.

Underwarden Ethten

Underwarden Ethten is an officer in the Lilmoth guard. Mere-Glim suggests that if Annaïg is so sure that there's a "were-crocodile" around, she should tell her Father to contact Ethten in order to get some guards sent to Pusbottom. When they realize that the man they're following is a skooma smuggler and not a were-croc, they decide to report him to the underwarden anyway.

Captain Evernal

Captain Evernal is a captain and former soldier of Emperor Titus Mede whom Attrebus shamed when he tried to wrongly take his property and assault the Khajiit who were helping Attrebus and Sul.

Captain Falcus

Leader of the group of scouts sent to investigate Umbriel. He is killed during the evacuation of Cheydinhal to the Blue Road after Umbriel's forces break the charge.

Delia Huerc

Redguard woman who accompanied Hierem to Black Marsh, and who was poisoned by him afterwards to ensure the trip remained secret


Fenton was a Bosmer under the command of Captain Tertius Ione. When an Oblivion gate opened in Ione's camp, the troops went in to fight, and it appears that they sacrificed themselves in order to give Fenton a chance to sabotage the gate. He was found half mad weeks after the gate closed, and ended up dying the next day.


Fexxel is the red-headed Head Chef in one of the lower kitchens of Umbriel. He is approached by Wemreddle in a deal to betray Annaïg and Glim but is in turn betrayed to Qijne by one of his own workers.


Fhena is a female from Umbriel with the skin of a Dunmer. Glim meets her in the Fringe Gyre, where they become friends and Fhena brings him word of Annaïg.


A member of a skooma smuggling ring, sent to kill Annaïg and Glim along with Patch. Flichs' race and gender are unknown.

Captain Florius Larsus

Captain Florius Larsus is the newly-appointed captain of the guard in Water's Edge, and friend of Attrebus. He is thin, red-headed, and freckled. He is recruited by Attrebus to help them reach Umbriel, and then is killed by the people who hired Radhasa to kill Attrebus.


A woman in Attrebus' personal guard with whom he has apparently been intimate.


A royal guardsman traveling with Colin when he finds the bodies of Prince Attrebus' men, ordered to search the area for witnesses.

Lord Ghol

One of the lords of Umbriel, for whom Qijne's kitchen prepares food. He complains of receiving boring food four times in a row.


Grayne is a female sailor from the South Niben area with silver hair, who claims to have seen an Oblivion gate open when her father worked in Leyawiin. She is one of the first killed when Umbriel initially appears.


A royal guardsman traveling with Colin when he finds the bodies of Prince Attrebus' men, sent to search Sweetwater and Eastbridge.


Gulan is Attrebus' advisor. He, along with the rest of Attrebus' men, is killed by Radhasa's group when they kidnap Attrebus.


A royal guardsman traveling with Colin when he finds the bodies of Prince Attrebus' men, sent to search Ione and Pell's Gate.


Hecua is a one-eyed Redguard woman who specializes in magical potions and their ingredients, providing Annaïg assistance.


Hierem, a pudgy man with thick eyebrows and blue eyes, is the Chief Minister to Emperor Titus Mede.


Hircine is the Daedric prince of the hunt. His drivers chase down Attrebus and Sul and their Khajiit companions, and Hircine himself shows up with a pack of werewolves as the moon rises. He is described as looking like a man with the horns of a stag.

Ibrenis Songblade

Ibrenis Songblade appears in a book Annaïg read, and is said to have exploited various rival factions of Cheydinhal.


Iffech is an old male Khajiit sea captain who spent most of his life on the sea. He is one of the first to be killed when Umbriel appears.


Ilzheven is the former lover of Sul. She was killed during the destruction of Vivec City.

Lord Irrel

One of the great lords of Umbriel; the main patron of Toel's kitchen. He eats only one meal a day, but prefers it to have thirty to fifty courses.


Ixtah-Nasha is the captain and owner of the Wind Oracle, and the cousin of Mere-Glim. He passed on rumors about Umbriel to Glim.


J'lasha is another Khajiiti warrior in Lesspa's clan. He is killed by bears during Hircine's hunt.


Jarrow was a male Imperial Legion scout of unspecified race and Mazgar gra Yagash's squad mate. He was killed and reanimated during an attack by the dead army.


A very large male orc, and a member of Attrebus' guard.


A Khajiit mercenary working with Radhasa to abduct Prince Attrebus.


Kalmo is a friend of Fhena’s. He makes deliveries to the kitchens and hears word of Annaïg, which is related back to Glim via Fhena.


Keem is a male Cathay-raht Khajiit sailor. He is the first killed when Umbriel first appears, when a strong wind snaps the main mast and throws him from the crow's nest into the sea.


Khasha is a Khajiit agent of the Penitus Oculatus, described as being "almost snoutless". Along with Arcus, he oversees Colin's initiation into the service.


A member of Attrebus' guard. He is killed by Radhasa's group - set on fire - when they kidnap Attrebus.


A funny, self-effacing cook in Chef Toel's kitchen. Having been badly burned while distilling phlogiston, his brain is removed to be processed into pure remorse

Laeva Cuontus

A sorcerer that Colin had to find during his second case with the Penitus Oculatus.


Lazarum is a member of the Synod who invented a spell for flying.


Lesspa is a Khajiiti warrior in the clan F'aashe. She is described as having merish features, except for the black tattooed rings on her face. She encounters Prince Attrebus and Sul and asks them to buy moon sugar in Rimmen, and then her group protects them and helps them on the way to Umbriel. They sacrifice themselves in Hircine's realm in order to give Sul and Attrebus time to escape.

Letine Arese

Letine Arese is the assistant to Minister Hierem, responsible for concealing Attrebus' intentions from the minister and Emperor. She is thirty years old and blonde, and appears to be a sorcerer capable of changing shape into a ferocious beast. She saves Colin from death and makes a bargain with him in order to bring down Hierem, who is suspected by Colin of summoning Umbriel into Tamriel. She is subsequently marked for death as Dark Brotherhood assassins attempt to kill her but is saved by Colin, after which she and Colin develop a sort of romantic relationship. In the end, after Hierem is killed she betrays Colin and mortally wounds him with a knife, stating that for 10 years she has suffered and that she is owed something. She attempts through ritual to steal the souls that power Umbriel(Hierem's original plan) but is stopped by a wounded and betrayed Colin who throws the same knife he was stabbed with, instantly killing her.


Lodenpie is the Head Chef in one of the four lower kitchens of Umbriel.


Loy is an Underchef in Toel's kitchen offered to Annaïg as a possible replacement for Slyr.

Luc (hob)

Luc is a hob that acts as a helper to Annaïg in Qijne's kitchen, named after Annaïg's cousin because he reminded her of him as a child.

Luc (human)

Luc is a younger cousin of Annaïg. She names her first hob after him.


A member of Attrebus' personal guard.


A Khajiit mercenary working with Radhasa to abduct Prince Attrebus.

Intendant Marall

Intendant Marall is Colin's immediate superior in the Penitus Oculatus. He is a round-faced man with a beard under his chin.

Mazgar gra Yagash

An Orc. One of a group of Imperial Legion Scouts sent to investigate the stories about Umbriel. She was assigned to protect the mage Brennus. She claimed that her grandmother closed one of Mehrunes Dagon's gates during the Oblivion Crisis. Her sword was named Sister. Her mother died during the Sack of Orsinium when Mazgar was seven, reputedly having killed thirty of the Redguards and Bretons attacking the town. She, along with her injured friend Brennus escaped Cheydinhal and made it to the Imperial City. She befriends a young girl named Goblin and confesses to Brennus that she would have one day liked to have children. She survives the assault on the Imperial City but is grief stricken at the loss of Brennus during the final moments of Umbriel's assault.

Merthun the Wall

Merthun was a male Imperial Legion scout of unspecified race and Mazgar gra Yagash's squad mate.


Minn is a worker in Qijne's kitchen, second to Oorol before the underchef's death.


M'kai is a Khajiit, and the sister of Lesspa.


A Senche Khajiit used as a steed by J'lasha.

Nial Sexitus

Nial Sextius is an Imperial Guardsman and friend of Colin.


A skraw who helps Mere-Glim in his plans to disrupt the Sump


Oorol is one of the underchefs reporting to Qijne. He is killed by Qijne when he offers boring food to Lord Ghol four times in a row. Slyr and Annaïg take over his responsibilities.

Lord Oroy

One of the lords of Umbriel for whom Qijne's kitchen prepares food.


Pafrex is a worker in Qijne's kitchen described by Annaïg as "The bumpy fellow with quills". Slyr asks Annaïg if she's cozied up to someone such as him.


A member of Attrebus' guard, killed by Radhasa's group - set on fire - when they kidnap Attrebus.


A member of a skooma smuggling ring, sent to kill Annaïg and Glim along with Flichs. Patch's race and gender are unknown.


One of the most senior chefs in Umbriel. She discovered the ninth sensation of taste

Lord Prixon

One of the lords of Umbriel for whom Qijne's kitchen prepares food.

Captain Pundus

Captain Pundus is the leader of the expedition with which Colin is traveling when he finds the bodies of Prince Attrebus' men.

Archwarden Qajalil

Archwarden Qajalil is a senior member of the An-Xileel.


Qijne is the master chef of a kitchen on Umbriel, the first Annaïg works in. She has an invisible blade that extends from her hand, which Annaïg acquires when Qijne is killed. Toel attacks the kitchen in order to capture Annaïg, and when Qijne attempts to kill Annaïg to keep her away from Toel, Slyr saves Annaïg by killing Qijne.


Radhasa is a Redguard and one of Attrebus’ troops: she is also one of his lovers. She betrays him, kills his troops, and was paid to kill him though she instead kidnaps him and tries to sell him in Elsweyr before she and her accomplices are killed by Sul. She is the daughter of Tralan the Two-Blade, who worked for Emperor Titus Mede.

Regin Oprenus

Regin Oprenus is a member of the Imperial City guard in Anvil who recommended Colin for the Penitus Oculatus.

Remar Vel

Remar Vel is the Administrator of the Penitus Oculatus.


Riente is a black-haired Breton guardsman in the Water's Edge garrison. He is secretly in the pay of the people trying to kill Attrebus. When he and three others attempt to ambush the prince, Lesspa and her cousins kill them.


Sarha is an Underchef in Toel's kitchen offered to Annaïg as a possible replacement for Slyr.


A Senche Khajiit used as a steed by Taaj.


Sha'jal is Lesspa's brother. Sha'jal is of the Senche sub-species and is used as a mount by other Khajiit.


A female Khajiit mercenary working with Radhasa to abduct Prince Attrebus. She is killed by Sul when he saves the prince.


An avatar of Malacath who appeared as a female Altmer and had a conversation with Attrebus before revealing her true identity.


Slyr is a chef from Umbriel with the appearance of a Dunmer. She is assigned to tutor Annaïg and attempts to kill her. Annaïg refuses to have her executed in return.


Taaj is a Khajiit, and Lesspa's maternal cousin.

Taig Hoïnart

Taig Hoïnart is a Breton male with thinning gray hair, and the father of Annaïg. His estate was looted when the An-Xileel Argonian political party defeated the Imperial forces and took over Lilmoth. He now serves as a (poorly paid) advisor to the An-Xileel.


Tai-Tai is the male servant of Taig Hoïnart. It is noted that he does not always do his job.


Tenithar ("Old Tenny") is the former cook of Taig Hoïnart; she was employed by him until he could no longer afford to pay her.

Captain Tertius Ione

Captain Tertius Ione is a former soldier in the Imperial Legion who managed to close an Oblivion gate during the Oblivion Crisis. A town grew up around the remains of the gate and was named Ione in his honor.


Terz is Prince Attrebus' dresser.

Emperor Titus Mede

Titus Mede is the Emperor of Cyrodiil and the father of Prince Attrebus.

Chef Toel

Toel is the master chef of a kitchen on Umbriel. He has the appearance of a Breton, with high cheekbones, sky blue eyes, and black hair. He attacks Qijne’s kitchen, killing all but Annaïg and Slyr to capture Annaïg to work in his kitchen.

Tralan the Two-Blade

Tralan the Two-Blade is the father of Radhasa. He came from Cespar and was one of Titus Mede's most valued men.


A female Khajiit mercenary working with Radhasa to abduct Prince Attrebus.


Umbra is the person who was held captive inside the Umbra Sword by Clavicus Vile and struck a deal with Vuhon to escape Clavicus' plane of Oblivion.

Urmuk One Hand

Urmuk One Hand is an Orc mercenary working with Radhasa to abduct Prince Attrebus. He has had his missing arm replaced by a metal ball fixed to the stump. He is killed by Sul when the Dunmer saves the prince.


Urvwen is a Psijic priest with pale skin and silvery eyes. He somehow detects Umbriel's presence while it is still a great distance from the town, and Mere-Glim consults him about the rumors of Umbriel.


Vuhon is the Dunmer that created and maintained the ingenium, the force that held the Vivec Ministry in place when Vivec was no longer able to. When the Ministry of Truth crashed into Vivec City and Red Mountain erupted, he was thrown into Oblivion.


Wemreddle is a worker in the Bolster Midden, with a man/mer-ish appearance, large eyes, and dingy, greasy yellow hair. He is the first person encountered by Annaïg and Glim on Umbriel. He betrays them to Fexxel.


Wert is a skraw, with the appearance of a slightly yellowish, red-headed Breton, and teaches Glim what to do. He comes to Glim when he and the other skraws begin to dream of something more than the life they currently lead.

Xhon-Mehl the Fisher

Xhon-Mehl is the former Ascendant Organ Lord of Lilmoth. There is an old statue of him in Lilmoth, but it's sunken into the marsh up to the snout.


Attrebus considers having Breslin and Yerva examine Coo, since they would know more about something like that than he would.

|- !Tosh, Na-Nasha, Glavius, Casion, Sugar-Lick |Several more of the Legion scouts. |- !Luuniel and Ashdre |Two more senior chefs in Umbriel. Along with Toel and Phmer, they compete for the honor of creating a banquet for Umbriel himself. |- !Jernle, Cilinil and Jith |Skraws. |- !Lwef-Dim |Khajiit rug-seller who has moved into Delia Huerc's apartment following her death. |- !Sariah |Redguard. Charter-holder of Mountain Watch, a small village east of Cheydinhal. |- !Lorcette |Female human child and one of the refugees from Mountain Watch. Her nickname is Goblin due to her ears. Her mother died of illness when Lorcette was six. |- !Riff Belancour |Another child evacuated from Mountain Watch. Has what Lorcette describes as a "funny foot". |- !Thules the Gibbering |Witch-warrior who rules the remnants of the Empire before Titus Mede rose to power. |- !Lord Rhel |One of the great lords of Umbriel; personal steward to Vuhon. He is killed after a severely injured Vuhon absorbs him among other lords. |- !Jinel and Qwern |Two minor inhabitants of the Fringe Gyre. |- !Intovar and Yeum |Toel's two underchefs. |- !Aelo |A dicer in Toel's kitchen. |- !Loesh |A worker in Toel's kitchen. |- !Lord Ix and Lord Ghol |Two of Umbriel's great lords; judges of the competition between the chefs. |- !Lord Hleryn Sathil |Ruler of the minor house Sathil and lord of a castle on Solstheim. |- !Isilr |Gate guard of Sathil Manor. |- !Nirai Sathil |Daughter of Hleryn Sathil. |- !Yingfry and Val |Servants in Sathil Manor. |- !Irinja |Servant in Sathil Manor who seduces Attrebus. |- !Eld Ma |Head of the servants of Sathil Manor. |- !Professor Aronil |Altmer Mage in charge of the library of the Penitus Oculatus. |- !Fruth |Hunter assigned to help Attrebus on Solstheim with his research in his ruse as a naturalist. |- !Elhul Sathil |Son of Hleryn Sathil, driven insane by the possession of Umbra. |- !Ilver Indarys |Leader of a group of Knights of the Thorn. |- !Luel |Architect who designed Lord Rhel's palace. |- !Lielle |One of the thugs who captures Attrebus. Touches the Umbra sword and is driven insane. |- !Captain Arges |Guard captain from Cheydinhal. |- !Commander Prossos |Commander of the Imperial Legion. |- !General Takar |From Hammerfell. One of the Emperor's most trusted generals. |- !Ram, Dextra and Martin |Soldiers involved in the defense of the Imperial City. |}

Lore:Names edits

Argonian Male names


1-Word: Wuthilul
Hyp. Arg: Ixtah-Nasha, Xohn-Mehl
Cyrodilic: Mere-Glim

Bosmer male names


Draeg, Fenton

Breton male names



Breton female names


Amelia, Annaïg

Breton family names


Hoïnart (1, 2)

Dunmer male names


Sul, Vuhon

Dunmer female names


Imperial Male names


Arcus, Attrebus, Florius, Nial, Regin, Tertius, Titus

Imperial female names


Imperial Family names


2x: Mede (1, 2)
1x: Cuontus, Ione, Oprenus, Sexitus

Khajiit Male names


Iffech, J'lasha, Keem, Khasha, Sha'jal

Khajiit Female names


M'kai, Sharwa, Tsani

Orc Male names


Joun, Urmuk

Redguard female names


Hecua, Radhasa

Redguard male names



Umbriel male names

Chave, Dest, Dulgiijbiddiggungudingu, Fexxel, Ghol, Irrel, Kalmo, Oorol, Oroy, Prixon, Wemreddle, Wert

Umbriel female names

Fhena, Qijne, Slyr

Umbriel names, unknown gender

Aghey, Lodenpie, Minn, Sarha, Loy

Breton names, unknown if first name or family name


Khajiit names, unknown gender

Ma-fwath, J'yas, S'enjara, Ahapa, M'qar

Race unconfirmed, female

Grayne, Ilzheven, Tenithar, Corintha, Cellie, Fury

Race unconfirmed, male

Arcus, Tai-Tai, Urvwen, Luc, Dario, Terz, Hierem, Eddar

Race uncofirmed, unknown gender

Patch, Flichs, Lazarum, Lupo, Eiswulf, Yerva, Breslin

Lore:Names edits: Redo

Because the above contains some guesses, they will need to be double-checked. Confirmed names, in the meantime, should go here.

Altmer Names

Female Names


Dunmer Names

Male Names

Sul, Vuhon

Imperial Names

Male Names


Family Names


Orc Names

Female Names


Family Names


Redguard Names

Female Names


Family Names


Umbriellian Names

Male Names

Kohnu, Oluth

Female Names

Phmer, Fhena

Unknown Race Names

Female Names


Male Names

Brennus, Jarrow, Merthun the Wall, Falcus

Unknown Sex Names


Possible new Books:Plants page


Bloodball is a type of fruit found on Umbriel, growing on vines.


Helsh is a red root that is used as an ingredient on Umbriel.


A type of fern that grows in the sump. Its fronds are collected for the kitchens of Umbriel.

Kraken barnacles

shelled food native to Black Marsh, found growing on Umbriel

Lucan mold

Lucan mold is described as being phosphorescent. It appears in the Old Imperial Quarter of Lilmoth.

Orchid Shrimp

Food offered to Fhena by Mere-Glim


A plant that grows in the sump. Its sap is collected for the kitchens of Umbriel.

Books:Places page


Restaurant / Servery in Lilmoth. Taig Hoïnart offers to bring supper from there so that Annaïg doesn't have to cook.

The Crown's Hammer

A tavern in the Imperial City's Market District where Colin meets an old friend.

The Foaming Flask

A tavern in the Imperial City, where Letine Arese often went to drink with her sister and friends.

The Gaping Frog

A tavern in Water's Edge where Prince Attrebus is ambushed.

Hereguard Plantation

A farm in Black Marsh mostly run by Bretons. Annaïg sees many people and creatures fleeing from something, and assumes that this is where they are heading.


A town in Cyrodiil named after Captain Tertius Ione; its location is not known exactly but it seems to be in the eastern reaches of the West Weald, not too far south of Pell's Gate and Sardavar Leed.


Ancient stepped pyramid in Lilmoth. Most of it has sunk into the ground, leaving only the topmost layer visible, but the An-Xileel have excavated it and used spells to keep the water from returning.

Lank Fellow Inn

An Inn in Chorrol; Sul is staying here when he awakes from his nightmare.

Little Orsinium Tavern

A tavern. Riente reports to Captain Larsus that some matter there is cleaned up.

Oliis Bay

The bay in Lilmoth.

Old Imperial Quarter

A quarter of Lilmoth containing the crumbling villas looted by An-Xileel.


A district in Lilmoth, described by Mere-Glim as "one of the dodgiest parts of town". It was the original part of the town, and Lilmoth has grown around it. Nowadays, its inhabitants are only the poorest and most desperate, political enemies of the An-Xileel, and criminals.

The Undertow

An inn in Anvil that serves dark beer.


A floating city, making its way from Lilmoth to Vvardenfell, fueled by the Ingenium and the souls it harvests from the lands it passes.

Scathing Bay

The crater of water where Vivec City used to exist; all that remains of the city after the Red Year. The waters of the bay are boiling, and the surrounding land is charred.


The place Colin is assigned for lodging.

The Tsonashap

The ship that Annaïg's father arranges to have her sent to Cyrodiil on. Its name translates to "Swimming Frog", and it is captained by an old Argonian.

The Wind Oracle

A ship owned by Mere-Glim's cousin Ixtah-Nasha. It sailed from Anvil to Lilmoth and spotted Umbriel on the way.

Books:Items page

Ampher Venin

A type of poison. Slyr uses it in an attempt to kill Annaïg. Its effects are delayed, but once they are present, it acts quickly.


Astorie is a book, or series of books. The man Colin kills to be fully accepted into the Penitus Oculatus quotes from book three of it: "Well, it's simple today. You can tell them there's nothing new. And if anyone asks, tell them that no food, no wine, no lover's kiss is as beautiful as a long, deep breath."


Coo is a small mechanical bird given to Annaïg Hoïnart by her mother, and possibly designed by the now-extinct Dwemer. It is brass-colored but very lightweight, and its eyes are garnets set in darker metal. It seems to possess some form of intelligence, as it can be sent off to find a specific person, and can navigate terrain and find the selected person. Once there, Coo maintains a communicative ability between itself and Annaig's Locket, allowing for communication between people great distances apart.


Prince Attrebus' sword.

Ichor of Winged Twilight

An ingredient that Annaïg uses in her flying potion; it's described as a black liquid.


The Ingenium was a device designed by Vuhon to hold the Ministry of Truth aloft over Vvardenfell by consuming souls. This process started by using prisoners and undesirables, which resulted in their immediate death. Eventually, it used souls which could continue to feed the ingenium without causing immediate death. When Sul's lover Ilzheven was taken, he turned on the others, causing the ingenium to crash, setting off the eruption of Red Mountain and killing thousands of Dunmer in the process.

Liquor Spiritualis

Liquor spiritualis is a term for the distilled spiritual essences that the high lords of Umbriel consume.

The Most Current and High Adventures of Prince Attrebus

The Most Current and High Adventures of Prince Attrebus is a book that is on the shelf in Sul's room in the Lank Fellow Inn in Chorrol. There is an engraving of the prince on the frontispiece. Sul recognizes Attrebus' face from his dream, and takes it as a sign from Azura that he should find him.


A substance used in cooking that can be distilled, though that process can be dangerous and cause serious burns

Qijne's Invisible Blade

Also known as Qijne's Filleting Knife, her blade is a magical item which is constantly invisible, and is intangible when not in use. Possibly biological, it wraps itself around the wielder's forearm. When the wielder becomes overcome with rage, it springs into action, deadly sharp and impossible to track. Qijne uses it in multiple executions and battles. At her death, the blade attaches itself to Annaïg's arm.


A sickly-sweet scented substance that causes unconsciousness when inhaled

Tales of Southern Waters

Tales of Southern Waters is a book that is on the shelf in Sul's room in the Lank Fellow Inn in Chorrol. He takes its presence as a sign from Azura as to where to go next.


An Argonian wine made with sugarcane, produced by Mere-Glim's cousins, as it is more profitable and easier to transport than the cane itself.


A few new creatures are introduced in The Infernal City.


Annalines are creatures from the Sump on Umbriel that get used as an ingredient in its kitchens.

Carrion Scorp

Carrion scorps are creatures found in the Sump of Umbriel that are known to feed on the bodies of the dead.

Chest Borer

A type of parasite found on Umbriel. Toel thinks of this when Annaïg tries to explain the concept of pregnancy.

Dash Clam

A type of clam from the Sump on Umbriel that gets used as an ingredient in its kitchens.


A creature found in Elsweyr, though nothing else is known about it. Sul tries to get himself and Attrebus out of trouble by saying that they were a mile off the main road looking for a flock of greems because Attrebus had never seen one, rather than telling the truth: that they were bringing moon sugar to Khajiit.


Hobs are hairless monkey-like creatures with used as assistants to the chefs on Umbriel. They are long-limbed, have very long, thin, delicate fingers, a huge toothless mouth and large green eyes in a goblinesque face, and very simple language skills. Annaïg names her first Hob "Luc" and her second "Dimple".


A clamlike creature from Umbriel, used as a cooking ingredient.


A viper from Black Marsh. Its venom is fatal to most beings; Argonians, however, are resistant to it, and occasionally seek it out as an ecstasy-providing drug.


Nickfish are silver-colored fish found in the sump of Umbriel.

Phosphor Worm

A creature from the sump of Umbriel that gets used as an ingredient in its kitchens.


A type of fish that can be eaten salted. Annaïg's father has some of the meat at his house.


A featureless wormlike creature found in the sump of Umbriel. Whenever a person on Umbriel dies, the Ingenium calls a proform down to it and gives it a soul, and the proform attaches to the wall of the sump and grows into a person.


Sea-Drakes are immense fish found in the sea around Black Marsh. They are described as being "like a crocodile, but with paddles instead of legs".


Shearteeth are a type of fish found in the Sump on Umbriel. They have a "maw full of teeth", they can reach at least fifteen feet long, have a long long whip-like tail, dual swimming fins on the underside, "teeth that would shame a shark", and a tough hide. They are usually non-aggressive but will attack someone if the sump considers them a threat. It appears that a rare alchemy ingredient called "Sheartooth loin" is harvested by Skraw for the kitchens of Umbriel, as Annaïg received some (among other things) from a Skraw working for Glim.


Shines are wispy yellow airborne creatures, a harmless cousin of the will-o'-wisp. They are seen in the Old Imperial Quarter of Lilmoth.

Singe Anemone

A type of anemone found in the Sump on Umbriel. They have stingers, and because Mere-Glim's scales protected him from them, he took over the job of collecting them.


A creature from Elsweyr, said to be better in the desert than horses.


Soul-spinners are creatures of Umbriel, responsible for harvesting souls. They catch souls in their lines, and then the larva fly down to the prey. The larvae are moth-like and roughly as big as a person, with a round black head that only contains a needle. They are six-legged, and each leg ends in a similar needle. When they fly down to Nirn, they become ethereal and leave a silvery thread behind.


Trogfish are a type of fish found in Black Marsh. Mere-Glim would dive for them when he and Annaïg went to the levee at Yor-Tiq.


Wisperills are luminescent films which float through the air in the realm of the Hist. They perform slow, colorful, aerial dances in the air. They were named by Mere-Glim and Fhena when Umbriel is brought to the realm.

Zilh Worm

A type of worm found on Umbriel, known to be a parasite. Toel thinks of this when Annaïg tries to explain the concept of pregnancy.


  • Scamps and Dreugh also appear in the novel. Annaïg spots some dreugh fleeing from Umbriel, and scamps are used as assistants to the chefs on Umbriel for hot work, because heat does not bother them.



Argonian political party that dominates Lilmothian politics. Mere-Glim claims that when the Oblivion Gates opened, they poured into Oblivion with such fury and might that Mehrunes Dagon was forced to close the gates. They refer to Argonians who have been living under Imperial ways as "Lukiul", or "Assimilated".

College of Whispers

One of the two factions into which the Mages Guild has split, the other being the Synod.


An insurgent faction from County Skingrad. They have distinctive arrows and often behead the bodies of people they've killed. When Radhasa and her group kidnap Attrebus, they make it look like the Natives attacked and killed his guard.

The Organism

The ruling council of Lilmoth, currently run by the An-Xileel.

Penitus Oculatus

The secret service of the Empire.


Skraws are a class of workers on Umbriel that attend and maintain the Sump. Within the sump they gather food items as well as attending to the "people" growing there, recognizing when a sac needs to be taken to a birthing pool. The vapors which they inhale in order to stay underwater for extended periods can be harmful.


One of the two factions into which the Mages Guild has split, the other being the College of Whispers.


Also known as the Drykillers. The only non-Argonian guard unit in Lilmoth.

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When Umbriel, floating city, first appears in Tamriel, it is witnessed by three sailors, Iffech, Keem, and Grayne. This is also shown to Sul by Azura in a dream. Another sailor, Ixtah-Nasha, relays stories of the floating city to his cousin, Mere-Glim, who in turn relates them to Annaïg Hoïnart.

Glim "rescues" Annaïg from her father Taig's attempt to forcibly send her to Leyawiin away from Umbriel, only to himself be inexplicably drawn to Umbriel. To avoid being drawn with him to the land under Umbriel, where she sees the city forces killing Lilmoth's residents, she uses a flying potion on them both and, unable to pull Glim away from the floating island, guides them onto Umbriel itself.

Umbriel is powered by a new version of the Ingenium. Vuhon, the creator of the ingenium, reveals that he used the device to twist a piece of Oblivion from Clavicus Vile's realm, setting it into flight and rendering moot the barrier erected to prevent his and Umbra's escape. The people killed below Umbriel are used to power the ingenium, to sustain the floating city and thereby satisfy a pact made with Umbra.

Bolster Midden

The Bolster Midden is the midden with the "richest scent" of the four Lower Middens; one of the places where the refuse of Umbriel is sent. It is the first named location Annaïg and Glim find.

Fringe Gyre

A region on a cliff on the outside of Umbriel. It is filled with trees that seem to be related to The Hist, including one especially tall one. The trees produce what Umbriel needs, such as different types of fruit. Tree-tenders take care of the trees and harvest these plants. Mere-Glim discovers the Fringe Gyre through a tunnel from the Sump and meets Fhena there.

Ghol Manor

Ghol Manor is one of the regions of Umbriel, served by Qijne's kitchen. Lord Ghol dislikes boring food.


The Kitchens (called "vehrumasas" in the language used on Umbriel) are where food is made for the lords and ladies of Umbriel. The lower kitchens make food for the minor lords, who have more earthly palates, while the upper kitchens work for higher lords, who require food made of spiritual essences. Qijne's kitchen, which is one of the lower part, mainly has walls lined with ovens, with the center of the room containing pits of hot stone, counters and cabinets, and cages and baskets hanging from chains from the ceiling. One end has tables for more delicate work. Toel's kitchen, by contrast, only has one pit and oven, and is mostly dedicated to preparing soul essences - both for the lords of Umbriel and for the trees of the Fringe Gyre.

Lower Middens

The Lower Middens are essentially a gigantic trash room, where the refuse from the kitchens that doesn't wind up in the sump goes and is eaten and digested by worms, likely before being used for some other function.

Oroy Mansion

Oroy Mansion is one of the regions of Umbriel, served by Qijne's kitchen. In contrast to Prixon Palace, the residents like burnt food.

Prixon Palace

Prixon Palace is one of the regions of Umbriel, served by Qijne's kitchen. Slyr tells Annaïg that they don't like their food burnt.


The Sump is where life on Umbriel starts and ends: souls are processed; people are born; dead bodies are sent here; plants grow and are harvested. It is also where Mere-Glim was sent to work because of his ability to breathe underwater. The workers of the Sump, who help new people be born and who collect food for the kitchens, are known as skraws. The watery sump is home to various creatures who are hostile to newcomers of the Sump, but they grow used to them. The conduit of the Ingenium resides at the bottom of the sump in an area called the Drop.

Toel's Private Quarters

Toel's quarters are richly furnished and the walls are draped in fabric. There is a balcony with an excellent view of Umbriel: it overlooks a basin with a lake, and much of the city itself: buildings jutting from the rock and hanging from cables, towers on the rim of the island.


  • Umbriel is mentioned, although not by name, by Ysolda in Skyrim when asked about the Sleeping Tree - one theory she's heard as to its origins is that it came from a seed that fell from a floating island.