Books:Prince Attrebus Mede

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Prince Attrebus Mede
Gender Male
Born 4E 18
Title Prince of the New Empire
Featured in The Infernal City
Lord of Souls

Prince Attrebus Mede, known as Treb to his friends, was the twenty-two-year-old son of Emperor Titus Mede, and the heir to Cyrodiil four decades after the Oblivion Crisis. He sparred with a Redguard, Radhasa, to determine whether to allow her to join his personal guard. He decided to enlist her. Later, when Attrebus was speaking with Gulan his assistant, Gulan questioned the wisdom of allowing her to share his bed. He then told Attrebus that rumors in the court suggested he should marry and produce an heir. Attrebus scoffed at the idea.

After Gulan left, on his balcony, Attrebus found Coo, Annaïg Hoïnart’s magical metal bird. Through the bird, Annaïg explained to him that she was on Umbriel, the floating city that was currently over Black Marsh and headed toward Vvardenfell. She told him of the horrors she witnessed, the forces of Umbriel battling with the people on the ground below it and then the dead rising, and of how she was being held captive to cook for the strange inhabitants of Umbriel. Attrebus went to his father and told him of the things Annaïg told him. The Emperor explained that since Umbriel was over Black Marsh, and heading toward Vvardenfell, it did not concern Cyrodiil. Attrebus decided to gather his forces without his father’s approval. He and his men met at Ione, where he gave a grand speech, but he was uneasy about the way his men and women whispered among themselves afterward.

At noon, when they stopped for water, his entire troop was decimated and Radhasa knocked him out. When he came to, Radhasa explained to him that she was supposed to have killed him, but she decided to sell him in Elsweyr instead. When they stopped and she told him to bathe, he attempted to overtake her, and was bested repeatedly. She told him that he’d been living a lie, that everyone he’d ever fought had been ordered to lose, that all his battles had been pre-won; and, worst of all, that his men laughed at him behind his back. At this moment a Dunmer arrived, killing all his captors besides the ones that went ahead to swap horses for different mounts. Sul introduced himself and explained that he also sought the “island that flies”, and that he would “destroy it or send it back to Oblivion.” When Attrebus told him that it was called Umbriel, and that it was heading toward Vvardenfell, Sul mentioned the name Vuhon and seemed to understand something more than Attrebus did. Attrebus spoke with Annaïg through Coo that night and reassured her that he was coming. Sul remarked that the bird was interesting, that it reminded him of Dwemer toys. They discussed the subject Radhasa was speaking of before Sul arrived, and he told Attrebus it was the truth.

Attrebus and Sul came upon a pack of Khajiit, four in front and two behind, and each mounted on monstrous Khajiit as tall as large horses. They introduce themselves as Lesspa, M'kai, Taaj, Sha'jal, S'enjara, Ahapa, J'lasha, and M'qar of the F'aashe clan. Attrebus and Sul struck a deal with the Khajiit, that they’d buy and bring back to them moon sugar in return for protection. Once they left the Khajiit camp, Sul explained that he intended to take their money and never return. Attrebus accused Sul of not caring if Umbriel killed everyone, and Sul confirmed that accusation. When Attrebus then questioned why Sul was bothering with the quest, he explained that someone he loved was killed and his home was destroyed, and the person responsible was on Umbriel. When Sul refused to continue the conversation, Attrebus steered it back toward himself, and asked if the things Radhasa said were true. Sul confirmed that they were, but challenged Attrebus to become his reputation, to become the type of person described in books about him. He said that he’d need the allies of a Prince, but Attrebus challenged that a Prince wouldn’t take the Khajiit’s money and betray them, he’d fulfill his part of the bargain. Sul agreed, and they returned with the moon sugar to find a party of guards waiting for them at the Khajiit camp. The guards, headed by Captain Evernal, told Attrebus and Sul to leave without the moon sugar, and Attrebus noticed a badge of the eighteenth legion under the captain’s cloak. He challenged the captain’s motives, and revealed his identity to him. He convinced the captain that he wouldn’t want it to be said he delayed the Prince, and the captain’s men leave Attrebus and Sul with the Khajiit, who join him in thanks.

When Attrebus and Sul discussed again Sul’s goal of reaching Vivec City before Umbriel, Attrebus convinced him to explain why. He explained that when Vivec was no longer available to hold the Ministry of Truth’s velocity in check, Vuhon created the ingenium to hold it in place, though it required souls to function. The ingenium exploded, however, and the Ministry of Truth crashed into Vivec City, causing Red Mountain to explode and hurling Vuhon into Oblivion. Sul was in the ministry when it happened, and was also thrown into Oblivion; Clavicus Vile’s realm, specifically. When he arrived, he and Vuhon met Umbra, a man who claimed to have once been held captive by Clavicus Vile inside a sword, and had been waiting for this moment to hurl the sword out of Oblivion to keep it out of Clavicus Vile’s hands. Umbra and Vuhon struck a deal; if Umbra would spare him, he’d build another ingenium, which Umbra could use to escape the Daedric Prince. During this time, Vuhon kept Sul in a torture chamber, where he eventually forgot about him and Sul escaped. As the new details sank in, Attrebus remarked that they still wouldn’t reach Vivec City in time, and Sul responded that they’d take a shortcut through Oblivion and then left him alone.

At Water's Edge, at the Imperial Garrison, Attrebus met an old friend, Captain Florius Larsus. He recruited him to his cause, and went to wait for him at The Gaping Frog, a tavern in the town. While waiting, Attrebus was attacked by the same people that wanted Radhasa to kill him. Lesspa and the other Khajiit fight them off and when Attrebus removes a mask, he finds that one of Florius’ men. Worried for his friend, he returns to find him killed by a blade in the base of the skull.

At sundown the party arrived at the ruins of an Oblivion gate. Sul opened a portal to Oblivion and he, Treb, and the Khajiit entered. They stepped through the planes of Oblivion, noticing the differences through the pain of the transitions. His path through the planes was interrupted in Hircine's plane, and he guided the party through Oblivion as Hircine and his drivers hunted them. One of the Khajiit was killed during the chase, and those remaining stayed behind at the end of the course to delay Hircine from reaching Attrebus and Sul.

Attrebus and Sul exited Oblivion directly into the ruined Vivec City. There, Sul explained that Azura told him he'd find Umbra here, and that it must be what Vuhon is after. As Sul wandered the ruined city, Attrebus kept an eye out for Umbriel and opened Coo, finding Annaïg looking back at him. She told him that she couldn't wait for him, that she and Glim would use her flying potions and leave Umbriel. When she closed her locket, a few moments later Attrebus saw the bottom of Umbriel poking out from the bottom of the clouds, heading toward them and very close.

They attempted to move back to their entry position, but were transported to Umbriel. They were suspended in a type of spiderweb-like net in front of Vuhon. As they spoke, Sul accused Vuhon of murdering his love, Ilzheven, and destroying Vvardenfell; Vuhon contested that it was actually Sul that did that. It is revealed that Ilzheven had a very special type of soul, and Vuhon was using her to power the ingenium, to hold the Ministry of Truth aloft over Vivec City. When Sul freed her, it sent the Ministry of Truth crashing into Vivec City, killing Ilzheven and throwing Sul and Vuhon into Oblivion. Vuhon also revealed that he has an ally inside the Imperial Palace, the person that was trying to have Attrebus killed. He said he'd need the Imperial City, specifically White-Gold Tower, and offered Attrebus the chance to convince his father to back down. While he kept Vuhon talking, Sul was able to summon a monstrous daedra and shatter their prison. While Vuhon was distracted by the daedra, Treb attempted to attack him from behind. He was discovered, however, and imprisoned by Vuhon once again. However, Sul managed to get a hold of Treb and said "not now," before transporting them both out of Umbriel.