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Race Dunmer
Gender Male
Featured in The Infernal City, Lord of Souls

Sul, an aged Dunmer man, woke in the Lank Fellow Inn in Chorrol after having dreamed of Iffech and Keem, two Khajiit who sailed with a human woman, Grayne. They had all three died as they witnessed a city appearing in the sky over the water. The innkeeper was standing at his open doorway, a sword drawn due to Sul's screams in his sleep. As he rinsed his face, he noticed two books Azura left for him on a shelf; Tales of Southern Waters to send him in the right direction, and The Most Current and High Adventures of Prince Attrebus to show him who to look for.

Finding the party holding Attrebus captive, Sul killed them all and freed Attrebus. When Attrebus told him that the city they were seeking was called Umbriel, and that it was heading toward Vvardenfell, Sul spoke of Vuhon and seemed to understand something more.

Attrebus and Sul came upon a pack of Khajiit mounted on monstrous Khajiit as tall as large horses. They introduce themselves as the F’aashe clan. Attrebus and Sul struck a deal with the Khajiit, that they’d buy and bring back to them moon sugar in return for protection. They returned with the moon sugar to find a party of guards waiting for them at the Khajiit camp, whom Attrebus took care of by invoking his name and status with the still-loyally-Imperial captain. The Khajiit joined their party in thanks.

When Attrebus and Sul discussed again Sul’s goal of reaching Vivec City before Umbriel, Attrebus convinced him to explain why. He explained that when Vivec was no longer available to hold the Ministry of Truth’s velocity in check, Vuhon created the ingenium to hold it in place, though it required souls to function. The ingenium exploded, however, and the Ministry of Truth crashed into Vivec City, causing Red Mountain to explode and hurling Vuhon into Oblivion. Sul was in the ministry when it happened, and was also thrown into Oblivion; Clavicus Vile’s realm, specifically. When he arrived, he and Vuhon met Umbra, a man who claimed to have once been held captive by Clavicus Vile inside a sword, and had been waiting for this moment to hurl the sword out of Oblivion to keep it out of Clavicus Vile’s hands. Umbra and Vuhon struck a deal; if Umbra would spare him, he’d build another ingenium, which Umbra could use to escape the Daedric Prince. During this time, Vuhon kept Sul in a torture chamber, where he eventually forgot about him and Sul escaped. Attrebus remarked that they still wouldn’t reach Vivec City in time, and Sul responded that they’d take a shortcut through Oblivion and then left him alone.

At Water's Edge, at the Imperial Garrison, Sul gathered gear for their travel. At sundown the party arrived at the ruins of an Oblivion gate. Sul opened a portal to Oblivion and he, Treb, and the Khajiit entered. They stepped between and beyond the planes of Oblivion, noticing the differences through the pain of the transitions. Their path through the planes was interrupted in Hircine's plane, and Sul guided the party through Oblivion as Hircine and his drivers hunted them. One of the Khajiit was killed during the chase, and those remaining stayed behind at the end of the course to delay Hircine from reaching Attrebus and Sul.

Attrebus and Sul exited Oblivion directly into the ruined Vivec City. There, Sul explained that Azura told him he'd find Umbra here, and that it must be what Vuhon was after. He moved deeper into the ruined city, finding that the place where Umbra should have been was gone, and realized he'd have to try to contact Ilzheven's spirit. He saw her materialize, and spoke with her; she called him "Ezhmaar". He questioned her about Umbra, and she told him that Dunmer found it and took north, toward the Sea of Ghosts. She begged him to "Let it go", but he told her he could not.

Attrebus' screams brought him to where he left him, to find Umbriel upon them, moving toward them. They attempted to move back to their entry position, but were transported to Umbriel. They were suspended in a type of spiderweb-like net in front of Vuhon. As they spoke, Sul accused Vuhon of murdering his love, Ilzheven, and destroying Vvardenfell; Vuhon contested that it was actually Sul that did that. It was revealed that Ilzheven had a very special type of soul, and Vuhon was using her to power the ingenium, to hold the Ministry of Truth aloft over Vivec City. When Sul freed her, it sent the Ministry of Truth crashing into Vivec City, killing Ilzheven and throwing Sul and Vuhon into Oblivion. Vuhon also revealed that he has an ally inside the Imperial Palace, the person that was trying to have Attrebus killed. He said he'd need the Imperial City, specifically the White-Gold Tower, and offers him the chance to convince his father to back down. Through his close relationship with Oblivion; Sul shatters Vuhon's glass world by summoning a massive daedra. However, he then grasps Prince Mede's shoulder and says "not now," before transporting them out of Umbriel.