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A town in Cyrodiil named after Captain Tertius Ione; its location is not known exactly but it seems to be in the eastern reaches of the West Weald, not too far south of Pell's Gate and Sardavar Leed.

Lank Fellow Inn

An Inn in Chorrol; Sul is staying here when he awakes from his nightmare.


A district in Lilmoth, described by Mere-Glim as "one of the dodgiest parts of town". It was the original part of the town, and Lilmoth has grown around it. Nowadays, its inhabitants are only the poorest and most desperate, political enemies of the An-Xileel, and criminals.


The bay in Lilmoth.

Old Imperial Quarter

A quarter of Lilmoth containing the crumbling villas looted by An-Xileel.

The Undertow

An inn in Anvil that serves dark beer.


Ancient stepped pyramid in Lilmoth.


Restaurant / Servery in Lilmoth.

The Crown's Hammer

A tavern in the Imperial City's Market District where Colin meets an old friend.

The Gaping Frog

A tavern in Water's Edge where Prince Attrebus is ambushed.


A floating city, making its way from Lilmoth to Vvardenfell, fueled by the Ingenium and the souls it harvests from the lands it passes.

Scathing Bay

The crater of water where Vivec City used to exist; all that remains of the city after the Red Year. The waters of the bay are boiling, and the surrounding land is charred.


An area filled with water that acts as both a birthing pool and disposal site for the inhabitants of Umbriel. The Skraws work here and also help collect various foods such as orchid shrimp. The conduit of the Ingenium resides at the bottom of the sump.

Fringe Gyre

A region on the outside of Umbriel filled with trees that seem to be related to The Hist.