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This is a list of most of the random notes and letters that can be found in the game. In some cases, where appropriate, notes are listed on other pages:

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  • The Black Horse Courier lists the various editions of the newspaper that can be obtained.

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These notes are quest-related or important for other reasons, and get their own page.

Title (ID) Author Description
Akaviri Diary Translation
Alval Uvani's Schedule
Mathieu Bellamont Describes the itinerary of a Dark Brotherhood target.
Crumpled Note
Dead Drop Orders 1
Lucien Lachance The order for the death of the necromancer Celedaen
Dead Drop Orders 2
Lucien Lachance The death warrant for an entire family
Dead Drop Orders 3
Mathieu Bellamont Instructions to kill a Khajiit nobleman called J 'Ghasta
Dead Drop Orders 4
Mathieu Bellamont The execution warrant for an Argonian hunter named Shaleez
Dead Drop Orders 5
Mathieu Bellamont Orders to kill a traveling Dark Elf called Alval Uvani
Dead Drop Orders 6
Mathieu Bellamont The death warrant for a Nord named Havilstein Hoar-Blood
Dead Drop Orders 7
Mathieu Bellamont The warrant for a Wood Elf named Ungolim
Dead Drop Orders 8
Mathieu Bellamont Orders to kill a High Elf named Arquen
Deed to Benirus Manor
The deed to a manor house in eastern Anvil
Divining the Elder Scolls
Draconis Gift List
Perennia Draconis
Earana's Notes
Earana Notes for Earana's aid regarding the ruins of Cloud Top.
Forged List of Candidates
Adjusted recommendations for the new commander of the Anvil Guard
Grantham Blakeley's Map
Hastily Scrawled Note
Falcar The locations and times at which a mysterious phenomenon takes place.
Instructions: the Gray Cowl
Office of the Unseeing Eye Notes about the most famous of Nocturnal's artifacts
Invitation from Umbacano
Umbacano An invitation from a wealthy collector to help expand his collection of Ayleid artifacts.
Jearl's Orders
Ruma Camoran
Letter to Mother
Brother Piner A note to a monk's mother
List of Candidates
Recommendations for the new commander of the Anvil Guard
Long Forgotten Note
Daravyn the Gray
Love Letter from Relfina
Lynch's Instructions
Selene Instructions to remind a forgetful henchman of his part in a theft
Mysterious Note
The Gray Fox A proposal from Tamriel's criminal mastermind
Mysterious Scroll
Nirnroot Missive
Sinderion A description of the enigmatic plant called Nirnroot.
Note from First Mate Filch
First Mate Filch Describes the worries of a pirate ship's mate to his captain
Note from Gray Fox
The Gray Fox Tamriel's criminal mastermind gloats about recent thefts from the Mages Guild
Note from Raminus Polus
Raminus Polus A furious note to a guard captain from the Mages Guild
Note to Gwinas
Raven Camoran Instructions to a prospective initiate to a secret cult
Notes: Captain Montrose
Gepard Montrose Notes on the ongoing investigation into the emperor's murder
Orders From Lucien Lachance
Lucien Lachance
Pale Pass Map
Plan for the Big Heist
The Gray Fox
Ramblings of Audens Avidius
Audens Avidius Twisted musings of a former Captain of the Imperial Guard
Scrap from Lorgren's Diary
Lorgren Benirus
Sealed Forged Candidate List
Adjusted recommendations for the new commander of the Anvil Guard
Sketch of the High Fane
Slythe's Journal, page 1
Slythe Seringi
Slythe's Journal, page 2
Slythe Seringi
Slythe's Journal, page 3
Slythe Seringi
Suicide Note
Adamus Phillida's bodyguard The last words of a desperate young guard
Suspicious Letter
Ulrich Leland A note that incriminates the captain of the Cheydinhal guard
Telaendril's Ocheeva Note
Transfer Orders
Legion Commander, Imperial Watch New orders for an inveterate enemy of the Thieves Guild
An Undelivered Letter
Vicente's Note to Ocheeva
Vicente Valtieri
Wanted Poster
Hieronymus Lex Public notice of a public menace
Waterfront Tax Records
Hieronymus Lex
Weathered Journal
Worn, Faded Note
Ghola gro-Muzgol A dying orc begs that the memories of him and his colleagues are remembered


Name Text Found
A Poorly Scrawled Note
Mee wurst troll evurr

nobuddy pay brijj tole
me nott sceary enuf
mee gett drunc an kil sellf
troll droun

On the body of the Dead Troll under the bridge ESE across the bay near Bravil.
Andre's Letter
Dearest Father,

I know it's always been your dream to travel to Cyrodiil, to climb the lofty mountains and reach the peak known as Dive Rock, and gaze down at the full beauty of the Imperial Province.
but I beseech you -- be careful! We've both heard the tales of the creature known as the Horror of Dive Rock. But in truth, what concerns me most is your lack of...grace. Oh father, you know it pains me to say it, but you're clumsy! You always have been! You can't walk up a flight of stairs without crashing down to the bottom at least once -- how can you possibly hope to scale a mountain range?
Please, father, I beg of you, call off your expedition! I fear the worst.
Your loving daughter,

On the body of Andre Labouche, which can be found at the foot of a cliff north of Aerin's Camp. See the Dive Rock page for details.
Crumpled Piece of Paper
[blank crumpled piece of paper with a line written in a trembling hand]

I shall lie here in the dark waiting for death

On the table in the east corner of Arkved's Death Quarters in Arkved's Tower.
Crumpled Piece of Paper
[blank crumpled piece of paper with lines scratched in a trembling hand]


On the floor in the east corner of Arkved's Death Quarters in Arkved's Tower.
Crumpled Piece of Paper
[blank crumpled piece of paper] One on the central table in the Arch-Mage's Tower Council Chambers at the Arcane University.

One on the floor next to the desk on the second floor of the Jerall View Inn in Bruma.
Three on the front desk inside The Sleeping Mare in Pell's Gate.

Crumpled Piece of Paper
[blank crumpled piece of paper] On the central table in the Arch-Mage's Tower Council Chambers at the Arcane University.
Crumpled Piece of Paper
[blank crumpled piece of paper] On the central table in the Arch-Mage's Tower Council Chambers at the Arcane University.
Crumpled Piece of Paper

Goods Gods! Don't go crazy on me! You'd think the streets of the Imperial City were filled with rioters and the Legions were being called out to restore order.
We've had no disturbances at all here in Chorrol, and I've heard of nothing at all in the City or in the other towns. People are doing just as Chancellor Ocato said -- staying calm, and honoring the memory of the emperor and his sons by getting along with their lives. Running around like frightened children isn't going to help anyone. I haven't got time to

On a table in Weynon House, Weynon Priory.
Crumpled Piece of Paper

I know you're upset. But please. I have important duties here at the Priory, and I can't come to the Imperial City and babysit you. Just stay calm, like Chancellor Ocato says, and pray for the Emperor and his sons.

On a table in Weynon House, Weynon Priory.
Crumpled Piece of Paper

What do you expect me to do about it? Come to the City, track down the assassins, and bring them to justice myself?
And are there assassins banging on your door? Do you have some reason to think they're coming for you next?
Please. Don't panic. These assassinations have upset everyone. But you just have to go on with your life.
I don't know what you're worried about. Everything is fine here. Everyone is getting on with business, like the Chancellor says. The Elder Council has everything under control. Certainly you don't expect me to

On a table in Weynon House, Weynon Priory.
Dirty Scroll
Some of the men were worried about these old ruins being haunted, but Mephala take them -- this spot's going to be perfect for ambushing merchants along the road. And all under the nose of the Imperial Legion!

Finally got some of those big blue stones down today. Berenice got the idea to shoot them down with her bow. Got 'em all here with me. I don't know what they are, but they stink of magicka. Bet they'll fetch a nice price with the Mage's Guild [sic].
Two-Coins and that khajiit from Vvardenfell set up their camps down in the tomb. Fine by me, spares the rest of us the smell.
Two-Coins ran up today, the Khajiit's gone missing. Swore to the Nine that you could hear claws scrabbling at limestone, but nothing's down there. I'm guessing she got tired of the smell and snuck out overnight. Two-Coins' stench could peel shells off mudcrabs - I'm surprised she hung around that long.

On a table in Vilverin
Fragment: Song of Hrormir
...drawn and quartered. Hrormir was mightily amused. He swallowed his laughter in his mead, for none should laugh outright at the Daedra Lord Nocturnal. Without her gray cowl of shadowed night, her hideous face forced the moon to hide itself. Hrormir the mighty did not quail.

"Wherest be thy hood, shadowy hag?"
"Mortal man hast taken it from me unaware. When I...

Arch-Mage's quarters, Arcane University
Handwritten Note
[a note written in a trembling hand]

There is no world so great as the world of the mind.
There is no voyager so well-traveled as the traveler in the land of dreams.
There is no abyss so deep as the well of terror that lies within each of us.
I have plumbed its depths.
I have seen the unthinkable. I am unafraid.
Even death's boundaries do not confine me.
I am the lord of limitless space, and the master of place and time.
Through the doors of sleep, the universe lies waiting for me.
I will no longer wait for my dreams to carry me worlds away, to unknowable deeps, to unspeakable vastness.
I shall dwell in the House of Vaermina forever, the Orb my companion.
There is no compass to my destination, no end to my journey.
My mind is the eternal voyager, fearless and wild with wonder in the Halls of Horror.

On the table in the east corner of Arkved's Death Quarters in Arkved's Tower.
Handwritten Note
Brugo's take -- 300 ducks. Ready for Middas pickup, after midnight. In an Ayleid Casket, Telepe
Handwritten Note
To the Anchorites:

Place your Grand Soul Gems in the altar. Pray for His Blessing, and strike the altar with your Soul Trap magic. Your gems will become instruments of His Divine Power.

The pocket of a Worm Anchorite during the quest Necromancer's Moon.
Handwritten Note
3 Prowlers sent to Elsweyr. The item should be acquired within the week. Please have patience. Message given to you by S'Krivva to take to J'baana during the quest Security Training.
I need 15 gross of your finest goods. I'll be by some time on Wednesday [sic] to pay for them. Our agreement was half now, half in 30 days. Not found anywhere in game
I can't wait to see you tonight. My every day is spent thinking about when we will next be together. Soon we will be married and we can be together forever.

Your True Love

Five locations, including Gweden Farm basement and J'Bari's house, Leyawiin.
My dearest lover,

Yesterday was wonderful. We should plan to see the gardens every week. Your gift was very touching. I will wear it when we next meet. Until then, you have my eternal love.
You know who

Six locations, including Anvil Town Guard Barracks and Margarte's House in Leyawiin.
I was heart-broken when you rejected me. Tell me what I can do to win your heart. I will slay Trolls, walk through thorns, fast for a week. Please don't shut me out of your life. I love you more than a flower needs sunshine.

Your penitent lover

Eight locations, including Crowhaven and Anvil Castle Royal Quarters.
You don't know me, but I see you every day. Every day my heart skips a beat as you walk past. I am writing to you in hopes that you will let me court you. When you next venture into town, I will be the one holding a daffodil. If you walk by without stopping, I'll know you don't want me, and I shall never bother you again. Wumeek's House upstairs and Ahdarji's house 2nd floor in Leyawiin.
Your proposal is acceptible [sic]. I will have the shipment waiting a week after next. I shall expect payment by the end of the month. Honmund's house in Bruma and Heinrich Oaken-Hull's house 2nd floor in Anvil.
Your last payment was 10% short. I've allowed your debts to accumulate to [sic] long. Pay the full debt by next Friday [sic], or I'll be forced to sell my wares elsewhere. Lelles' Quality Merchandise, Anvil.
Your offer was ludicrous. My merchandise is worth twice that at least. Because we have done business before, and because you are known to be trustworthy, I am willing to give you a 15% discount, but no more. Four locations, including Arnora's House in Bruma and Anvil Castle Private Quarters.
You don't know me, but I see you every day. Every day my heart skips a beat as you walk past. I am writing to you in hopes that you will let me court you. When you next venture into town, I will be the one holding a primrose. Found on Nath Dyer's body outside Fort Nikel.
Letter from Branwen

I know you don't believe me. I know you think I'm just some stupid kid who doesn't know what she's talking about. But the truth is the truth -- you ARE my father.
One night with a scullery maid is all it takes. Or maybe your father deserted you, too, and never taught you the basic lessons of life? Anyway, the past is long forgotten. What matters now is that you come to terms with the truth. I am your daughter, and I will join the Arena as a combatant.
Maybe someday, when I'm Grand Champion, you'll see that we have the same blood, the same tenacity. Until then day comes, I'll train every moment of every day. All I want, all I ever wanted, was to make you proud.
Your loving daughter,

To Owyn's left in the Arena Bloodworks, next to a cabinet containing Arena heavy and light raiments
Letter to Mother

Please don't worry. The Elder Council knows what it is doing. Uriel was an old man. They knew he wouldn't live forever, and I'm sure they had plans for the succession. Of course, now with the three princes dead, it's not clear who will be the next emperor, but it's happened before -- there are precedents, I'm sure -- and anyway, Ocato and the Council have been running the Empire for the past 15 years anyway. So there's nothing to worry about. Everything will be fine.
I don't know what you've read or heard, but here at the Priory everyone seems to think it must have been madmen or witches or crazy cultists. It doesn't look at all political. It's horrible and depressing, but the Empire will survive. There will not be rioting or civil war or another Warp in the West. So please. If you like, go stay with Uncle Korr and Aunt Harrah on the farm for a while. But I'm certain you'll be perfectly safe in the City. I'll try to get down to visit as soon as possible. And I hope to hear from you soon.
your loving son,

On a table in Weynon House, Weynon Priory.

Set up camp out of sight and keep an eye out for strangers. Umbacano thinks to cheat us, as usual, so we'll play it cautiously. Do NOT enter the ruin until I arrive. We may not need to risk our necks this time.
PS Keep an eye on S'razirr. He's acting even twitchier than usual. Maybe he finally realized he isn't getting a full cut. But I think he's good for one more job, and he's the best I could come up with on short notice.

Carried by Rigmor.
Go through the fields.

Turn east for half a mile.
It's just past the big rock on the right.

Adrian Decanius' house, Elven Gardens District.
It's three houses past the chapel.

Look for the place with the flowers.
She'll be waiting outside.

Three Brothers Trade Goods in the Market District, Imperial City.
Go the end of the street.

Turn left.
Take the next right.
If you see the house with the fallen roof, you've gone too far.
Knock twice, pause, knock again.
They'll let you in.
Be sure to have the money.

Upstairs in The Merchant's Inn, Serpent's Wake Mid Deck and Anvil Castle Blacksmith Quarters
Head north for a hour or so.

You'll see a group of dead trees.
Head northeast until you come to the water.
Follow the shore upstream.
His house is close by.
Watch out for bears.

Lake Arrius Shrine Antechamber, Bruma Fighters Guild Basement, Shrine Living Quarters in Dagon Shrine
Remove the top first.

Reach inside and take out all the parts, being careful to note their order.
Put the carving onto the rod.
Reinsert the rod into the cavity.
Replace the parts in the order you removed them.
Seal the top with pine tar.

Jesan Sextius' House, Marie Elena Captain's Cabin and Cutter's Weapons (SI)
Mix the flour and yeast with the elderberry shavings.

Fold in two eggs.
Stir in milk until it thickens.
Add any chopped fruit you want.
I like to mix in some harrada.
Bake it until the crust turns light brown.
Served best with mead.

Pinarus Inventius' House and the Jeral View Inn, Bruma
Sit up against the wall.

Drop your head between your knees.
Breathe deeply while reciting the seven aphorisms to Akatosh.
Swallow the ointment.
In a short while, the hangover will be gone.

The Copious Coinpurse, upstairs in The Feed Bag, Newheim the Portly's house and Nord Winds, Bruma
Do the upstairs rooms first.

Floors and walls are most important.
After the privvy is emptied, spread crushed peppermint to mask the scent.
Only then should you replace the linens.
Don't forget to put flowers on the table.

Bruma Castle Service Hall, The Fo'c's'le Private Rooms, and the Jeral View Inn, Bruma
The sword leads the way.

Half a mile.
It's just past the big rock on the right.

On the roof of Fort Coldcorn, starting the unmarked quest The Unbeaten Path.
Note of Bounty
Blessed are those who explore the unbeaten path...
Note of Exception
Nothing in life is free... except for this. Outside Fort Strand
Public Notice
For public notice:

This property has been seized by the Imperial Legion, and its owner imprisoned.
Rituals to the Night Mother, or any other attempt to contact the Dark Brotherhood, will not be tolerated!
-- Adamus Phillida, Imperial Legion Commander

The door of Claudius Arcadia's house in the Imperial City, Talos Plaza District.
Sealed Note
You sleep rather soundly for a cold-blooded killer. That's good. You'll need a clear conscience for what I'd like to propose. For there is much I can offer you. The taking of a life has its own pleasures, of course, but the taking of a life for the Dark Brotherhood is an act worthy of immeasurable reward.

If you're intrigued, and I suspect you are, come visit me at the ruins of Fort Farragut. If you survive the descent down to the bottom level where I reside, I'll know you're capable of all the Dark Brotherhood has to offer.

Not found in game
Shop Hours
Open from the eighth morning bell to the eighth evening bell. Not found in game
Tavern Hours
We never close. Not found in game
Undelivered Letter
Aluc, my friend -

I apologize that I have not written before now, and pray that you worry not. How could you have known that your patrol would stumble across my outing at the cemetary [sic]? There was no denying my deed; a sack full of limbs and grave-soil still fresh on my boots. With your men standing by, what choice was there but pursuit, lest they suspect your own true nature? Truly, I am glad it was you to expose me, and not another whose spellfire may not have missed my escape so widely!
My new haven provides safety and bodies to work on, whether those long-dead or hapless bandits; I will be content here for some time, though I dare not yet to say where. Care for Caessue, and know that when the time comes, I shall return to live again in our beloved Daggerfall. Until then, Captain Cardius, remain vigilant and always hidden.
- Jalbert

On a table in Vilverin Sel Sancremathi, Vilverin

Glarthir's Notes

Name Text Found
Glarthir's Notes
Current thoughts on the conspiracy:

Maruhkati [sic] Selectives -- Most likely!! Ruthless and secretive. I have undoubtedly earned their enmity by my vigilance numerous times.
The Blades -- Supposedly the guardians of the Empire. Question: Do they know that I know their dark secret? Everything hinges on that!
Mythic Dawn -- Need to learn more about them!!! Obscure hints from various sources suggest they could be the most dangerous of the three. Question: Why do they want me dead?

On a table in Glarthir's basement, Skingrad.
Glarthir's Notes
Observation of Davide Surilie:

Morndas: Watched him from my upstairs window. He pretends to work, but I can tell that he is really watching my house. Spent several hours whispering to his brother. Could Gaston be involved as well?
Tirdas: Followed him to his vineyard. Don't think he saw me. He went off by himself once -- could have been burying secret evidence? NOTE: Go back tonight and search for this. Could be the break I need to finally learn the truth!
Middas: Too sick to go out today, but noticed him staring at my window.
Turdas: Searched the vineyard tonight. Found nothing, but the ground had clearly been disturbed. He must have learned I was spying on him and removed it! NOTE: Need to find someone from out of town to help me. My movements are too closely watched!
Fredas: Davide watched my house again. He doesn't even try to hide it anymore. They are becoming more brazen now. Think I am as good as caught in their net. I must strike back before it's too late! But are desperate measures called for yet? Do I have enough proof to justify acting?

On a table in Glarthir's basement, Skingrad.
Glarthir's Notes
Loredas: Toutius Sextius may be one of them. Noticed him staring at me today near the Low Gate. I am tempted to stop going out, but that might tip my hand. They must NOT know I am aware of their agents, or they may finally move against me!

Yes. Toutius Sextius lives alone. No one knows what goes on in that big old house of his. Could it be the headquarters of the conspiracy? If only my movements were not so closely watched!

On a table in Glarthir's basement, Skingrad.
Glarthir's Notes
Good news! I may still have a chance. Found someone to help me today. A stranger who can move freely. Hope to have proof against Bernadette Peneles by tonight! On a table in Glarthir's basement, Skingrad.
Glarthir's Notes
Bernadette Peneles is guilty, as I thought! My new agent has proved trustworthy and efficient. We must move quickly before the conspiracy learns that I am no longer alone. I should have proof against Toutius Sextius by tonight. On a table in Glarthir's basement, Skingrad.
Glarthir's Notes
Bernadette Peneles is not involved in the conspiracy! At least so my new acquaintance tells me. I hope it is true, but my instincts are rarely wrong. But I have no reason to suspect treachery, yet. The report on Toutius Sextius should help me decide where my new friend's loyalties lie. On a table in Glarthir's basement, Skingrad.
Glarthir's Notes
Proof against Toutius Sextius, at last! I chose my helper well. Now to gather evidence against Davide Surilie, and the conspiracy will at last be laid bare. If we can preserve the element of surprise, we may still have a chance! On a table in Glarthir's basement, Skingrad.
Glarthir's Notes
Toutius Sextius is blameless, it seems. I am glad to know that at least one of my fellow-citizens is not involved in the conspiracy. When my new friend delivers proof of Davide Surilie's guilt, I can finally take decisive action with a clear conscience. On a table in Glarthir's basement, Skingrad.
Glarthir's Notes
I fear the conspiracy spreads further than I thought. The supposed stranger in town appears to be involved. Is it likely that both Bernadette Peneles and Toutius Sextius are blameless? But I must not act without proof. I have always held myself to a higher standard than my enemies. The report on Davide Surilie will tell the tale. I fear that the end is near. But I will not go down without a fight! They will know that Glarthir, at least, did not submit to their yoke quietly!! On a table in Glarthir's basement, Skingrad.
Glarthir's Notes
Mondas [sic]: Today I caught Bernadette Peneles watching me. I have very little doubt now that she is one of them. This saddens me. I had thought her one of the few to show me kindness in this nest of treachery. But now it seems that it was all a lie. On a table in Glarthir's basement, Skingrad.
List of Death
These people MUST be killed! There is no choice, they are definitely conspiring against me.

Bernadette Peneles
Toutius Sextius
Davide Surilie (THE RINGLEADER -- kill him first!)
Come back and see me (make sure you are NOT followed) once it is done and I will give you your reward.

One of several possible notes handed to you by Glarthir toward the end of the Paranoia quest.
List of Death
These people MUST be killed! There is no choice, they are definitely conspiring against me.

Bernadette Peneles
Toutius Sextius
Come back and see me (make sure you are NOT followed) once it is done and I will give you your reward.

One of several possible notes handed to you by Glarthir toward the end of the Paranoia quest.
List of Death
These people MUST be killed! There is no choice, they are definitely conspiring against me.

Bernadette Peneles
Davide Surilie (THE RINGLEADER -- kill him first!)
Come back and see me (make sure you are NOT followed) once it is done and I will give you your reward.

One of several possible note handed to you by Glarthir toward the end of the Paranoia quest.
List of Death
These people MUST be killed! There is no choice, they are definitely conspiring against me.

Toutius Sextius
Davide Surilie (THE RINGLEADER -- kill him first!)
Come back and see me (make sure you are NOT followed) once it is done and I will give you your reward.

One of several possible notes handed to you by Glarthir toward the end of the Paranoia quest.
List of Death
Bernadette Peneles MUST be killed! There is no choice, she is definitely conspiring against me.

Come back and see me (make sure you are NOT followed) once it is done and I will give you your reward.

One of several possible notes handed to you by Glarthir toward the end of the Paranoia quest.
List of Death
Davide Surilie MUST be killed! There is no choice, he is definitely conspiring against me.

Come back and see me (make sure you are NOT followed) once it is done and I will give you your reward.

One of several possible notes handed to you by Glarthir toward the end of the Paranoia quest.
List of Death
Toutius Sextius MUST be killed! There is no choice, he is definitely conspiring against me.

Come back and see me (make sure you are NOT followed) once it is done and I will give you your reward.

One of several possible notes handed to you by Glarthir toward the end of the Paranoia quest.

Lost Boy Cavern

Name Text Found
Crumpled Piece of Paper
Rot, decay, and O the worms! The pitiful scrabbling of this mortal shell shall soon be quieted. Vangaril! Fool! Struggle no more. When you read these words, know that your graying skin, your failing breath, know that they are your own doing, your own foil and folly! Soon, you will be no more, and Lich Erandur will consume you, from within. Resign unto your fate; join Us. Lost Boy Cavern
crumpled piece of paper
Each day this cave foils me. I could swear I am near the surface when I awake shaking, cold and in this dank inner keep. Here I must keep notes of the way out.

Three steps forth, five steps right, six steps up and seven for woe.
Eight steps make the children cry, Nine steps pop Khajiit's eyes!
Ten steps mark the Worm King's Wrath, Eleven steps through the gates, of scorched Oblivion!
Worm of Death Take Vangaril

Lost Boy Cavern
Folded Page
This day, I have struck down the shade of my former friend and ally. With a heavy heart, as the Lich wailed and perished, I performed the rites to extract Erandur's soul from Undeath, and destroy the lich utterly. No dusty text had prepared me for the bizarre events that occurred, but I am confident that I have freed the soul of Erandur.

I feel compelled to investigate this cavern. Perhaps some dark relics here can be used for research to better combat necromancers in the future. I will explore, and perhaps emerge with trophies enough to prove my worth to the guild.

Lost Boy Cavern
Letter to the Guild of Mages
An open letter to the Guild of Mages

Respected Archmages, if this letter makes it to your hands, it is either through my miraculous escape from Lost Boy Cavern, or the noble hands of an intrepid explorer, who did not share my gruesome fate. The dire task I undertook alone, when your hands denied me aid, ended in peril. Despite my studies, I failed the casting to banish the Lich befouling the spirit of my dear friend Erandur, and an evil took root within me. Surely your noble countenance will not be furrowed to hear -

Lost Boy Cavern
Letter to the Guild of Mages
A letter for the Once Great Mage's council

The words you read now are those of a man sentenced to the icy grip of undeath, so doomed by your hand. Though thy folly was perhaps only to follow protocol, may my fate haunt your dreams. I vigorously trained myself as a spellsword to purge the lich that had dominated the soul of my once-noble friend Erandur, but my pointless expulsion from your misguided coven barred me from the appropriate training; the blame falls upon your brow for my errors in banishing the lich, the blame falls to you for its infestation of my mind... May the Worm King himself usurp you, piteous hounds of -

Lost Boy Cavern
Letter to the Guild of Mages
An open threat to the Guild of Mages

Your days are at an end, your blind bureaucracy finished! Your maggot-filled hearts will rot in the eaves of my inner sanctum, your flesh nothing more than tattered mort meat, your paltry souls forfeit. I will consume you, each one. The fell might of Lich ErandurVangaril will be your end! Daedraeka! Mannimarco Daedroth Kvatch Mannimarco Erandur Vangaril Oblivion Tska Tska Takaesh!

Lost Boy Cavern


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To create a potion of Restore Fatigue, combine any two normal foods, such as meat or seeds. Grind carefully with the mortar and pestle. Place the resulting powder in a small pestle and mix with ordinary clear water. Six places, including Cheydinhal and Leyawiin Fighters Guild
For a potion of Cure Disease, grind Clannfear Claws and Mandrake root into a fine powder using a mortar and pestle. It will remain somewhat gritty. It can be mixed in with almost any liquid, but ordinary clear water is safest. Nine places, including Bruma Mages Guild basement and Adrian Decanius' house
To create a potion of Cure Poison, mix Ginseng and Redwort Flower in equal portions. Slowly grind them together with a mortar and pestle. The ginseng may leave a sticky residue. Add water for easy swallowing. Seven places, including Leyawiin Mages Guild and Bruma Castle Lord's Manor


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The Flowing Bowl is a great place to eat. For this week only, we are putting twice as many leeks into our soup as normal. Why not stop in for a bowl? Bring a friend!
The beds at the Count's Arms are the softest in Anvil. We wash them after every third customer, no matter how soiled. Our pillows are twice as soft as those at the Flowing Bowl.
Lelle's Quality Merchandise has the best prices and the largest inventory in Anvil. Don't bother with those other shops. We'll beat their prices everytime.
  • In the fire in Gogan's House
  • On a shelf in Silgor Bradur's House
Having trouble keeping the peace at home? Come to Morvayn's Peacemakers. One look at our maces and your neighbors will ask before taking your goat.
A night at the Fo'c'c'le [sic] is a night you'll never forget. Our tea and crumpets taste better and last longer than any in Anvil. And there is always a wench to keep you company.
The Fo'c's'le features warm beds and great company. Our tea and crumpets taste better and last longer than any in Anvil. The serving wenches are always available for conversation.
Bay Roan Stables has what you need. Horses, horse, horses. Don't be content to walk. Ride with style on a Bay horse from Bay Roan Stables. Not found anywhere in-game.
The Lonely Suitor Lodge is ideal for all Bachelors and Bachelorettes. Our rooms are private and soundproof. Our staff asks no questions and tells no tales. Reasonable rates for food and lodging. Not found anywhere in-game.
When your mother-in-law comes to visit, put her up at Silverhome-on-the-Water. We offer moderately priced, clean rooms. Chamberpots are available for a small fee. Not found anywhere in-game.
Looking for a fair deal? Come to the Fair Deal! We won't cheat you, we promise. We buy and sell everything. Not found anywhere in-game.
Wizard's beware! If you are using supplies from some place other than A Warlock's Luck, you may be taking your life in your hands. Don't compromise your spellcraft. We won't. Not found anywhere in-game.
The Archer's Paradox has everything a hunter might need. If it's sharp and pointy, the odds are we have it, and at a better price than anywhere else. Not found anywhere in-game.
Don't settle for a weak horse. The Wildeye Stable's Paint horses are tougher and meaner than any in Cyrodiil. What good does a faster horse do you if it can't carry the load? We also have the best prices around.
Olav's Tap and Tack is changing business! Instead of providing for all your horse needs, we will provide for all of yours! Great food! Soft beds! Rousing company! We have it all!
Tired of the noisesome din of the common tap room? Stay at Jerall View. Peaceful, tasteful, and only for the most discerning of customers. Everyone knows, quality comes at a price.
Buying? Selling? Who cares? We'll do either at Novaroma. We'll do whatever it takes to make the sale.
Do you believe that the clothes make the man, but you don't look it? Come to Nord Winds for a complete make-over. We'll put you at the height of fashion.
The streets of Bruma can be a dangerous place. We can sell you protection at reasonable prices. Every citizen should have a warhammer from the Hammer and Axe. Don't leave home without it.
The North Country Stables is the areas finest purveyor of Chestnut horses. Why ride a paint horse or bay horse when you can ride a Chestnut from North Country Stables?
Eat at the Grey Mare tonight. Why cook your own meals when Emfrid can do it for you? We specialize in Orcish cuisine. Not found anywhere in-game.
The Oak and Crosier. If you need to ask why, then you've obviously never dined there. We cater to the best. Not found anywhere in-game.
Need a fur coat? Need new candles? Look no further than Northern Goods and Trade. We have the best from Skyrim and beyond. Not found anywhere in-game.
You can always find what you are looking for at Renoit's Books. Whether you need Barenziah's latest adventures or a guide to the city, we've got it. Not found anywhere in-game.
Nothing says 'Howdy, villain' like a sharp axe from Fire and Steel. And once you've dented your blade on his skull, we can sharpen it for you, too!
Rooms and food at the Five Claws Lodge. Let someone else watch the hatchlings tonight. We'll serve you fresh fish. We'll even cook it for a extra fee.
Let the Three Sisters hunt for you. After your meal, try one of our soft beds for the night. Locks and keys are available for small fee.
If it can be made or found, you can buy it or sell it at Best Goods and Guarantees. We'll match any competitor's offer.
Exotic adventures from the Southern kingdoms. Histories of ancient heros [sic]. We have it all at Southern Books. We buy used books, too.
Is that dent in your greaves making it hard to sit down? We'll pound it out for you at The Dividing Line. If we can't fix it, we'll sell you a new set.
Horses! Horses! Horses! You know you want one. Come to the Grateful Pass Stables and pick one out today. All horses are for riding only. Grateful Pass Stables does not condone selling horses for food under any circumstances. Not found anywhere in-game.
A free bath with every night's stay! Only at the Two Sisters Lodge. Meals and drinks are extra. Not found anywhere in-game.
Fine dining is a rare experience, unless you eat at the West Weald Inn. We use only the freshest truffles, and our goat's milk yogurt is considered the best in Cyrodiil. Not found anywhere in-game.
Colovian Traders. We have goods from beyond Black Marsh. We buy and sell almost anything. Browsers are always welcome. Not found anywhere in-game.
Need fresh Bloodgrass? Out of Harrada? We keep them in stock. Husband snores at night? We have silence potions as well. All Things Alchemical. The only shop for potions and rare herbs.
Hammer and Tongs has been in business for 87 years. Seven generations of smiths have passed down their secrets to Agnete. If he can't forge it, you need to talk to the Last Dwarf. Not found anywhere in-game.
If you need quality arms and armor, you have to shop at A Fighting Chance. We specialize in custom-fitted armor.
At The Main Ingredient, we only stock the finest alchemical ingredients and potions. We may not be the cheapest, but we are the best.
First Edition is a supplier of books for the Imperial Library. If the Emperor trusts us, so can you. We have a widest selection of tomes and histories in all of Cyrodiil.
Staffs are not for everyone. Only the most talented of wizards can use a staff. If you have what it takes, come see us at Rindir's Staffs. We can sell you the right staff for the right occasion.
Edgar's Discount Spells will beat any Mages Guild price for spells. Why pay more for the same spell?
The Copious Coinpurse has goods from beyond the shores of Anvil. All manner of exotic items are available on our shelves. We have the widest inventory in the city.
Stonewall Shields specializes in armor of all sorts, and shields in particular. We use the best steel for quality armor. Viator Accius trained with Orc smiths for 9 years to learn their secrets.
Red Diamond Jewelry is the only jewelry store in the nine cities. We have the best gems and silver in Cyrodiil. We also have the best guards, so don't even think about it.
When you're hungry, stop by the Feed Bag. Please.
Jensine's "Good as New" Merchandise will beat any price at the Copious Coinpurse. We also buy and sell used goods.
Three Brothers Trade Goods has a sterling reputation for honesty. We will always pay what your trade goods are worth, and always charge you a fair price for what you buy.
When you dress, do you wear Divine Elegance? You should. A first impression is priceless. That's why you won't see prices marked on our clothing. If you need to ask, you shouldn't be shopping at Divine Elegance.
Mystic Emporium is the only enchanter's shop in all of Cyrodiil. We import the rarest items from Black Marsh, Skyrim, and Morrowind. Come see what we have in stock today.
Slash 'N Smash makes weapons. Really good weapons. You should buy some.
The Gilded Carafe is an Alchemy shop of distinction. We are distinctly CHEAPER than those other guys! Don't pay more! Shop at the Gilded Carafe!
When you need protecting, wear armor made at The Best Defense. We'll keep you safe from the sharpest blades.

The Chapel of Dibella welcomes visitors to Anvil. Come and share the quiet grace and joy of the Goddess of Love.
"My spirit rises up, sweet Dibella. My spirit praises you in the happiness of my heart."


The earnest believer may improve both spriit [sic] and mind with the dedicated clerics of Mara. Visit our altars for health and inspiration. Meditate upon the Mysteries of Nirn and the Nine in quiet contemplation. Seek instruction in Restoration and Speechcraft from our wise and patient trainers.
"Praise us in our ministry, O Mara, that we may serve you and your people."

Not found anywhere in-game.

Citizens of Cheydinhal! Children, saints, and travelers! Come to the Chapel, and drink deep of the waters of the Spirit. The Altar of the Nine shall make you hale and whole! The Nine Altars shall refresh your spirit, and fill you with the Gods' glories! Arkay's servants shall train you in the mysteries of Restoration and Alteration!
"Not a stone, stem, or spirit below but sings of Your Wonders!"

Not found anywhere in-game.

Come! Contemplate the Nine and their Glories! Begin at the Altar of the Nine, where the world's wounds are washed away, and the corruptions of the spirit and body are made clean. Then step along the Stations of the Nine -- Stendarr, Arkay, Mara, Zenithar, Talos, Kynareth, Dibella, Julianos, and Akatosh -- and see what bright inspiration springs from Devotion to the Great Lords of All!

"My heart and spirit are full! Where e'er my eye turns, there shines thy Glories!"

Not found anywhere in-game.

Take a break from your labors! Work is sacred, but rest and restoration are sacred, too! Sit in quiet contemplation, or seek counsel from Zenithar's servants. Gather together with your friends and neighbors, and send up hymns of praise to the Nine.
"Take strength from my altars, and comfort, and wisdom. These gifts I have prepared for you, when you rest from your labors."



Training in the Restoration Arts is now available from Sister Marie Palielle at the Skingrad Chapel. Arrangements should be made with Sister Marie herself. Scheduling is flexible.

And while you're at the chapel,
don't forget...

"Seek forgiveness for your sins, O ye faithful! Offend not against the laws of Man or God. For none but must tremble, when ye contemplate that Julianos is Just!"

Not found anywhere in-game.

Shopping Lists

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Shopping List
For a minor Restore Health potion, crumble some Cairn Bolete cap over roasted Boar Meat. Chop finely and mix together with a mortar and pestle. Add water to create a solution that can be drunk.
Shopping List
A potion of Restore Willpower is made by heating Minotaur Horn and Primrose Leaves. Grind the results together with a mortar and pestle. Add water to create a drinkable fluid.
Shopping List
Beer, lots of beer

New mugs
Enough fruit for 12 guests
8 loaves of bread
Roast boar

Shopping List
New shirt

Two forks

Shopping List


Shopping List
Paper, quality vellum

Ink, red and black
Binding glue
Two new quills

Shopping List
Side of beef

3 loaves of bread

Shopping List
Wheat flour


Shopping List

Fruit (any kind)
Half loaf of bread

Shopping List

Tinder Polypore Cap
Ironwood nuts
Stinkhorn cap

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