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The Dark Brotherhood is a guild of professional assassins with considerable influence and power. It is similar to Morrowind's Morag Tong, but despite a common misconception is a completely separate organization; also, the legality of this organization is much more limited than that of its older cousin. Entry is governed not by completing a given task, but by the Brotherhood observing you committing murder.

According to Lucien Lachance, the Dark Brotherhood has sanctuaries all over Cyrodiil, however only one of these is ever accessible to you; the basement of an abandoned house in Cheydinhal. This particular sanctuary was founded more than 200 years ago.

The current head of the Cheydinhal "family" is Ocheeva, however new family members are given instructions by Vicente Valtieri. Ocheeva receives instructions from the Speaker, Lucien Lachance, who is also responsible for recruiting new members. Lucien in turn receives his instructions from the Listener. The absolute leader of the Dark Brotherhood is the Night Mother.

Ranks: Murderer, Slayer, Eliminator, Assassin, Executioner*, Silencer, Speaker, Listener

* The rank of Executioner is not available to you; your promotions skip straight from Assassin to Silencer. However, it is officially one of the possible ranks for a Dark Brotherhood member.

For more information about the history of the Dark Brotherhood, see the lore page.


Murder someone! As you've most likely heard spoken by citizens anywhere in Cyrodiil or the Shivering Isles, the Dark Brotherhood recruits new members by contacting murderers in their sleep. If you want to join and have yet to kill anyone, you must murder an innocent citizen. Upon killing a citizen, whether or not you were detected, a message will appear saying, "Your killing has been observed by forces unknown...." The next time you sleep in a "safe location," a message will appear saying, "The air grows chill and a shadow approaches...." You will then be woken by Lucien Lachance, a Speaker of the Dark Brotherhood. He will offer you membership and describe what you must do to be accepted.

Note that you cannot just personally see to an NPC's death; you must actually murder them in accordance with the game's crime engine. For example, if you have a poison or enchantment that does damage over time, and it's the poison or enchantment, not the initial attack, that does the final point of health damage, you will not trigger the questline.

If you do not wish to level up in the process of joining the Dark Brotherhood, the sleep needed to initiate the quest Through A Nightmare, Darkly will not cause you to level up, but once you cross into the dream world, you will be confronted by Lucien Lachance.

If you don't want to join the Dark Brotherhood, and have been given the offer to join due to something like the Origin of the Gray Prince, you can avoid joining in two ways:

  1. Forget the quest. It will remain forever in your quest log, but won't bother you.
  2. When Lucien comes around the first time, kill him after talking to him. He is fairly easy, and his murder removes the initiation quest. You can also loot his Black Hand hood and robe. Killing Lachance is also the only way to drop the Blade of Woe, short of following the Dark Brotherhood questline to completion. Since the quest is marked as "completed," the Blade is no longer considered by the game to be an essential inventory item. After you kill Lucien you will never be able to join the Dark Brotherhood.


Almost any non-essential NPC could be killed if you choose. Several quests involve the deaths of NPCs, some of whom could be used as a target to gain entrance to the Dark Brotherhood (Scripted Deaths shows a non-comprehensive list). Also, after most quests are completed, people involved in the quest could become valid targets without consequence. Here are some recommended NPCs who make good targets:

  • Captain Renault or Glenroy: just after the start of the game Renault dies a scripted death; you can kill her before the assassins do to claim the kill (you get a bounty but it is removed as you leave the sewers). Near the end of the tutorial Glenroy will become non-essential and you can kill him to initiate the Dark Brotherhood questline without getting a bounty.
  • Agronak gro-Malog: if you do the Origin of the Gray Prince quest, he will not attack you at the end of the Arena questline. Although killing him does not put any bounty on your head, it counts as a murder and you will soon be visited by Lucien Lachance and the Dark Brotherhood questline will begin.
  • Alga respawns, so if you kill her you won't lose a character. She can be most easily killed in Olav's Tap and Tack.
  • Alval Uvani has a rather low responsibility, and since he does a lot of traveling (see the Dark Brotherhood mission A Matter of Honor for details) it's rather easy to dispose of him on the road without witnesses. The benefit of killing Alval is that you will have already completed one of the later Brotherhood missions.
  • The Skooma Den in Bravil has four residents, three with 0 responsibility, so your crime will likely go unreported. Specifically, if you kill Roxanne Brigette, the only resident without 0 responsibility, the other three residents will not report it, nor will they report any future crime committed in the Skooma Den.
  • Arena foes: you can kill them after casting a fear/demoralize spell, which will not incur a bounty.
  • Arnora Auria: after speaking to Jorundr about killing her, don't speak to her and kill her quickly. You will not acquire a bounty, you will finish a quest, and you will get noticed by the Dark Brotherhood.
  • Caminalda: during the Anvil Recommendation quest, attacking Caminalda before she attacks you will not give you a bounty but her death will count as a murder.
  • Camonna Tong Thug: killing one of the two Camonna Tong thugs at Walker Camp will give you no bounty, as they both have low responsibility. If you attack one of them before he attacked you, killing him is counted as a murder, and will allow you to join the Dark Brotherhood. They both respawn in a few days, as well.
  • Umbra is normally killed during Clavicus Vile's quest. However, since you can initiate the quest at any level simply by killing her, this has the dual advantages of giving you a bounty-free murder and allowing you to complete the main quest at level 1.
  • Glarthir can be killed without acquiring a bounty when meeting him behind the church. The quest will be completed stating "I have killed Glarthir".
  • You can murder respawning followers, but this may get you suspended from related guilds.
  • You can kill a non-hostile Adventurer in a dungeon if you encounter one (they have a random chance of appearing in a few dungeons). They're usually fairly easy to defeat since your level will always be two above theirs. In fact, if they appear in a dungeon full of bandits, it's easy to mistake an Adventurer for one of the bandits, especially if the bandits are also Orcs. The earliest place you might meet one — although his appearance is by no means certain — is Dzonot Cave, a cave on City Isle just south of the bridge leading westwards out of the Talos sector.
  • The Adoring Fan from the Arena: if you have already beaten the Arena questline, you can agree to let him follow you then lead him into the wilderness where no one is around and kill him. He respawns in a few days.
  • Two Imperial Legion Foresters can usually be found fighting to the death in the area between Bruma and Applewatch. The winner has low health from the fight and can be killed easily. You will acquire a bounty, but you gain two silver bows, steel arrows, and some pieces of Legion armor.
  • Oblivion: Aelwin Merowald is a quest giver for a fetch and retrieve quest in Weye. Once you do his quest, he can finally retire and upon talking with him keeps confides in the main character that all of his retirement money is locked up in a safe box inside of his house. He further comments that noone is getting his key as long as he is still breathing. Killing him is fairly easy due to his low health and lack of armor. He goes to bed fairly early at 8 and wakes up at 4. After killing him you may safely take the key off his corpse and find his locked chest and open it to find a nice reward. See also http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Oblivion:Go_Fish


  • Access to the Cheydinhal Sanctuary is only available to members. In particular, this allows you to purchase from M'raaj-Dar who sells a number of unique magical items and spells. His spells do not follow standard formats, and some of them are cheaper in magicka cost than any other comparable spell.
  • Note that if you are expelled from the brotherhood, access through the sanctuary's main door is prohibited. If you have earned the Sanctuary Well Key you can enter the Sanctuary that way, but members will attack you on sight and reject any attempt to yield to them.


  • As long as nobody sees you when you kill someone, you will not gain a Bounty or have any subsequent problems with the law. However, completing Dark Brotherhood quests automatically earns you Infamy points. As explained in detail on the article on Infamy, gaining infamy has several effects. One of the most notable is that if your Infamy exceeds your Fame you cannot use temple altars for healing. You may also have difficulty with the Knights of the Nine questline.
  • The Dark Brotherhood is not as well accepted as the Morag Tong, a government-sanctioned guild of assassins in Morrowind. In Cyrodiil, even trying to contact the Dark Brotherhood is illegal, not to mention being a part of it. If you are caught in the act of a murder, you are on your own. Whichever way you want to handle your bounty, the Brotherhood will not endanger other agents by helping you — unlike the Thieves Guild, which will help its members pay off their bounties.
  • The Five Tenets. If you break these rules you are exiled from the Dark Brotherhood and have to defeat the Wrath of Sithis to be reinstated. However, you only have two chances before you are dismissed permanently.
  • The only Tenets you have any chance of breaking in the game are the Fourth and Fifth, which prohibit you from stealing from or killing your fellow assassins. There is no way, through conversations or your character's actions, to break the first three Tenets. Saying you're not ready for a contract is not the same as refusing to carry out an order.
  • During the quest The Purification, you gain permanent immunity from the Tenets, and from that point on it is impossible to be expelled from the Brotherhood.
The abandoned house above the main safe haven of the Dark Brotherhood.

Dark Brotherhood Quests

The Dark Brotherhood questline is unusual in that in between each of the first ten actual quests there is a brief mini-quest that appears in your journal. The only purpose of the mini-quest is to instruct you to ask about your next contract. When you talk to Vicente or Ocheeva the mini-quest is considered complete. The names of the mini-quests are provided here, but they do not have their own quest pages and are generally not taken into account when describing the sequence of Dark Brotherhood quests.

Initiation Quest

Contract Quests

Vicente Valtieri's Quests

Ocheeva's Quests

Lucien Lachance's Quest

Black Hand Quests (Dead Drop Quests)

Lucien Lachance's Quest #2

Black Hand Quests

  • Honor Thy Mother: Root out the traitor and end his trail of carnage.
  • Whispers of Death: Relay the prayers of the vengeful to ensure their vengeance is fulfilled. (Never finishes, since you can perform your duties as Listener indefinitely)

Non-Contract Quests

Overall Killing Hints

Banner of the Black Hand
  • While doing the Dark Brotherhood Quests, you may use poisoned apples to kill NPCs silently and without a bounty. Ten respawn in a barrel with a very hard lock in Fort Farragut where Lucien Lachance is located. M'raaj-Dar also sells them; the poisoned apples have a base cost of 300 gold each.
  • There is a great alternative to poisoned apples, though. While pickpocketing, you can only place things in an NPC's inventory that have 0 weight, such as Mages' hoods. You can first enchant them with a soul gem to do 'damage on self' then put it in your target's inventory. The best time to do this is while they are sleeping — making sure to pickpocket any helmet they currently have. When they awaken, they will wear their new hood and it will kill them slowly, but much faster than waiting for them to eat a poisoned apple. Waiting for the mark to eat an apple could take a few days; using a burning, freezing or shocking hood takes health down as soon as they wake up. Alternatively, instead of taking their helmet with the risk of them catching you, you can wake them up by talking to them after putting the enchanted hood in their inventory. They will put the hood on when they go back to sleep. Also, if you put a string of "A" characters before the name of the hood, they will put it on when they wake up even if you didn't steal their other hat. This is because, unless an NPC is scripted to put on a specific form of headgear, they will just put on the first type that they come across in their inventory, which is conveniently in alphabetical order.
  • If your character is good at alchemy, make some good poisons (e.g.Triple Damage Poisons) to apply to weapons. Attack whomever you want to kill to take them down in one strike.
    This will be an assault so Charm a guard just long enough to talk or yield to him. The Charm spell will ensure he likes you so much that he pays the fine for you.
  • If you have the Vile Lair plug-in and have purchased the upgrade for the "Garden of Venomgrowth" area, you will find three Chokeberry bushes. These berries, unfortunately, weigh 0.1 and therefore cannot be reverse-pickpocketed. You can, however, place them on tables and in containers for NPCs to eat.
  • You can always cast a frenzy spell on your victims in cities. This way if you cannot get them alone or don't want to commit a crime, you can still kill them very quickly and with the help of the guards or anyone else that the victim attacks.
  • Talking to the other Dark Brotherhood members about the contract can sometimes provide useful information (in particular, advice provided by the Argonian Teinaava is often more useful than what you might get from other members).
  • When in a tight spot, use help! If one of your followers kills the target in a battle, you will not get the murder bounty, the follower will.


This is a list of known Dark Brothers. The NPCs who do not have a rank icon are NPCs who are, for various reasons, not members of the standard Dark Brotherhood faction. In most cases they are members of Dark Brotherhood splinter factions (i.e., Dark Brotherhood Elite), and those factions do not have the same rank system as the standard Dark Brotherhood faction. In some cases they are NPCs who are identified during the game as members (primarily victims of the later quests, i.e. Broken Vows onward).


The Night Mother Murderer


Fafnir Murderer


Mathieu Bellamont Murderer


Alval Uvani


Antoinetta Marie Slayer
Dark Guardian
Gogron gro-Bolmog Eliminator
M'raaj-Dar Assassin
Ocheeva Executioner
Schemer Murderer
Teinaava Assassin
Telaendril Assassin
Vicente Valtieri Executioner




Havilstein Hoar-Blood
Lucien Lachance Murderer
Arquen Murderer
Banus Alor Murderer
Belisarius Arius Murderer

*There are about a dozen small factions associated with the Dark Brotherhood besides the main one.


  • If you hang around in the Sanctuary you may hear the other members have rather morbid, but amusing discussions about their own contracts.
  • Some members of the Dark Brotherhood will attack on sight with a disposition of less than 30, and retaliation will cause suspension from the faction.
  • Two Dark Brotherhood members can be heard talking about a mission and one can be heard stating how "Antoinetta has been running her mouth off again". This line can be said even if the person saying it is talking to Antoinetta herself, and even after you become the Listener (which is after Antoinetta has been killed already).