Oblivion:Black Horse Courier

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Black Horse Courier
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Console Location Code(s)
ICMarketDistrictBlackHorseCourier, ICMarketDistrictBlackHorseCourierUpstairs, ICMarketDistrictBlackHorseCourierBasement
Imperial City, Market District
Offices of the Black Horse Courier

The Black Horse Courier is the headquarters of The Black Horse Courier newspaper in the Imperial City's Market District. It is across from The Merchants Inn, next door to Three Brothers Trade Goods.

The newspaper is jointly run by three Khajiit brothers, Ra'jiradh, Urjabhi, and Hassiri. The three of them divide their time between editorial duties in the office or researching in and around the Imperial City. All of them can be spotted at random times running towards the headquarters with the latest news or gossip in hand, eager to write the next edition of the paper.

Copies of the editions of The Black Horse Courier are found throughout the buildings at different times in the main level and the upstairs office, two of which are available even before the associated quest has begun. The building also features a basement.

Several Imperial City citizens will pay monthly visits to the Black Horse Courier. This is due to an unfinished quest that supposedly had to do with the player delivering letters from the big city to citizens in the smaller cities around Cyrodiil. At 12pm, on a set date of every month, they will break off their usual routine, enter the editorial office and spend a brief amount of time there, provided that their long-distance friends are still alive.

Black Horse Courier

Chaos reigns inside

The front door reveals the seemingly busy editorial office with several editions of the publication scattered on both floor and tables. At least one of the three brothers can be found in this area during the regular opening time between 8am and 8pm. On the southwest wall of the main level, a large desk holds a copy of the Tragic Accident! Baenlin Dead! edition after Accidents Happen is completed, provided Gromm is not killed and Baenlin's death looks like an accident. It also holds a copy of the Adamus Phillida Slain! edition if Permanent Retirement is completed.

In the west corner, a smaller desk contains up to five random books and holds a copy of the Mercantile skill book 2920, Sun's Height (v7) on top of it. Next to the desk, in a basket, and on the two shelves are nine handbills from Three Brothers Trade Goods. The door to the basement is in the north corner and the shelves here holds two handbills from A Fighting Chance. In the southeastern corner, a bottle of cheap wine sits on a table at the foot of the stairs leading up to the upstairs offices.

Black Horse Courier Upstairs Offices

More chaos upstairs

The front door opens to the sight of a small meeting table surrounded by chairs. A bowl on the table holds three apples. The large desk on the southwest wall holds a copy of the Tragic Accident! Baenlin Dead! edition and a copy of the Cheydinhal Heir Saved! edition, both of them available before the associated quests are begun. Also on the desk sits a handbill from Mystic Emporium and two shopping lists; one for spices and one for food. The nearby shelves contains a complete collection of Alessia Ottus's guides to the major cities. A non-respawning chest sits next to the shelves and can hold armor and weapons. In the southern corner sits a clutter desk and a non-respawning chest that can hold gold and jewelry. Scattered on the floor are four handbills from Jensine’s “Good as New” Merchandise. The table in the eastern corner holds a dish with an apple, a carrot, and a cheese wedge. As to be expected, several regular editions of the publication can be found lying on both the floor and furniture.

Black Horse Courier Basement

The basement

The basement area is much cleaner than the rest of the Black Horse Courier, due to the fact that the brothers never use it. A barrel and a sack sit on the first landing of the stairs into the basement, and another two barrels sit at the foot of the stairs. In the east corner is a desk, and in the north corner two crates. Another barrel, a chest, and two more sacks lie in the west corner. All of the containers in the basement hold clutter, except the two barrels at the foot of the stairs which contain food, and only the sacks are non-respawning. The only item of real interest is a scroll of Absorb Skill: Mercantile sitting on top of the empty bookshelf in the northeastern corner.


Name Date Condition
Alessia Ottus 10th Hafid Hollowleg must be alive
Algot the Northerner 26th Erina Jeranus must be alive
Amantius Allectus 9th Mog gra-Mogakh must be alive
Astinia Atius 11th Emfrid must be alive
Audens Avidius 8th Mariana Ancharia must be alive
Caula Allectus 7th Emfrid must be alive
Cicero Verus 13th Olav must be alive
Curtis 30th Gilgondorin must be alive
Dynari Amnis 17th Witseidutsei must be alive
Elragail 23rd Mog gra-Mogakh must be alive
Fathis Ules 18th Wilbur must be alive
Ida Ottus 24th Gilen Norvalo must be alive
Irene Metrick 25th Bogrum Gro-Galash must be alive
Luronk gro-Glurzog 16th Hafid Hollowleg must be alive
Name Date Condition
Mandil 29th Witseidutsei must be alive
Othrelos 15th Wilbur must be alive
Pennus Mallius 21st Bogrum Gro-Galash
Pista Marillin 28th Shuravi must be alive
Ra'Jhan 5th Dervera Romalen must be alive
Renee Geonette 5th Talasma must be alive
Rochelle Bantien 2nd Hafid Hollowleg must be alive
Salomon Geonette 27th Olav must be alive
Sergius Verus 12th Erina Jeranus must be alive
Severius Atius 1st Hafid Hollowleg must be alive
Stantus Varrid 22nd Mariana Ancharia must be alive
Thamriel 3rd Maenlorn must be alive
Trenus Duronius 14th Talasma must be alive
Usheeja 20th Shuravi must be alive