Oblivion:Mehrunes' Razor

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Official Add-On:
Mehrunes' Razor
Quest Unearthing Mehrunes Razor
Location Sundercliff Watch
Items Mehrunes' Razor Items
Released June 16, 2006
Size 2.8 MB
Xbox 360
Patch 1.1.511 or higher
CS Version 1.2 (or hex edit the esm file)
For problems related to installation, see Installation Issues

Mehrunes' Razor is an official add-on for Oblivion, adding a new quest to retrieve a powerful dagger. The add-on introduces a new nine-level dungeon, a new set of armor owned by an assassin, new clothes, new weaponry, new clutter items, and a new spell which can refine metal ore.

The lost Ayleid City Varsa Baalim has been unearthed by a rogue Telvanni arch-mage, in pursuit of a fearsome Daedric Artifact, Mehrunes Razor, which he believes will give him the power he needs to topple the Imperial reign - but what horrors lie in wait beneath the Valus mountains; and can you overcome them to claim Mehrunes Razor as your own? —Former Official Summary
Conquer one of the deepest and most challenging dungeons in all of Cyrodiil and claim one of the most fearsome weapons imaginable.Current Official Summary

Gameplay information

  • Items — Items introduced with the add-on include armor, books, jewelry, weapons and more.
  • NPCs — 10 new NPCs are introduced with the add-on, many of whom are aligned with the Drothmeri Army
  • Sundercliff Watch — The largest dungeon in Cyrodiil, featuring 9 levels and 23 zones
  • Quest — Unearth Mehrunes Razor to retrieve a powerful artifact


This letter was originally displayed on the official obliviondownloads.com website, which has since become unavailable. The text serves to provide background and context for the events of the add-on.

Firthan Andoren
Andoren Manor, Godsreach
Mournhold, Morrowind

For your immediate Attention:
Advisor Andoren; my apologies for the nature of this letter, but I fear that King Helseth's initial appraisal of the threat posed by Frathen Drothan may have been premature. You know well my trust in the judgement of the King, but I have learned new, disturbing details which may give him cause to re-consider the decision to ignore this matter.
As expected, Drothan has received no support from the Great Houses, but has gathered strength in the form of mercenary soldiers. I realize King Helseth anticipated this, but I do not believe he anticipated Drothan being able to hire so many. My sources are still attempting to discern where this unexpected wealth is coming from. We have yet to rule out the possibility of funding from within Morrowind's borders.
We also have interviewed several scholars with whom Drothan has been in communication during recent months. His interests seemed keenly focused on Mehrunes Razor. Drothan went to great lengths to keep his academic contacts separate, and now that they have been cross-referenced, we're becoming convinced he has a chance at recovering the artifact. Worse, we suspect he's going to try and recover it from an excavation site within Cyrodiil borders.
I need not remind you of Morrowind's tenuous relationship with the Empire. While Drothan may not stand a chance against the Legion, possessing the Razor may give him courage enough to try. If that happens, I'm not sure even I could convince Ocato and the Council of your innocence in the matter.

I implore you, re-visit the matter at the Royal Palace, a pray send word that the good King Helseth intends to resolve the matter internally. The Oblivion Crisis has caused arguably greater turmoil in Cyrodiil than any other province. Drothan is the last matter I wish to trouble my superiors with at this time.

With the utmost respect,
Philea Nielus
Office of the Imperial Ambassador
Caldera, Vvardenfell


  • Mehrunes' Razor was available for free download on Xbox 360 during the 2006 holiday season, starting December 22 and returning to its original price on January 1.