Oblivion:Sundercliff Watch

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Sundercliff Watch
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# of Zones 12+
NPCs, Vampires
Console Location Code(s)
DL09Exterior01a, DL09Exterior02; DL9c01 (Sundercliff Watch); DL9c02 (Sundercliff Village); DL9c03 (Sundercliff Commune); DLC904 (UNUSED CELL); DL9c05 (Sundercliff Mines); DL9c06 (Sundercluff Forge); DL9c07 (Excavated Ruin); DL9c08 (Varsa Baalim); DL9c09 (The Nefarivigum); DL9c10 (Forgotten Tunnels); DL9c08house1 (Cava Arpenia); DL9c08house2 (Cava Beldameld); DL9c08house3 (Cava Marspanga);
Nibenay Basin
Far east of Bravil, east of Lake Canulus and very near the border of Cyrodiil
Sundercliff Watch

Sundercliff Watch is a fort far east of Bravil containing NPCs and vampires (add-on-specific). The location is added with the Unearthing Mehrunes Razor official add-on, and houses the eponymous artifact.

Sundercliff Watch is the largest dungeon in the game, containing a mixture of caves, buildings and Ayleid ruins. The location consists of 23 zones in total. The nine main zones are Sundercliff Watch, Sundercliff Village, Sundercliff Commune, Sundercliff Forge, Sundercliff Mines, Excavated Ruin, Varsa Baalim, Nefarivigum, and Forgotten Tunnels. Three smaller zones, Cava Arpenia, Cava Beldameld and Cava Marspanga link different areas of Varsa Baalim together, and in addition, there are multiple houses, side rooms and tents.

Related Quests


Armor Apprentice
Drothmeri Steward
The Forgemaster
Frathen Drothan
Msirae Faythung
Weapons Apprentice
Morag Tong Assassin



Map of Sundercliff Watch
Map of Sundercliff Village
Map of Sundercliff Commune
Map of Cava Arpenia
Map of Sundercliff Forge
Map of Cava Beldameld
Map of Varsa Baalim
Map of The Nefarivigum
Map of Sundercliff Mines
Map of Forgotten Tunnels
Map of Excavated Ruin
Map of Cava Marspanga


  • In the Excavated Ruin, you can see a vampire and a Drothmeri member through a window you cannot go through. If you tcl through the window, you can find a hidden door to an area identified in the game as "UNUSED CELL" (editor ID dl9c04), which is just an Ayleid floor and door floating in a grey void. Entering the cell will show the message "You should not be here" until you leave it. The room's script is set to show the message to the player and all essential characters and to disable any non-essential characters.
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