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Type Settlement
Continent Tamriel
Province Morrowind
Region West Gash
Appears in Morrowind

Caldera was an Imperial charter just north of Balmora. It was built to service the nearby ebony mine, providing the miners with homes, entertainment and religion. The town was ruled largely from the Caldera Mining Company's fortress to the northeast. The buildings, which had Imperial and Nordic architectural influences, formed an inverse "L" shape between two large guard towers. While Dunmer presence in Caldera was almost non-existent, a large contingent of Orcs (as well as their pet scamp) lived in the dilapidated Ghorak Manor. Notable institutions in Caldera included an Imperial Cult altar, a Mages Guild branch, a pawn shop, a tavern and one of the only Imperial-style clothiers in Vvardenfell.

During the late third era, the ebony mine was being operated on land claimed by House Redoran, the mine was being administrated under House Hlaalu, who had a stranglehold on all of the East Empire Company's business interests on Vvardenfell. This was the cause of a great deal of friction between the two great houses.

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