Oblivion:Dive Rock

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Dive Rock
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Jerall Mountains
North northeast of Cheydinhal
Dive Rock

Dive Rock is a mountain northeast of Cheydinhal. It is home to a simple campsite and, on a clear day, one of the most spectacular views in the province.

The View from Dive Rock

The site consists of a tent with two lower-class beds, a campfire, and a sack. The sack always contains the following items: an inkwell, a quill, a wolf pelt, two repair hammers, three bottles of mead, five iron arrows, five pieces of venison, and 23 gold. Also next to the campfire is Agnar's Journal.

Dive Rock is high in the mountains and does not have any road leading to it, making access tricky. From the closest location, Aerin's Camp, the direct route is northeast, straight up a steep cliff face. Even on a horse, the direct climb is slow and arduous.

The recommended route by foot is to head to Aerin's Camp using the unmarked road that leads there from Cheydinhal. Continue southeast from Aerin's Camp across the cliff face until some trees begin to appear on the mountainside. It is possible to climb in this "valley" by roughly following the line of the trees. When the trees peter out, there are two options:

  • Cutting back across the mountains to the northwest will lead directly to Dive Rock. However, this route also goes right past the Uderfrykte Matron, a.k.a. the Horror of Dive Rock.
  • Circling to the northeast will lead to the map edge. From there, turn to the northwest and follow the map edge to a point above Dive Rock. When the Dive Rock icon appears on your compass, or when you see the light of Dive Rock's campfire, you can safely descend without encountering the Matron.

If you follow the ridge just above Dive Rock, you can go to the map edge and look at a beautiful valley in Skyrim.

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  • One of the beds in the tent can be slept in, and the sack near the campfire is a non-respawning safe container. Thus Dive Rock may be used as a free home with a unique view.
  • If you stand on the southernmost tip of Dive Rock, a message window will pop up saying that you have a "rare view of the Imperial Province." Some landmarks will be added to your map (Fanacas, Kingscrest Cavern, and Quickwater Cave). This message will pop up even when you cannot actually see anything, i.e. at night or in the middle of a blizzard.
  • The campsite was set up by two Nords from Thirsk, one of whom will be familiar to Bloodmoon players. A journal at the campsite tells the doomed Nords' story, which leads into the unofficial quest The Horror of Dive Rock.
  • Dive Rock has another casualty: at the base of the cliff, near Aerin's Camp, you can find the body of an unlucky climber named Andre Labouche. A note on his body from his worried daughter explains why his choice of mountaineering as a hobby was probably not a good one.
  • On rare occasions, a Camonna Tong Thug may be present at Dive Rock, and on even rarer occasions, may commit suicide by walking off the edge, in an attempt to get back to Aerin's Camp.