Oblivion:The Horror of Dive Rock

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Slay the Horror of Dive Rock, the Uderfrykte Matron (non-journal).
Quest Giver: Agnar's Journal at Dive Rock
Location(s): Dive Rock and surrounding mountains
Reward: Frostwyrm Bow and loot from Agnar's corpse
The Uderfrykte Matron

Quick Walkthrough

Note: This quest does not appear in your journal

  1. Find and read Agnar's Journal.
  2. Locate and destroy the Uderfrykte Matron, loot the corpse to find Frostwyrm Bow, and learn of Agnar's fate.

Detailed Walkthrough

Agnar's Journal

At Dive Rock, near the campfire, you can find Agnar's Journal. This diary tells how Agnar the Unwavering became the chieftain of Thirsk Mead Hall on Solstheim and married Svenja Snow-Song, at some point after an earlier chieftain had rid Thirsk of the fearsome Udyrfrykte. (The earlier chieftain is actually the player of Morrowind, having done The Mead Hall Massacre quest in Bloodmoon.) However, Svenja was still haunted by the memory of the Uderfrykte and the possibility of future attacks, so to rid herself of her nightmares and fears, Svenja felt driven to slay the mother of all the Uderfryktes, the Uderfrykte Matron. Hearing of a horrible creature near Dive Rock, Agnar and Svenja traveled there. In the final diary entry, Agnar the Unwavering had just wavered and fled after his and Svenja's attack on the Uderfrykte Matron had failed miserably. Agnar was about to head back and avenge his wife's death.

Uderfrykte Matron

Head southeast of Dive Rock. Eventually, you will find Agnar's Body on a patch of snow near a large rock, he has fur armor. You will find the Uderfrykte Matron in the surrounding area near the rock or in the small surrounding tree patches (map). Read Agnar's Journal: attacking with fire is the best solution; frost attacks are a bad idea; normal weapons will work but slowly. For a mountain-dwelling creature, the Matron seems to be rather bad at climbing. If you can stay on the steeper part of the slope above her, she will have great difficulty reaching you, so you can pepper her with fireballs and arrows in safety. If you want to loot the corpse afterwards, try to fight away from the cliff's edge: if she dies and tumbles you may never find the body. She appears more or less as a troll once you kill her.

On the corpse of the Uderfrykte Matron, you can find Svenja's Frostwyrm Bow (unleveled bow, does 15 pts frost damage on strike) and her gory remains (essentially in the Uderfrykte's stomach). You will also learn Agnar's fate: his corpse is on the ground near where you encountered the Matron. He has fur armor, a silver war axe, and a small amount of gold. You cannot pick up his fur helmet, instead you get the same message as if you had tried to loot the body of an arena opponent.


  • The unfortunate Andre Labouche (see the Dive Rock entry) is carrying a letter referring to the Horror of Dive Rock, suggesting she was known and feared across Cyrodiil.
  • If you read Agnar's journal you probably noticed that he says he has a steel axe while in fact he has a silver axe laying next to his body.


  • The Uderfrykte Matron is scripted to be partially invisible with a frost shader, which is an icy blue pulse of light that surrounds its body (see image), however this script isn't always working, so some players may see her as either a normal troll or totally invisible. If she is invisible, you can see the Uderfrykte Matron with a Detect Life spell or enchantment.
    • PC Only This bug is fixed by version 1.7.0 of the Unofficial Oblivion Patch.
    • Despite being supposedly fixed by the 1.7.0 UOP, the Uderfrykte Matron can still have a heavy chameleon effect rendering it virtually invisible. From Dive Rock's scenic outlook, look to the left down the cliff. You should be able to detect Agnar's body. Having zoom on your bow can make it easier to spot from the overlook. Uderfrykte Matron should be very close to the body and the chameleon effect is easy to spot at distance as it contrasts with the snow.
  • Sometimes Agnar's body may be missing from where it should be, however even if this happens his helmet, axe and shield will still be lying where they should be.
  • If you attempt to pick up the fur helmet you get the same message as if you had tried to loot the body of an arena opponent