Lore:Elfos Canhotos

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The Lefthanded Elves (or Left-Handed Elves), also known as Sinistral Mer,[1] were a race of elves from Yokuda. They were the enemies of the Yokudans (ancient Redguards) and fought with them for a thousand years. During the Mythic Era, the Na-Totambu (Yokudan royalty) fought to a standstill among themselves to decide who would lead the charge against the Lefthanded Elves. Leki intervened and a victor emerged, and war was subsequently declared on the Elves. Diagna, an avatar of the HoonDing, brought orichalc weapons to the Yokudans, which were instrumental in defeating the Elves.[2] The Ra Gada's extermination of elven colonies along the coast of Hammerfell is due to their hatred of the Lefthanded Elves.[3] The Redguards no longer speak of the Lefthanded Elves, as recalling the elves' abominations serves only to darken their days.[1]

The Lefthanded Elves' defeat by the Yokudans and the subsequent sinking of Yokuda imply that the race is extinct, although it has been speculated that there may be a link between them and the southern Maormer.[1]