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Ogres are large, dim-witted humanoids found throughout Tamriel. Best known for their great strength and foul smell, ogres have steely blue skin, pronounced teeth, and elven ears.[1] They have shaggy white hair, which can cover the entire body of those found in colder regions.[2]

Ogres are considered to be goblin-ken, and worship Malacath like the Orcs. They are often enslaved by other races, a practice which angers Malacath.[3] Especially common in Cyrodiil, ogres are hunter-gatherers who live in small, primitive communities, often inhabiting backwoods and natural caves. Although possessing great strength, they are generally considered nothing more than a nuisance and often steal objects from settlements.[1] It has been hypothesized that their grey-blue coloration is a method of camoflague against the sky, although this speculation is considered to have been debunked.[4] Ogres are thought to have a culture of a sort, and construct foul, decorative piles of bone where they lair.[2]

Although usually perceived as dim-witted and violent brutes, ogres have been known to show considerable intelligence. The Ironhand ogres of Stormhaven were a significant military threat to the region in 2E 582, and were besieged and slain by the Daggerfall Covenant.[2] The ogres of Wrothgar helped found the first Orsinium alongside the Orcs and other goblin-ken after they were freed from slavery during the time of the Camoran Dynasty.[5] Although shunned and violent in modern times, Wrothgarian ogres possess remarkable intelligence and have been known to perform powerful ice magic.[2]

Ogre's Teeth are considered very distinctive, and are often used as hunting trophies or in alchemy.[1][2] It is possible that ogres can interbreed with humans.[6]


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