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O Símbolo da Coalizão
"É uma sorte para nossos povos, na verdade, para todos os povos de Tamriel, que a verdadeira chama do Império do Homem ainda arde na Coalizão de Daggerfall. Estes são tempos terríveis, mas nosso destino está diante de nós tão direto e verdadeiro quanto as estradas de Reman: devemos marchar em Cyrodiil, derrubar a falsa imperatriz e toda a sua ninhada, e restaurar o Império de Tamriel. Então, mais uma vez, a paz e a justiça governarão as províncias, em vez de sangue e fogo." — Rei Supremo Emeric

A Coalizão de Daggerfall foi uma aliança militar entre os reinos de Pedra Alta, Hammerfell e Orsinium durante o caótico Interregno da Segunda Era. Ela competia com o Domínio de Aldmeri e o Pacto do Coração-de-Ébano pelo controle do contestado Trono de Rubi em Cyrodiil. A Coalizão se via como a sucessora da Dinastia de Reman e tinha como objetivo restaurar o Segundo Império com a legitimidade para governar toda Tamriel. Eles defendiam a prosperidade econômica e a adoração aos Divinos. Nesta missão, foi liderada por um Conselho Real, presidido pelo Rei Supremo Emeric, um lorde comerciante bretano de excelente habilidade diplomática. Os Guardas-vermelhos foram representados pelo Rei Fahara'jad, e os Orcs pelo Rei Kurog gro-Bagrakh.


There were actually two Daggerfall Covenants, although the first was made up only of small kingdoms within High Rock. Thus, most references to the Covenant are to the second, or Greater, Daggerfall Covenant which united multiple provinces and races.

First Daggerfall Covenant

The first Covenant was formed in response to the invasion of High Rock in 2E 542 by Reachmen under the command of Durcorach, the "Black Drake". The invasion was a complete surprise, and was only barely repulsed after months of fighting, led by King Bergamot of Daggerfall and Earl Emeric of Cumberland. In the aftermath, the kings of Daggerfall, Wayrest, Camlorn, Evermore, and Shornhelm signed the Covenant as a defensive pact against foreign threats. The kingdoms rebuilt and prospered, and Emeric ascended to the throne of Wayrest due to the Knahaten Flu.

Greater Daggerfall Covenant

As king, it was expected that Emeric would wed the daughter of King Ranser of Shornhelm, but in 2E 566 he suddenly married Princess Maraya, the Redguard daughter of King Fahara'jad. This strengthened diplomatic and trade relations between High Rock and Hammerfell, but it also enraged Ranser, who hired a host of mercenaries and stormed Wayrest. The city would have fallen, had not Emeric's shrewd diplomacy paid off. The other kingdoms of High Rock honored their earlier Covenant and came to his defense, while Fahara'jad, now an ally by marriage, sent elite troops across the Iliac Bay. These combined forces were enough to route Ranser's army, who retreated only to find that their homeland had been sacked in their absence by the Orcs under King Kurog. Emeric had sent an emissary requesting their aid in exchange for a guarantee that Orsinium would be re-established as a sovereign territory. Ranser was utterly crushed, and this new arrangement of alliances formed the second Daggerfall Covenant, aiming to conquer Cyrodiil and succeed the Second Empire.

In 2E 582, the Covenant invaded Cyrodiil, putting it in direct conflict with the Ebonheart Pact and the newly-formed Aldmeri Dominion. This led to open hostilities and the start of the Alliance War, with all three sides vying for control of the Daedra-occupied Imperial City. The Covenant also launched a simultaneous naval invasion of the Pact homeland, although it was unsuccessful. The Orcs of Betnikh joined the Covenant soon after. With much of its forces in Cyrodiil, the Covenant faced attacks from Reachmen, necromancers, agents of Vaermina, Molag Bal's forces, and even an Imperial Legion, but managed to repel them all. It also faced political instability in Rivenspire and a potential Crown rebellion against Fahara'jad, and briefly flirted with total collapse following the death of Emeric, although the High King was promptly resurrected. Although it didn't take part directly, the Covenant sanctioned the invasion of Coldharbour which contributed to the ending of the Planemeld. In the autumn of 582, civil war broke out in the region of Wrothgar between the kingdom of Orsinium and several Orc clan chiefs who refused to acknowledge Kurog's rule. The violence concluded with the death of Kurog, and Bazrag gro-Fharun was crowned as king of a united Wrothgar. This ended Orsinium's membership of the Daggerfall Covenant, although Bazrag was willing to renegotiate with Emeric.

Tamriel Covenant

Although never realised, the leaders of the Covenant planned to crown High King Emeric as Emperor of a third Empire and found a new Imperial Dynasty after conquering the Heartlands of Cyrodiil and taking the Ruby Throne. With this achieved, the Covenant would have been in an ideal position to invade and conquer the other two alliances and proclaim the Tamriel Covenant. Under this new empire, the Royal Council would have been replaced by a Grand Council, with a seat for every kingdom in Tamriel. This scenario was not to be, as the Daggerfall Covenant ultimately crumbled; the true Third Empire was proclaimed by Tiber Septim in 3E 0, ending the Interregnum period.

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