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Lamias are a species of amphibious beastfolk. They have a serpentine appearance, with the torso of a woman and the tail of a snake. Despite being exclusively female, lamias lay eggs, which they are incredibly protective of. Found all over Tamriel, they can live in water or on land, although they rarely venture far from the water. Lamias are larger than the mortal races, but can seemingly interbreed with them.[1] Despite being reviled as monsters, lamias are an intelligent species; they can speak Tamrielic, can cast powerful magic, and adorn themselves with jewelry. In combat, they rely on debilitating shrieks and powerful claws that drain an opponent's stamina. They seemingly have their own religion, venerating entities known as the Egg Mother and the Great Egg.[2] Lamias have had little impact on history due to their primitive nature and hostile attitude towards the people of Tamriel. Notably, the lamias of Tempest Island took part in the Lamia Invasion of 2E 435,[3] and a group of lamias are thought to have fought against Molag Bal in 2E 582 during the Tamrielic invasion of Coldharbour.[4] Medusas are physically similar to lamias, but otherwise unrelated.


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