Lore:Magna Ge

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Magna Ge, also called Magne-Ge, literally the "Children of Magnus", and "Star-Orphans", are a family of divine beings that fled Nirn soon after its creation, following Magnus, the architect.[1] These Anuic spirits left tears in the veil of Oblivion as they retreated to Aetherius, allowing its light to reach Mundus. The Magna Ge are now synonymous with the stars, which they created.[2] Mankar Camoran credits them with creating Mehrunes Dagon in "the bowels of Lyg".[3] Mnemoli the Blue Star, or Mnemo-Li, is the most well-known Magna Ge. She is associated with "un-time" events, and it is said that she was visible even in the daytime sky during the Dragon Break. Merid-Nunda was once one of the Magna Ge before she consorted with the Daedra and became the Daedric Prince Meridia. Xero-Lyg is a third identified Magna Ge, though nothing is known of her beyond her name.[1]