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Este artigo é sobre the Daedric race. Para the Daedric Prince, veja Nocturnal.

The Nocturnals are a race of Daedra found in the Shade Perilous, a pocket realm of the Evergloam. In appearance, they resemble scantily clad, beautiful, white haired women. Despite their power, the Nocturnals are prone to bouts of debilitating melancholy. The race is seemingly caste-based, with a distinction drawn between Greater Nocturnals and Lesser Nocturnals based on relative power. The Lesser Nocturnals serve the Greater Nocturnals faithfully, and are known to offer counsel and make sacrifices out of love for their mistresses. They are led by the Nocturnal Lieutenant, Jaciel Morgen. The race's relation to the Daedric Prince Nocturnal is unknown.

The Nocturnals suffered greatly during Mehrunes Dagon's invasion of the Shade Perilous during the Imperial Simulacrum. The invasion was instigated by Xivilai's Clan and Shardai Clan, and was viewed even from within Clan Dagon as entirely unnecessary. They were aided by a mortal apprentice from the Battlespire, who helped awaken Jaciel Morgen from a deep sleep caused by her excessive mourning following the invasion. In retaliation, Jaciel confronted Dagon alongside the apprentice, holding back the Prince's power long enough for the mortal to banish him to the Void.

Following Imago Storm's temporary control over Clan Dagon, it is likely that the occupation of the Shade Perilous was ended, although it is unknown whether or not the Nocturnals regained control of the area.[1]



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