Dragonborn:Thirsk Mead Hall

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Thirsk Mead Hall
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Console Location Code(s)
DLC2ThirskMeadHallInterior01, DLC2ThirskMeadHallExterior01
South of Skaal Village

Thirsk Mead Hall is a mead hall located south of Skaal Village.

Nords and rieklings are battling for control of the mead hall. It is under riekling occupation upon discovery, but can be overthrown if you decide to complete Retaking Thirsk for the Nords.

Related Quests

* It is only possible to complete one of these, although you can start the riekling chief's quest and still decide to support the Nords camped to the east as long as you haven't agreed to help wipe them out (see notes).

Miscellaneous Quests

Quest Giver Giver Location Quest Objective(s) Requirement
Elmus Thirsk Mead Hall Elmus Favor Quest (berries): Retrieve some juniper berries for Elmus.
  • Bring Elmus some Juniper Berries
Retaking Thirsk
Bujold's Retreat Elmus Favor Quest (mead): Retrieve one bottle of Ashfire Mead for Elmus.
  • Bring Elmus some Ashfire Mead from Thirsk Mead Hall
Thirsk not reclaimed, Elmus is alive
Halbarn Iron-Fur Thirsk Mead Hall Halbarn Favor Quest: Find some crafting materials for Halbarn Iron-Fur.
  • Bring <Global=DLC2ThirskHalbarnStalhrimCount> Stalhrim Ore and <Global=DLC2ThirskHalbarnEbonyCount> Ebony Ingots to Halbarn
Retaking Thirsk
Hilund Thirsk Mead Hall Hilund Favor Quest: Find fifty Riekling spears for Hilund.
  • Bring <Global=DLC2ThirskHilundSpearCount> Riekling Spears to Hilund
Retaking Thirsk


These people only reside here if you help the Nords retake the hall.

Bujold the Unworthy
Halbarn Iron-Fur Blacksmith
Herkja *
Kuvar Trainer (Master)Heavy Armor (Master)
Sirkjorg *

* Appears a few days after completing the quest Retaking Thirsk.


Rieklings in Residence

Plants Animals
3 Snowberries
  Only appears during the quest The Chief of Thirsk Hall

Nords in Control

The exterior of the hall stays the same excluding all the riekling structures, fencing, etc., which are removed. The forge is available for use. Even Bilgemuck's open pen area is removed, although he still stays within the pen area, if you completed that part of the riekling chief's quest.

Thirsk Mead Hall

Rieklings in Residence

The first time you enter Thirsk Mead Hall, it is occupied by rieklings. You will enter into a large room that is full of barrels, crates, boxes, sacks, and plenty of large bones. The center of the room is slightly sunken with a few steps down from the rest of the room. The furniture has all been moved around and is being used for anything but its intended purpose. There are barrels to both the left and right of you as you enter. Immediately in front of you on the left is a stack of barrels with a chair stuck halfway up. You descend the steps past more barrels and a riekling hut on your right. In front of you the fire pit is lit with riekling spears forming fencing at either end. Behind the fire pit at the other end of the room is a throne, where the chief sits. On your left there are tables jumbled and stacked together with chairs thrown in for good measure. Following the left side of the fire pit you will have a few stairs on your left after the tables leading up to another riekling hut. To the right of this are more tables, chairs, and barrels stacked together. In the northwest corner of the room is a bench that has been knocked over.

Starting again from the entrance but following the right-hand side of the fire pit, after you pass the hut and some more barrels and a bench that are stacked. Up the stairs on the right are two more riekling huts with barrels and other furniture stacked around them.

At the far end of the hall from the entrance there is more stacked furniture, barrels, etc. On the left side are five bottles of ashfire mead on the floor in front of yet another hut with the mead brewing vat behind it knocked over on an angle and to the right of this in the center is the throne previously seen. The chief can speak limited language, but far better than the other rieklings. He wants you to perform several "quests" for them; see The Chief of Thirsk Hall for details. The throne is in front of the steps up to the slightly higher level and is in front of a doorway to another smaller room.

In this second room there are two riekling huts, one in the southwest corner and the other in the northeast corner of the room. In the southeast corner are all the beds stacked in a big pile. More barrels, tables, chairs, and bones are scattered everywhere.

Nords in Control

Upon entering after completing Retaking Thirsk, the hall has been cleaned and cleared of the riekling trash and structures. You will find numerous barrels, tables, and chairs around the room. There are a total of twenty-six bottles of Black Briar Reserve. Through the center of the room is a long fire pit and at the far end are two mead brewing vats. There are four tables filled with food in addition to the bottles of Black Briar Reserve, one against the west wall on a raised area to the left. On this table are various dishes, two loaves of bread, a venison chop, a horse haunch, four rabbit haunches, and a joint of venison. On the table against the east wall are two loaves of bread and a rabbit haunch. On the table at the end of the fire pit, closest to the entrance, there are more dishes, a venison chop, a horse haunch, two loaves of bread, a joint of venison, four rabbit haunches, and a mammoth cheese bowl. Finally, on the table at the other end of the fire pit, you can find a pot of honey, a venison joint, a venison chop, two loaves of bread, a horse haunch, and four rabbit haunches. There are two cooking spits, one on either side of the fire pit.

At the far end of the hall to the south, there is a bedroom containing a table with two barrels of mead on top, along with two loaves of bread, a rabbit haunch, and a goblet. There are five single beds in this room and a couple of small wooden tables near them.


  • Completing either of these quests automatically causes the other to fail.
  • After the Nords have taken Thirsk Mead Hall, rieklings will try to retake it. They will appear in groups both outside and inside the hall.
  • This location also appeared in the Bloodmoon expansion for Morrowind.


  • Rieklings may continue to spawn repeatedly, even after Retaking Thirsk is completed.