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A compilation of the preset Nord faces available in Skyrim
Ilustração de um típico homem Nord

Os Nords são os filhos do céu, uma raça de humanos altos e de cabelos claros de Arcéu, e são conhecidos pela incrível resistência ao frio e gelo mágico. São guerreiros ferozes, fortes e entusiasmados, e muitos se tornam renomados guerreiros, soldados e mercenários por toda Tamriel. Ansiosos por aumentar as habilidades marciais além dos métodos tradicionais de Arcéu, eles ficam bons em todas as formas de guerra, e são conhecidos por seus vizinhos por serem combatentes. Nords também são marujos naturais, e são beneficiados pelo comércio marinho desde suas primeiras migrações de Atmora. Eles compõem e comandam muitas embarcações mercantis, e podem ser encontrados por todas as costas de Tamriel.

For more information, see the main lore article. Nords are the most common race encountered in Skyrim's cities, and can be encountered in nearly every aspect - among others, guards, merchants, bandits and Jarls. Stormcloaks encountered are comprised almost entirely of Nords, with the Nords sharing majority in the Imperial Legion as both officers and as soldiers.

In-Game Description

Citizens of Skyrim, they are a tall and fair-haired people. Strong and hardy, Nords are famous for their resistance to cold and their talent as warriors. They can use a Battlecry to make opponents flee.


  • Resist Frost ability (FormID 000aa020): Your Nord blood gives you 50% resistance to Frost, constant
  • Battle Cry greater power (FormID 000e40c3): Targets flee for 30 seconds, once per day
    • The Battle Cry effect has a magnitude of 99 pts and area of effect 60 ft. It is coupled with a secondary Stagger Push effect, 0.05 pts in 40 ft.
    • Be warned that this power treats everyone in range as a target, and is considered an attack, so you may want to avoid using it in situations where you have non-follower allies or in the presence of civilians.
  • Height: 1.03


Nord skill bonuses lend toward a more combat-oriented style of play. With both one and two-handed weapons receiving boosts, players are able to choose their favorite weapon(s) with a bit more ease, and boosts to both light armor and blocking provides players both mobility and defense.

The Nord Battle Cry power can be vital at earlier levels, causing enemies to flee long enough for the player to potentially recover.

Their innate resistance to Frost provides them a significant advantage against foes such as the draugr, frost dragons, ice wraiths, and mages who employ Frost magic. If a Nord player decides to become a vampire, they will reach the maximum frost resistance possible. (85%)

Shared Combat Dialogue

Situation Dialogue
Nord opponent "You're a disgrace to your own kind!"
"Call yourself a Nord!?"
Non-Nord opponent "Skyrim belongs to the Nords!"
Non-Human opponent "Your kind has no place here!"
Bosmer opponent "Should have stayed in your precious forests, Elf!"
Orc opponent "Die, you Orc filth!"
Khajiit opponent "You'll make a fine rug, cat!"
Argonian opponent "I'll use that tail as a belt!"
Stormcloak fighting Imperials "Imperial dogs!"
"A pox on the Empire!"
Sighting a dragon "Talos save us! It's a dragon!
Taking damage "By Ysmir, you'll pay for that!"
Fighting in a snowy area "I'll paint the snow with your blood!"
General "I'll mount your head on my wall!"
"I'll water the ground with your blood!"
"I love a good fight!"
"Ha! I love a challenge!"
"I'll carve you in to pieces!"
"By Ysmir, you won't leave here alive!"
"You won't leave Skyrim alive!"