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Morthal, in Hjaalmarch
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Morthal, supposedly named after the great Nord hero Morihaus, is the capital of Hjaalmarch, although it is a fairly small, humble town of little economic or strategic importance besides its small lumber mill. Sitting on the southern edge of the Drajkmyr marsh, dry ground can be hard to come by in Morthal. It is often shrouded in a thick fog, and ominous twisted trees grow from the surrounding marsh, giving it a foreboding appearance to approaching travelers. The torches of the town glowing in the fog often give the impression of wisps at a distance. Many choose to steer clear of the place altogether.

Morthal is a town shrouded in mystery. Its people are reclusive and wary of newcomers, and only a single lumber camp supports its weak economy. The Jarl is among the most relaxed in Skyrim when it comes to taxation, and as such Hjaalmarch is also the poorest of the nine Holds. The Hold is still part of the Empire, but the Jarl Idgrod Ravencrone is unapologetically vague in her enthusiasm for the Imperial Legate stationed in her dwelling. A number of the people in the town are concerned about the prospect of war. War brings outsiders, and outsiders are not a welcome sight in Morthal. Most would rather the conflict were kept outside their home, leaving them free to pursue their own interests.

The swampy lands immediately surrounding Morthal are rich in deathbells, swamp fungal pods, and giant lichen. Leveled creatures (trolls and a rare occurrence of chaurus in open space) are spawned there during nighttime.

Morthal People

Alva's House
Falion's House
Falion Spells Trainer (Master)Conjuration (Master)
Benor Follower
Morthal Guard
Highmoon Hall
Jarl Idgrod Ravencrone
Idgrod the Younger
Legate Taurinus Duilis
Jorgen and Lami's House
Lami Apothecary Trainer (Common)Alchemy (Common)*
Moorside Inn
Jonna Innkeeper Food and Drink
Thonnir's House

* Lives here but operates the Thaumaturgist's Hut.

Quests Starting Here

Related Quests


Quest Giver Giver Location Quest Objective(s) Requirement
Aslfur Highmoon Hall Build Your Own Home: Construct a house for yourself. (HF)
  • Speak to the Steward of Morthal about the land for sale
  • Visit your new property in Hjaalmarch hold
  • Use the Drafting Table to begin building your house
  • Use the Carpenter's Workbench to build the foundation of your house
Laid to Rest
Falion Falion's House Falion's Secret: Investigate Falion's curious activities.
Gorm Moorside Inn For the Good of Morthal: Deliver a letter to Captain Aldis in Solitude.
  • Deliver Gorm's letter to Captain Aldis
Idgrod Ravencrone Highmoon Hall Thane of Hjaalmarch: Gain the title of Thane of Hjaalmarch. (radiant)
  • Return to Idgrod
Laid to Rest
Idgrod the Younger Highmoon Hall Delivery: Deliver an item to an associate. (radiant)
  • Deliver Idgrod's Note to Danica
Lami Jorgen and Lami's House Rare Gifts: Do a favor by finding a rare item. (radiant)
  • Bring one Song of the Alchemists to Lami
Sorli the Builder Highmoon Hall Thane of Hjaalmarch: Gain the title of Thane of Hjaalmarch. (radiant)
  • Return to Sorli
The Battle for Fort Snowhawk or Season Unending