Skyrim:Salvius Farm

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Salvius Farm
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Console Location Code(s)
The Reach
East of Markarth
North of Left Hand Mine
Salvius Farm

Salvius Farm is a small farm east of Markarth. Vigdis Salvius and Rogatus Salvius tend the farm and live in the Farmhouse.

The farm itself contains 17 potato plants and three chicken nests. Three rock warbler eggs can be found around the walls of the farm and many juniper berries can be harvested nearby.

Rogatus will ask you to deliver a letter for him, while Vigdis runs the farm and will pay for any harvested potatoes.


Salvius Farmhouse
Rogatus Salvius
Vigdis Salvius


Crops Animals Other
17 Potato
4 Chicken
3 Chickens' Nest
3 Birds' Nest

Related Quests


  • Just to the east of the farm by the signpost adjacent to the bridge is the stop off spot for the Ri'saad's Caravan.