Skyrim:Rogatus's Letter

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SR-qico-Miscellaneous.png Deliver a letter to a farmer's son.
Quest Giver: Rogatus Salvius
Location(s): Salvius Farmhouse, Old Hroldan Inn
Reward: 25 gold
Disposition: =1 (Rogatus Salvius)
ID: FreeformSalviusFarmA
Difficulty: Easy
Leontius, the Prodigal Son

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Speak to Rogatus Salvius at Salvius Farmhouse.
  2. Agree to take a letter to his son.
  3. Deliver Rogatus's Letter to Leontius Salvius at Old Hroldan Inn.

Detailed Walkthrough

Just Another Day on the Farm

Salvius Farmhouse is just to the east of Markarth Stables as you approach Markarth. The farm is tended by Rogatus Salvius and his wife Vigdis, and Salvius will be outside during most of the daylight hours. Speaking to him will reveal a caustic nature and a long list of complaints. At the moment, he is upset at his son who works at the Old Hroldan Inn and never visits. He'll ask you to do him a favor by delivering a letter admonishing his son for his familial neglect.

Some Things Never Change

Old Hroldan Inn is across the hold, almost directly east of Markarth. Traveling along the road will take you near a few Forsworn encampments, but should be relatively safe. It can also be approached by traveling over the mountains to the west of Rorikstead. Leontius Salvius is typically outside chopping wood or on the porch during the day. He can be found inside the inn at night. He'll thank you for the letter, wistfully reproaching the content, and pay you twenty-five gold for delivering the letter.



  • Rogatus may not have any dialogue when you try to return his letter. ?
    • Try the usual methods, such as restarting, resetting, cache clearing, and resting. Coming back after doing other things may work as well.

Quest Stages

Rogatus's Letter (FreeformSalviusFarmA)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Objective 10: Deliver Rogatus's letter to Leonitus [sic]
  • The following empty quest stages were omitted from the table: 20, 200.