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M'aiq the Liar
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Race Khajiit Gender Male
Level Varies Health Varies
M'aiq the Liar

M'aiq the Liar is a Khajiit. He can be encountered in most PvE zones (except for Bleakrock Isle and Stros M'Kai, and any of the later expansion zones). Talking to him at least once in each zone is tied to an Exploration Achievement. There are several locations in each zone where he may be, but there is only a small chance of finding him at any location, so you may have to come back several times. When you meet him, he will tell you three things each time, from the list below, after which he will tell you to meet him again later to talk some more.


Zone Location
Aldmeri Dominion
Khenarthi's Roost (map) Northwest of Bolga's Hunting Camp
Between Rid-Thar's Solace and Temple of the Mourning Springs, along the eastern coast
Auridon (map) Just southeast of Soulfire Plateau
On the pier at the west side of Smuggler's Cove
West of the Isle of Contemplation on the shore of the lake
Just east of Monkey's Rest, by the northern path where the road splits
Grahtwood (map) Halfway between Ossuary Wayshrine and The Scuttle Pit, against a rock face
Southwest of the Tower stone, along the cliffs
West of Goldfolly, by a small lake
West of the Reliquary of Stars, halfway between the ruins and the lake with the Fisherman's Hut
Further west from the same lake, due north of the Tarlain Heights Dolmen
Greenshade (map) At Fisherman's Rest, north of Woodhearth
On the shores of Echo Pond
On the south side of the Pelda Tarn ruin
Malabal Tor (map) At the remains of a burned shack north of Starwalk Cavern
Directly east of Valeguard Wayshrine
West of the Hoarvor Pit, about halfway to Dra'Bul Wayshrine
SW of the Windshriek Strand world boss, on the shore of a small island with a broken boat
Reaper's March (map) West of Dawnmead Brigand Camp below the Arena under a big treebranch
South of Researcher's Camp, at a big tree
Just north of Dawnmead Ruin Camp
On the southwest side of Thormar ruin, east of Broken Arch
Daggerfall Covenant
Betnikh (map) Between Eyearata and Moriseli.
About halfway between the Stonetooth| and Carved Hills Wayshrines.
Glenumbra (map) East of Camlorn.
Just north of the Farwatch Wayshrine
East of the Daggerfall Southern Docks
Just west of Mesanthano's Tower
Stormhaven (map) Fisherman's Island at the top of the tower
South-southeast of At-Tura Estate, on the small peninsula
Northwest of Pariah Abbey
On the shore near the Ancient Altar, just across the water from Bangkorai Bridge
Rivenspire (map) Just past the gate from Stormhaven, on the east side, northeast of the Oldgate Wayshrine
On the island north of the crafting station of Veawend Ede
Just off the road between Hoarfrost Downs and Moira's Hope
On the coast directly east of Dorell Farmhouse
Alik'r Desert (map) Easterly Aerie, west of the Kulati Mines Wayshrine
Above the entrance to Sandblown Mine
At a tower just northwest of Hollow Waste Dolmen, south of Forsaken Hearts Cave
Bangkorai (map) Silaseli Ruins, north at the shore
Just south of Old Tower
At Sacred Springs
Between the walls of the Bangkorai Garrison and Arlimahera's Sanctum.
Ebonheart Pact
Bal Foyen (map) Plantation Point Overlook
North of the Fort Zeren wayshrine, outside of the Fort
Stonefalls (map) Behind the rocks to the right of the stairs leading to Bal Foyen
Just west of Armature's Upheaval
At Steamlake Encampment
Just south of Matron's Clutch on the shore
Deshaan (map) East of Berezan's Mine, west of Mzithumz
Across the river southwest of Dire Bramblepatch
On the dock of Smuggler's Slip
On the dock of Coiled Path Landing
Shadowfen (map) Under a tree on the northern coast, between Telvanni Acquisition Camp and Shrine of the Black Maw)
South of The Graceful Dominator on the southern coast of the peninsula
Southwest of Tsonashap Mine
Up the hill southwest of the Serpent Stone
Eastmarch (map) Northeast of Windhelm at the coast. Next to the mammoth/chest area at the shore
Between Cragwallow and Thulvald's Logging Camp
Southern Eastmarch, south of Hermit's Hideout, east of Dragon's Hallow
The Rift (map) Near The Apprentice stone
Between the water and a broken wall at the northwest edge of Faldar's Tooth
Just north of Smokefrost Vigil, at a dragon mound
On the south side of Smokefrost Vigil, behind a stone wall
Coldharbour (map) About halfway between the Village of the Lost and the waterfall flowing into the lake to the east, under a large tree.
Down the cliffs NNE of the Grotto of Depravity, halfway to the Mages Guildhall.
NE of the Risen Court world boss against the cliffs.


  • "Wood Elves aren't made of wood. Sea Elves aren't made of water. M'aiq still wonders about High Elves."
  • "Silvenar" is a person, a place, and a concept. M'aiq wonders, how can one thing be three things?"
  • "M'aiq speaks the truth, except for when he doesn't. With you, always the truth."
  • "M'aiq wonders why no guards stand watch on the mushrooms. They are taller than towers and far more comfortable."
  • "A bartender told M'aiq he must wait outside until the tavern was clean. It was only a short time, so M'aiq did not mind."
    Possibly a reference to the regular maintenance an MMORPG must undergo to keep it running efficiently.
  • "M'aiq learned the brothers of Strife are either volcanoes or Elves. If one of each, their mother could have some explaining."
    A reference to the supposed confusion of the term "Brothers of Strife" being used to refer to both Balreth and Sadal and Ash Mountain and the Tormented Spire, although the location of that name is actually a Daedric ruin; the two volcanoes in Stonefalls are never referred to as such.
  • "M'aiq would rather travel in rain than fix holes in the roof after a storm. M'aiq hates patching holes."
    A possible explanation for why one can see it raining even underneath overhanging roofs or canopies.
  • "M'aiq has never seen so many Orcs in one place. Even their forges have forges."
  • "M'aiq heard there are caves full of spiders and whispers. He prefers the spiders."
    A reference to Spindleclutch.
  • "M'aiq wonders, how can there be kings for other kings."
    A reference to the structure of the Daggerfall Covenant, where all three races are led by kings, though King Emeric leads the faction.
  • "M'aiq doesn't care if the tunnels under Wayrest are a feat of engineering. The smell is horrific!"
    A reference to the Wayrest Sewers.
  • "M'aiq can't tell Spider Cultists apart from the usual riffraff. Perhaps they need matching uniforms."
    A reference to the Fungal Grotto.
  • "M'aiq once climbed the Elden Tree. Then he learned of the stairs inside. Good thing, for his claws began to hurt."
    A reference to the trope of cats climbing trees, and the height of the Elden Tree preventing him reaching the top.
  • "M'aiq wonders. Are the skeletons in minotaur graveyards half-Man or half-bull?"
  • "M'aiq used to travel alone, but he has grown accustomed to joining his friends."
    A recurring theme from M'aiq across the games is his criticism of the concept of a multiplayer mode. As The Elder Scrolls Online is a massively multiplayer online game, this version of M'aiq shows acceptance towards a multiplayer version of The Elder Scrolls.
  • "M'aiq's father was Qia'm, from a long line of Qia'ms. But M'aiq does not believe this. His father was a known liar."
    Referencing M'aiq in the previous three games, as well as the Skyrim line about M'aiq's father. Qia'm is M'aiq spelled backwards.
  • "M'aiq was one of the Six Companions, but was asked to leave. Another was jealous of his whiskers."
    A reference to the Five Companions.
  • "M'aiq cares little for politics. Truly, he thinks everyone is his ally."
    Referencing the three Alliances in ESO.
  • "Some enjoy bringing grief to others. They remind M'aiq of mudcrabs—horrible creatures, with no redeeming qualities."
    A carry-on from Skyrim, referencing the criticisms many people had for Oblivion's NPCs talking about Mud Crabs often.
    Also likely a reference to the nature of some players to intentionally harass, or "grief", others in multiplayer environments.
  • "M'aiq always travels forward. This way he is certain of his direction."
    This references the lack of a minimap in Elder Scrolls Online.
  • "M'aiq wonders, who wants to live on a bleak rock? Why not a pleasant rock?"
    A pun on the name the Ebonheart Pact zone, Bleakrock Isle.
  • "Come no closer" said the ghost, so M'aiq did not. But she kept saying it, wherever he went."
    Referencing the ghost who warns the player of the cursed books on Khenarthi's Roost.
  • "The Elves here have so many titles, all of them fancy. M'aiq prefers a simple one."
    A reference to the titles granted from achievements.
  • "M'aiq wonders why merchants boast of spacious bags, but never how much weight they carry."
    A nod to the fact that your inventory is now limited by the number of types of items you can carry, rather than their weight or quantity, unlike previous games.
  • "Sometimes people disappear in front of M'aiq. Are invisibility potions so affordable?"
    A reference to players disappearing when they log out.
  • "M'aiq speaks with many in his travels. After a time, they seem to repeat themselves. Strange."
    Referencing the limited amount of voice-acted dialogue in the games.
  • "M'aiq thinks those with the most wine can never truly be pleased. This is why he drinks water."
    A reference to being able to collect water for use in Alchemy and also its availability as a beverage, which is typically not found in some of the previous games.
  • "M'aiq heard an old timer speak of lost mittens. Keep looking, says M'aiq. Mittens will turn up somewhere."
    A reference to a quest removed during closed beta. In Ebonheart, Teroni Serelnim could task the player to find her lost cat, Mittens Q. Deathclaw III. Mittens could appear in one of several locations around the city, and collecting him without scaring him off was tricky. The quest was eventually taken out after players continued to find it frustrating. Mittens still appears in the game, but on his front porch, where he belongs.
  • "M'aiq paid a merchant to ship his things to Stormhaven. Half went to Stormhold, the rest to Haven. Stupid merchant."
    A pun on the name of Stormhaven.
  • "Why the need for embassies? M'aiq thinks all are ambassadors, wherever they go."
    A reference to the quest The Honor of the Queen.
  • "M'aiq tried to swim out to sea, but had to turn back. Slaughterfish. Always the slaughterfish."
    A reference to the use of slaughterfish as barriers to exploration.
  • "M'aiq asked an Argonian if she could breathe underwater. She asked if he could see in the dark. M'aiq had no good answer."
    A reference to the racial abilities of Argonians and Khajiit in previous games.
  • "When young, M'aiq wished to attend an adventurer's school. But Tamriel has more crypts than schools."
  • "Can vampires have families? How? Perhaps M'aiq does not wish to know."
  • "The witches and witch hunters bicker so much. M'aiq wonders if they fancy each other."
  • "It is so cold here, yet M'aiq sees Nords in sandals. Madness!"
    A reference to Nords' resistance to cold and magical frost.
  • "M'aiq does not wish to join a guild. Also, M'aiq is mostly alone. Hmm. M'aiq must ponder this."
    A hint for players to consider joining a guild if they desire more social interaction.
  • "M'aiq could never fight for prizes. He has a weak chin."
    A reference to the Blessed Crucible in The Rift.
  • "When M'aiq enters a new place, he pictures it within himself and meditates for a short time."
    A reference to Loading Screens.
  • "M'aiq fishes wherever there is water. He finds it is far less crowded."
    A reference to how fishing is only allowed at defined fishing holes.
  • "M'aiq could not find the Tower of Lies. Molag Bal plays a joke, yes?"
    A reference to the fact that the Tower of Lies is a deep pit.
  • "M'aiq believes that is better to have a set goal in life than to wander freely, unsure of what to do. Just think of all the farmers who would attempt to "enhance" their crops with magic. M'aiq can only imagine what that would taste like."
  • "No ships depart for the Summerset Isles. M'aiq wonders if the High Elves made them up."
  • "Do not drink the water that glows. M'aiq learned this the hard way."
    A reference to the Azure Plasm.
  • "M'aiq thinks more people should get to the point. Not you, of course."
    A possible reference to an early patch which allowed the player to skip an NPC's speech when a dialogue option was chosen.
  • "The People of Windhelm are strange. Wherever M'aiq went, they spoke of licking corn."
    A reference to the Konunleikar festival occuring in Windhelm.
  • "The Mane is chosen by scent. Had M'aiq known, he would have bathed."
  • "M'aiq hears of shapeshifters hiding in abandoned tombs and secret forests. Ha! M'aiq prefers to lurk in plain sight."
  • "M'aiq hates weddings. There are never enough sweetrolls."
  • "Wood Orcs are Orcs who live in the woods, yes? If they were made of wood, M'aiq thinks they'd stop using the torches."