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Group Dungeon:
Blessed Crucible
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Ebonheart Pact
Level 43
Discovery 486 XP
Completion Objective
3239 XP
Bears, Captain Thoran, Crucible Enforcers, Durzogs, Dynus Aralas, Gladiators, Grunt the Clever, Incineration Beetles, Senche-Tigers, Snagg gro-Mashul, Stinger, Kayd at-Sal, Nusana, Teranya the Faceless, The Beast Master, The Lava Queen, The Troll King
Smokefrost PeaksThe Rift
The Rift
Instanced Dungeon Group Instance
Group Size 4
Minimum Level 38
Normal Bosses 3
Normal Mini-Bosses 3
Warriors from all over Tamriel whisper about the Blessed Crucible, the hidden arena in the mountains of Skyrim where the mighty contend for fame, wealth, and the fabled Brimstone Crown.
The Blessed Crucible

The Blessed Crucible is a group dungeon found in the Rift. In this dungeon styled as a gladiatorial arena, you must help Talres Voren pay off his debts by winning the tournament and becoming the Champion of the Crucible.

Related Quests

  • Blessed Crucible Objective: Test your mettle in the Blessed Crucible.
  • Blessed Crucible Pledge: Explore the Blessed Crucible and return Undaunted.

Blessed Crucible



These named enemies have two pips around their health bar to indicate their difficulty level. Like most dungeon bosses, they are immune to crowd control effects.


These named enemies have three pips around their health bar to indicate their difficulty level.


There is one Achievement associated with this dungeon:

Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-Group Dungeon.png
Blessed Crucible Vanquisher 10 Defeat the Pack, the Beast Master, and the Lava Queen at the Blessed Crucible.


  • Despite being dungeon bosses, the members of the Pack are not immune to crowd control. Use this to your advantage during the fight.
  • Before dungeon scaling was introduced in Update 5, Blessed Crucible was designed for Level40–43.


Part 1 of Blessed Crucible
Part 2 of Blessed Crucible


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