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ON-qico-Normal.png Discover why the Khajiiti Embassy project has been stalled.
Zone: Grahtwood
Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Objective: Required for Cadwell's Almanac Elden Root — You need to quell unrest in the city of Elden Root.
Quest Giver: King Camoran Aeradan
Location(s): Elden Root, The Middens
Previous Quest: The Great Tree or Trouble at the Tree
Next Quest: Fit to Rule
Reward: Ear of the Queen
362 Gold, Silver(?) Gold, Gold(?) Gold
XP Gain: 2769
Recommended Level: 19

All is not well in Elden Root. The Khajiit lack an embassy, which is the cause of tensions in the capital city of the Aldmeri Dominion.

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Talk to Prince Naemon in the Elden Root Throne Room.
  2. Talk to Ambassador Tarinwe in the Altmer Embassy.
  3. Find a way to get inside the storeroom.
  4. Examine the supplies.
  5. Talk to Prince Naemon.
  6. Search the ruins for evidence of the workers.
  7. Talk to Azareth.
  8. Meet Azareth outside the Middens.
  9. Arrest the traitor.
  10. Talk to King Camoran Aeradan.
  11. Talk to Prince Naemon.

Detailed Walkthrough

According to King Camoran Aeradan, Queen Ayrenn promised to build an embassy for the Khajiit last year, but no embassy has been built. He suggests you ask Prince Naemon why the Altmer didn't build the embassy.

Prince Naemon is standing in front of the southern table in the Elden Root Throne Room. He says Ambassador Tarinwe of the Altmer Embassy was supposed to handle everything. However, he is still upset that you killed his wife. You can persuade him to put his personal feelings aside, if you have the Persuasion Perk from the Mages Guild skill tree. He sends you to talk to Ambassador Tarinwe, as he is busy preparing for the ratification ceremony.

The Altmer Embassy

The embassy is south of the entrance to Elden Root. Exit the grant-oak, and follow the path to the right. Go up the stairs and past the Aldmeri Dominion banners. Ambassador Tarinwe is in the center building. As you draw close to the entrance, you see some disgruntled Khajiit in a stand-off with two Aldmeri Dominion soldiers.

Enter the embassy building. Tarinwe is upstairs.

"If they're too busy to build their own embassy, can't they afford an inn?" —Ambassador Tarinwe

She says she hired some Wood Elves to excavate stones and set aside building supplies for the Khajiit to use. However, the Khajiit didn't even pick up the supplies in the storeroom. She leaves to find Prince Naemon.

The Storeroom

The storeroom is to the right of the Altmer Embassy and is guarded by Corporal Malin. He won't let anyone in without written orders from the ambassador.

There are four ways to get him to leave. First, you can bribe or intimidate him, if you have the gold or the intimidation perk. Second, you can cause a distraction by getting the Khajiit to riot (a side quest you can pick up near the front of the embassy building), or by lighting a fire.

Once inside the storeroom, search the food sack and the supply crate. The supplies are useless.

Leave the storeroom, and talk to Prince Naemon who walks up to you. He didn't see the ambassador, but he tells you to search for the work crew.

The Ruins

The work crew are in the ruins to the north of the Altmer Embassy. Search the body of the Wood Elf Worker and the broken cart. Both were hit repeatedly with an axe.

Azareth, a Vinedusk Ranger, appears. He is at the ruins on behalf of the king, who was suspicious about the missing work crew. The king suspects Ambassador Tarinwe. She used criminals to smuggle supplies and may have had the stonemasons killed. However, the Vinedusk Rangers can't do anything when she is in the Altmer Embassy. You tell him that she left the embassy, and Azareth asks you to meet him at the Middens. He thinks she will try to flee Grahtwood.

The Middens

The Middens are at the base of the grant-oak, east of the ruins.

When you arrive, Azareth will run up to meet you. He knows Ambassador Tarinwe is inside. He wants you to help capture her for questioning.

The ambassador is in the pit, the last area to search. She is in a tent in the northeast corner of the room. Once you start the attack, she will cover as you attack her two guards.

"You're coming with me."
"Why? Where are you taking me?"
"To King Camoran Aeradan where you'll answer for your crimes against the Dominion."
"He'll have me killed and served for dinner."
"Only if you're proven guilty. And if you are, none of us could stomach it."

You return to the Elden Root Throne Room and talk to King Camoran. He "allows you the honor" of telling Prince Naemon one of his own was a spy.

He reluctantly thanks you. He plans to interrogate the ambassador, and then she will be killed. He gives you the Ear of the Queen, an amulet, and some gold.

Quest Stages

The Honor of the Queen
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Objective: Talk to Prince Naemon
Objective: Go to the Altmer Embassy
Objective: Talk to Ambassador Tarinwe
Hidden Objective: Investigate Storeroom
Objective: Talk to Corporal Malin
Objective: Distract the Storeroom Guard
Hidden Objective: Enter the Storeroom
Objective: Investigate the Storeroom
Objective: Search Supply Crate
Objective: Search Food Sack
Objective: Return to the Altmer Embassy
Objective: Go to the Ancient Ruins
Objective: Search the Ancient Ruins
Objective: Talk to Azareth
Objective: Find the Middens Entrance
Objective: Enter the Middens
Hidden Objective: Search Lower Den
Hidden Objective: Search the Pit
Hidden Objective: Search Upper Lair
Objective: Capture Ambassador Tarinwe
Objective: Search the Middens for Ambassador Tarinwe
Objective: Return to Elden Root
Objective: Return to the Elden Root Throne Room
Objective: Talk to King Camoran Aeradan
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