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Group Dungeon:
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Daggerfall Covenant
Level 15
Discovery 152 XP
Completion Objective
1011 XP
Cambray HillsGlenumbra
Northern Glenumbra
Instanced Dungeon Group Instance
Group Size 4
Minimum Level Normal10
Normal Bosses 2
Normal Mini-Bosses 3
Veteran Rank Veteran1–16
Veteran Bosses 3
Veteran Mini-Bosses 3
Veteran Speed Run Target 20 mins
The Ayleid ruins of Dwynnarth that grin down from the bluffs above Hag Fen were plundered and emptied out generations ago. But it seems there are forgotten mine tunnels beneath the lowest levels of Dwynnarth that might not be quite so empty.

Spindleclutch is a group dungeon found in northern Glenumbra. The cave is infested with spiders, although something more sinister lurks within. In the normal version, Praxin Douare wants your help clearing the cave of spiders and other possible threats.

In the veteran version, Guardian Sud-Hareem needs help finding his son, who he believes has been captured by vampires within Spindleclutch.

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Normal Enemies

  • Various corrupted infantry
  • Spiders

Normal Minibosses

Normal Bosses

  • Swarm Mother, a spider queen responsible for the spider infestation
  • The Whisperer, a Spider Daedra responsible for driving the Fighters Guild members insane

Veteran Spindleclutch

Veteran Enemies

Veteran Minibosses

Veteran Bosses


There are several Achievements associated with this dungeon:

Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-Group Dungeon.png
Spindleclutch 10 Defeat the Swarm Mother and the Whisperer.
ON-icon-achievement-Group Dungeon.png
Veteran Spindleclutch 10 Defeat the Blood Golem, Praxin's Ghost, and Vorenor Winterbourne.
ON-icon-achievement-Veteran Dungeon.png
Veteran Spindleclutch: Atronachs 10 Kill Flesh Atronachs in Veteran Spindleclutch.
ON-icon-achievement-Veteran Dungeon.png
Veteran Spindleclutch: Thralls 10 Kill Vampire Thralls in Veteran Spindleclutch.
ON-icon-achievement-Veteran Speed.png
Veteran Spindleclutch: Speed 50 Defeat Vorenor Winterbourne within twenty minutes of starting Veteran Spindleclutch.
ON-icon-achievement-Veteran Undaunted.png
Veteran Spindleclutch: Undaunted 50 Defeat Vorenor Winterbourne without killing any of the innocent victims held captive in his lair.


  • Before dungeon scaling was introduced in Update 5, Normal Spindleclutch was designed for Level12–15, and Veteran Spindleclutch was designed for Veteran Rank1–5.


A map of Spindleclutch
A map of Spindleclutch Veteran
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