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Ash Mountain
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Ebonheart Pact
Level 8
Discovery 86 XP
Completion Objective
575 XP
Daen SeethStonefalls
Southwest of Senie
Towering over central Stonefalls, the great volcano known as Ash Mountain spews smoke and lava in a continual state of eruption. It's said to be honeycombed with caves and lava tubes, some of which hide ancient and perilous secrets.
Ash Mountain

Ash Mountain is a volcano in southeastern Stonefalls, southwest of the town of Senie. Daedric ruins surround the mountain, and a group of warriors from Davon's Watch have set up camp at its base.

Large numbers of scamps and clannfear can be found here, along with shalk near the lava flows.

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A map of Ash Mountain
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