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Tamriel divided into regions colored by alliance

There are a large variety of places in The Elder Scrolls Online spread across Tamriel and beyond. This page lists the most important places sorted by type, as well as a list of zones. See Maps for an overview of the icons used for different types of places, and for other available maps in the game.

Place List

Alliance War Places

Minor Locations

Places by Style

  • Ayleid Ruins — The ruins of ancient Ayleid cities
  • Battlefields — Sites of ancient and contemporary battles
  • Camps — Bandit camps, guard camps, and other temporary settlements
  • Caves — Root hollows, lava chambers, ice caves, and all other types of natural cavern
  • Cemeteries — Graveyards, necropoli and other places where the (un)dead dwell
  • Cities — Major settlements in each zone
  • Crypts — Tombs, barrows, and other underground burial sites
  • Daedric Ruins — Ancient shrines to the Daedric Princes
  • Docks — Harbors, boatyards and shipwreck sites
  • Dwemer Ruins — The ruins of ancient Dwemer cities
  • Estates — Countryside houses, homesteads and other estates
  • Farms — Plantations and farmsteads
  • Forts — Towers, forts, keeps and other fortified locations
  • Gates — Milegates, passes, and other guarded thoroughfares
  • Groves — Glades, marshes, oases and other natural wildernesses
  • Landmarks — Other miscellaneous locations
  • Lighthouses — The lighthouses found across Tamriel
  • Mines — Mining establishments and settlements
  • Realms — Places which exist outside of Nirn
  • Ruins — Nordic ruins, Yokudan ruins, and other ruins of contemporary civilization
  • Sewers — City sewerage systems
  • Ships — In-service, under construction, and scuttled ships
  • Strongholds — Major locations in Coldharbour visited during the Main Quest
  • Towns — Towns, villages, and other permanent settlements


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