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Location Varies
Species Clannfear Soul Varies
Level Varies Health Varies
A clannfear

Clannfear are aggressive, quick, and dangerous Daedric creatures. They have a small frill, plated spikes on their spines, and a deadly tri-tipped tail. They are flock inclined—they will work together to bring down enemies—but they are still deadly individually. They have bird-like movements, but retain an almost brutish quality to their attacks.

Skills and Abilities

As they are Daedric creatures, clannfear are especially vulnerable to Fighters Guild abilities.


A basic melee headbutt that does minor physical damage.

Tail Spike

The clannfear swings its tail around, doing moderate physical damage to all enemies around it as indicated by a red circle.


The clannfear charges forward, doing moderate physical damage as well as knocking down all enemies in the red rectangle. If the clannfear does not hit anything, it will be set off balance for a few seconds.


Unique Clannfear

Quests Involving Clannfear