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Lyris Titanborn
(lore page)
Location Coldharbour
Race Nord Gender Female
Level Radiant Health
Lyris Titanborn
Lyris in her recovered equipment

Lyris Titanborn is a Nord warrior with giant blood in her veins who you meet as you escape Coldharbour. She is a friend and ally of the Prophet, a strange but wise man who instructed you to find Lyris while you were still imprisoned.

You first encounter Lyris as you enter the Bleeding Forge: "You've got more meat on your bones than most of these poor bastards. And I see you've armed yourself. Good! I hope you've still got some fight left in you. You're going to need it.". She introduces herself as a fellow prisoner. She immediately recognizes the man who told you to find her as The Prophet and asks what he said. Once you explain that your fates are supposedly intertwined, she replies: "Ha! That sounds like the Prophet, all right. He's a prisoner here too. It was very dangerous for him to speak to you, even for a moment. He must think you can help me." Agree to help her, and she warns: "Keep your weapon ready and stay sharp. This place is full of surprises."

She reveals that she is not one of the soul shriven.

"I wasn't sacrificed. The Prophet and I were brought here ... conventionally, if that makes any sense. But we're prisoners here, same as you."

Lyris trades places with the Prophet, so you can escape with him to Tamriel.

In Daughter of Giants, you return to Coldharbour to rescue Lyris. It appears the Daedra realized how important she was and fragmented her memories to keep her from escaping. You need to help her overcome her traumatic past in order to escape. As you hunt for memories, you learn more about Lyris: her mother died after giving birth to her, she ran away from home to fight for Emperor Varen, she was bullied by her fellow soldiers, and her father was murdered. However, she remains focused on escaping, regaining her incredible strength. After completing this quest, she can usually be found in the Harborage.

Lyris appears to enjoy traditional Nord pastimes, including drinking with friends at taverns to celebrate a victory. Although, Abnur Tharn teases her intellect, she proves she has an acerbic wit, as well.

Lyris: "You must be the ugliest princess I've ever rescued from a tower, Tharn."
Tharn: "I'm shocked that your lack of education and repeated blows to the head haven't dulled your wit, Titanborn."

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