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Quest Hub:
The Hollow City
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Coldharbour (Neutral)
Level 45
Discovery 574 XP
Completion Objective
3824 XP
Central Coldharbour
Other Buildings
The Hollow City

The Hollow City is a city in central Coldharbour. It was once an Imperial settlement in Tamriel devoted to Meridia, and her power continues to shield it from the influence of Molag Bal.

Hollow City Wayshrine


The Hollow City sits in between the three Subzones in Coldharbour. A few points of interest are located within the city, and thus outside of any of the Subzones.

Points of Interest

Shops and Services


Related Quests

Restoring the City

As you progress through the quest The Army of Meridia, the people you have helped move into the city and begin to restore it.


  • The Fighters Guildhall opens up when you rescue King Laloriaran Dynar.
  • The Mages Guildhall opens up when you rescue Vanus Galerion.
  • The shops and services all open up once the objective Restore the Hollow City is complete. This usually happens after rescuing around thirteen people[verification needed] through side quests and from the wilderness of Coldharbour.
  • The homes open up as and when the related characters move in to them, as detailed below.




A map of The Hollow City
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