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The Scuttle Pit
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Aldmeri Dominion
Level 18
Discovery 188 XP
Completion Dungeon Clear
1253 XP
Skyshards 1
Long CoastGrahtwood
North of Haven and east of Elden Root
The spiders of Tamriel are fearsome carnivores that prey on everything they can catch, even each other. They have adapted to every environment, both above and below ground, and there seems to be no limit as to how large they can grow.
The Scuttle Pit

The Scuttle Pit is a cave in eastern Grahtwood, north of Haven and east of Elden Root.

Related Quests

Clearing the Dungeon

Explore and clear The Scuttle Pit.

To clear this dungeon and mark it as complete, you need to kill the following bosses:

ON-misc-Boss 1.png Spider Queen


There is one Achievement associated with this location:

Achievement Points Description
Scuttle Pit Explorer 10 Explore and clear the Scuttle Pit.


A map of The Scuttle Pit
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