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Este artigo é sobre the city in Malabal Tor. Para title, veja The Silvenar.

Quest Hub:
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Aldmeri Dominion
Level 37
Discovery 357 XP
Completion Objective
2381 XP
Silvenar ValeMalabal Tor
Eastern Malabal Tor
An old story about the Silvenar states that the office represents all Wood Elves by being held simultaneously by from three to eight Bosmer from all walks of life. Such an arrangement would, of course, be completely impractical in real life.

Silvenar is a city in eastern Malabal Tor.

Related Quests

Shops and Services

  • Guildhall — A guildhall housing both the Fighters and the Mages Guild branches in Silvenar.
  • More-Than-Meat — A food stall run by the chef Oleed-Meen. Chef
  • Silvenar Supplies — A general goods stall run by the merchant Hasib. Merchant

Silvenar People


A map of the Audience Hall
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