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Quest Hub:
Pariah Abbey
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Daggerfall Covenant
Level 19
Discovery ON-mapicon-Estate.png 185 XP
ON-mapicon-Wayshrine.png 185 XP
Completion Objective
1234 XP
Northwest of Wayrest
Pariah Abbey

The Pariah Abbey is located in central Stormhaven, northwest of Wayrest. The abbey is home to the Spirit Wardens, a group of virtuous monks who worship the Daedric Prince Azura. The Midnight Union have recently carried out an unprovoked attack on the abbey, and stolen the relic known as the Dream Shard.

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Pariah Abbey Wayshrine

Pariah Abbey Wayshrine is located on the road east of the abbey, not far from the crossroads leading to Cumberland's Watch, Moonlit Maw and Wayrest.

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