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Ebonheart Pact
Level 31–37
SilverSilver Veteran Rank4
GoldGold Veteran Rank9
Skyshards 16
Ebonheart Pact
Eastern Skyrim
One of the "Old Holds," Eastmarch was among the first regions of Skyrim settled by the Nords when they arrived from Atmora. Its capital, Windhelm, is the oldest continuously inhabited human settlement in Tamriel, and was founded by Ysgramor himself.

Eastmarch is the easternmost hold in Skyrim. Its capital is Windhelm, the home of Jorunn the Skald-King, High King of Skyrim, and leader of the Ebonheart Pact. Eastmarch stretches from the frozen wastes in northeastern Skyrim, to the volcanic tundras east of the Throat of the World.

Despite its size and importance, Eastmarch has only one sizable city, Windhelm. Windhelm sits at the mouth of the White River, which drains into the Sea of Ghosts. The port at Windhelm provides a vital link to other cities for trade, and there is also a small fishing fleet in operation. The Velothi Mountains to the east and southeast provide a physical border with Morrowind. The mountains are virtually impassable, and so the Dunmeth Pass at their northern tip provides a valuable land-link between the provinces.

Visitors to the region should take precaution when venturing towards the hot springs or into the wilderness. Many wild creatures can be encountered, notably among them frost trolls, the hardier cousin of the troll, and mammoths. Though mammoths appear docile, take care when approaching them as they are usually accompanied by giants, who may perceive you as a threat and attempt to scare you off.




Groves and Marshes

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Ebonheart Pact Story Quests

Giant's Run
Frostwater Tundra
Icewind Peaks

Giant's Run Side Quests

Frostwater Tundra Side Quests

Icewind Peaks Side Quests

Dungeon Quests


  • Although it uses the map of Eastmarch, Fulstrom Homestead is not located within the zone proper and is instead listed here.


Clue Location
Nestled beside Morvunskar's royal tomb. Beside exit to the tomb. (map)
Giants despoil the village below. Southeast of Lower Yogrim, South of Giant's Heart. (map)
Leave the hollow to cure the chill. Northwest of Chill Hollow, side of rocks. (map)
Strewn between tusks near the barrow. Bonestrewn Barrow, Southwest of entrance. (map)
Beside a bridge to Amol. Below the bridge to Amol. (map)
Lost in ruins beyond the grotto. West of Lost Knife Cave outside of building. (map)
Mzulft's secrets are not all underground. Above Mzukft, right of the entrance. (map)
Attempting to spy on Aelif. Behind rocks at the Pact camp. (map)
Stashed near a farm in icy winds. Behind Seeks-White-Birds House. (map)
An illegitimate child's reading material. Bastard's Tomb, room left of entrance bottom floor. (map)
Search the slipperiest places in the hollow. The chill hollow, bottom ice room in the corner with wispmother & wisps. (map)
Three eyes gleam, a frigid prize. The frigid grotto, room right of entrance with Bears & Skeevers. (map)
Crashed from the sky to open the vault. Icehammer's Vault, small room on top left in water with wolves. (map)
Old Sord excelled at hide-and-seek. Old Sord's Cave, Big room on bottom. (map)
Among the dead, sheltered from storms. Stormcrag Cryspt, Square room to the left, bottom floor. (map)
Near a throne in the Hall of the Dead. Hall of the Dead, Group, Middle chamber atop rocks. (map)


A map of Eastmarch


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