Morrowind:Alchemy Effects

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The following is a list of all the alchemic effects and the ingredients that have them. You can combine two of the ingredients to produce the desired effect in a potion.

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Effect Ingredients
Cure Blight Disease
Cure Common Disease
Cure Paralyzation
Cure Poison
Damage Fatigue
Damage Health
Damage Intelligence
Damage Magicka
Detect Animal
Detect Enchantment
Detect Key
Drain Alteration
Drain Agility
Drain Endurance
Drain Fatigue
Drain Health
Drain Intelligence
Drain Luck
Effect Ingredients
Drain Magicka
Drain Personality
Drain Speed
Drain Strength
Drain Willpower
Fire Shield
Fortify Agility
Fortify Attack
Fortify Endurance
Fortify Fatigue
Fortify Health
Fortify Intelligence
Fortify Luck
Fortify Magicka
Fortify Maximum Magicka
Fortify Personality
Fortify Speed
Fortify Strength
Fortify Willpower
Frost Damage
Frost Shield
Effect Ingredients
Lightning Shield
Night Eye
Resist Common Disease
Resist Fire
Resist Frost
Resist Magicka
Resist Paralysis
Resist Poison
Resist Shock
Restore Agility
Restore Endurance
Restore Fatigue
Restore Health
Restore Intelligence
Restore Luck
Restore Magicka
Restore Personality
Restore Speed
Restore Strength
Restore Willpower
Spell Absorption
Swift Swim
Water Breathing
Water Walking
Weakness to Fire
Weakness to Poison

Bold indicates ingredients for which this effect is the first listed. This means that you can get the effect simply by eating the ingredient, instead of creating a potion. If an effect is only provided by a single ingredient, and that ingredient is not the first, this effect is completely unavailable for use in Alchemy.
†Includes both Cursed and regular varieties
‡Includes both Ripened and Unripened Belladonna Berries.