Morrowind:Damage Attribute

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MW-icon-effect-Damage Attribute.jpg Damage Attribute
School Destruction
Type Offensive
Base Cost 8
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Magic Weapons
Magic Apparel
Ancient Dagoth Brandy

Damage <Attribute> M points

Permanently lowers one of the Attributes of the target by M points. Derived attributes such as Fatigue, Magicka, Encumbrance will be recalculated. The attribute can only be restored by use of a Restore Attribute effect.


  • Damage Agility reduces the ability to hit, dodge, prevent ones self from being knocked down, and block in physical combat.
  • Damage Endurance reduces endurance based Fatigue regeneration, and prevents health regeneration(when resting).
  • Damage Intelligence reduces the derived attribute Magicka and can deplete the target instantly to prevent further casting.
  • Damage Luck affects interactions in minor ways.
  • Damage Personality makes the target quite unpleasant to be around.
  • Damage Speed slows the target down.
  • Damage Strength reduces the target's damage and can be used to stop the target from moving around by reducing their maximum encumbrance below the weight of their equipment.
  • Damage Willpower reduces chances to successfully cast magic, and makes the target more susceptible to spells like Silence and Paralyze.

Related Effects

Alchemy Ingredients

There is only one ingredient in the whole game that has a Damage Attribute effect:

* Because no other ingredient in the game has a Damage Attribute effect you will never make a potion with this effect.