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Willpower is the governing Attribute for Alteration, Destruction, Mysticism, and Restoration. It affects:

  • Your ability to successfully cast spells of any College. This includes Conjuration and Illusion, even though they are 'governed' by Intelligence and Personality respectively (this just means that, if raised, they give bonuses to raising those stats when leveling up).
  • Your ability to innately resist Paralyze and Silence magic.
  • Your maximum Fatigue.

Character Creation

The starting values for Willpower vary by race and gender:

Race M F Race M F
Altmer 40 40 Imperial 30 40
Argonian 30 40 Khajiit 30 30
Bosmer 30 30 Nord 40 50
Breton 50 50 Orc 50 45
Dunmer 30 30 Redguard 30 30

The following classes receive a +10 Bonus to Willpower: