Morrowind:Drain Attribute

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MW-icon-effect-Drain Attribute.jpg Drain Attribute
School Destruction
Type Offensive
Base Cost 1
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Spoiled Potions
Magic Apparel
Unique Weapons
Sheogorath's Signet Ring
Silver Staff of Reckoning
Goblin BucklerTR
Mantle of WoeBM

Drain Attribute M points for D seconds

Temporarily lowers one of the target's Attributes by M points for D seconds. Derived attributes such as Fatigue, Health, Magicka, and Encumbrance will be recalculated if appropriate. After the spell expires, the Attribute will be restored to its former value.


  • There is a somewhat irritating bug with this effect if you are under the effect of a Fortify Attribute effect for the same Attribute. When the spell expires, the Attribute will not return to its former value, making the spell behave more like a Damage Attribute. The only way to solve this is to remove whatever was causing the Fortify Attribute effect and then cast a Restore Attribute effect. You may then put the Fortify Attribute effect back on to be returned to your former values.
  • If you drain your own Intelligence to zero, your magicka bar will be refilled to full when the effect ends. This can be especially useful for someone who took the sign of the Atronach, although some might consider it cheating.
  • It is possible to make triple strength (and more) Drain Attribute potions by using three or four ingredients with the same Drain Attribute effect. However, some combinations may cause the game to crash.

Related Effects

Alchemy Ingredients

The following alchemy ingredients will cause a Drain Attribute effect if mixed in a potion:

Drain Agility Drain Endurance Drain Intelligence Drain Luck
Drain Personality Drain Speed Drain Strength Drain Willpower

* These are first-effect ingredients, so you will experience the effect by eating them raw as well.